4 Best Anti-Phishing Software in 2021: Save and Protect Your Data

4 Best Anti-Phishing Software in 2021: Save and Protect Your Data

Phishing, a cyber attack in which criminals communicate by impersonating a legitimate entity (for example, a famous organization), is ever more prevalent. That’s because as more transactions are being processed online, more criminals are turning to online scams. Undoubtedly, it’s not just harmless spam. There’s a rising number of credential thefts, ransomware infections, potential loss of data (happens to even RMIT Online data science students), and possibly cleaning your bank account. It’s important to protect yourself, your employees, and your business from these kinds of attacks.

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The following will be about software that protects your data and privacy while you can sleep peacefully, not worried about whether the e-mails you have received are fraudulent or real. Anti-phishing software these days is reliable, works quickly, and won’t break your bank.

1. Phish Protection by DuoCircle

The first anti-phishing product worth checking out is DuoCircle’s Phish Protection. It automatically blocks websites deemed malicious, making the user aware that’s it’s probably unsafe to visit them.

One of the most valuable features is checking links in real-time every time you click on something by inspecting 6 URL reputation databases. The best of all is, it’s compatible with Office 365 and any hosted e-mail of your choice.

Phish Protection also filters spam, which is not necessarily as harmful as annoying, and automatically quarantines unwanted e-mail. Furthermore, it logs all suspicious activities and has unlimited inbound messages. Additionally, there’s a 30-day backup queue, and the company offers 24-hour e-mail, phone, and chat support if you encounter problems or have questions of any kind. A 60-day free trial is available, so you can ensure this is the right anti-phishing software for you.

2. Ironscales

Ironscales is another cyber-security software worthy of praise. It uses artificial intelligence to self-learn, recognizing even the advanced, less noticeable threat levels. Quite a few customer security teams strengthen the software.

The design is sleek but relatively simple, with it being of service in just two clicks. Handling it is extremely easy to use, wasting none of your time. The tool has a corresponding mobile application and allows you or your security team to receive notifications of suspicious activity from your users’ inboxes, alerting them of any possible threats. It automatically scans your inboxes 90 days back.

However, the system doesn’t harass you with random warning banners, and it employs them only when actual risk is detected.

3. Cofense Triage

The Cofense Triage software uses an advanced spam engine to detect and inspect threats automatically. Cofense’s professional teams are constantly updating their library of YARA rules, which improves response time as you can effortlessly pinpoint new threats to your security.

Being part of their community makes crowd-sourcing e-mail phishing incidents a viable option. The tool uses automated or impromptu reports, and it’s possible to track over 20 items at a time (things like the most frequent subjects in reported e-mails, total e-mails checked by Triage, or the total number of reports that have been analyzed). Additionally, Cofense’s experts on cybersecurity are quick, on-demand support.

4. SpamTitan

SpamTitan Email Security is one of the leading safety experts in the world of cybersecurity. It spots 99.9% of e-mail spam, protects your inboxes from e-mail phishing and spear-phishing, and analyzes received links. Its features are many, all of them being exceptionally convenient.

The software has in-built DLP rules to put a stop to internal data loss, as well as double anti-virus protection. There are options of putting specific senders on a whitelist or a blacklist, and you are presented with advanced security reports. Its false positive rate is 0.003% as it uses extensive content filtering rules, so there won’t be any mistakes when placing the wrong e-mails into quarantine.


It has become harder and harder to manually detect phishing attempts as the malicious attacks have only increased in number in the last few years. Consequently, there is much anti-phishing software for you to choose from, and you can sit back and relax while they make sure your inboxes are devoid of any spam or harmful e-mails.

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