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Best Gaming Keyboards on Amazon in 2023

PC gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today, with people everywhere playing games on their computers. That being said, a great gaming keyboard can make all the difference in your success or failure when it comes to gaming. In this article, we’re going to list 5 of the best gaming keyboards […]

5 Best Gaming Mice with Thumb Rest in 2021

Playing your preferred games while feeling comfortable is mandatory. This is especially important if you’re gaming to make money online. It doesn’t only improve your gaming experience but also prevents you from hand fatigue which can cause you health issues in the long run. That’s why we always recommend getting a good quality gaming mouse. […]

Best Gaming Mouse With a Sniper Button: Top 6 Wired & Wireless

In a world where a tiny mistake can cost you the entire game, you need to ensure that you have every advantage on your side. And I’m not going to lie to you. The right gaming equipment does heavily affect your in-game performance. You indeed still need amazing skills to do those crazy quick headshots, […]

4 Best CPU Coolers for Micro ATX in 2021

A good CPU cooler is the one that allows you to enjoy every juice of performance out of your processor without causing you clearance issues. And like it’s known, a Micro ATX motherboard does limit your choices in terms of coolers’ selection due to its small form factor. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t […]

5 Best Gaming Mice for Beginners in 2021

Starting your gaming journey might be confusing at the beginning, especially when you hear people claiming that you will be left in the dust if you don’t own some specific features. Hearing such a statement can be scary when you are looking to purchase gaming peripherals. Also, I do understand how you feel since I’ve […]

7 Best Gaming Mice For Sweaty Hands in 2021

Many of us do suffer from sweaty hands regardless of the task we do. And when it comes to gaming, having sweaty hands might cause you a problem with your mouse in case it doesn’t have the right coating. This issue will mostly affect the way how you hold the mouse, which can affect your […]

7 Best keyboards for WoW Classic & Shadowlands in 2021

World of Warcraft is a time-consuming game. And when spending such a big amount of time in front of a game, you need to ensure proper hardware and peripherals to improve your gaming experience. While there is plenty of PC equipment that can affect your overall gameplay, our focus today will be on the keyboards. […]

8 Best Headsets for FPS Games [Call of Duty, Battlefield, CS Go…] in 2021

Having the ability to hear people around you before you enter into contact with them can be game-changing. And it will also heavily enhance your gaming performance as it will allow you to dominate the game and end up on the top of the table score for each and every match you play. This might […]

6 Best Gaming Keyboards with Macro Keys in 2021

Have you ever thought about why sometimes you weren’t on the top of the list despite having the perfect gameplay and doing every rotation properly? Well, simply because those who are holding the first position are having extra help. This help usually is in the form of macros. Yes, that’s right. When setting it correctly, […]

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