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7 Best Budget CPU Coolers Under $30 In 2021

Regardless of which CPU you got, ensuring a good cooling solution is a must. And like we all know, high temperature is a real nightmare for every PC owner as it leads to performance throttling, instability issues, or even system crashing. It also can reduce your CPU’s lifespan. So, what should you do to avoid […]

8 Best Gaming Headsets Under $30 In 2021

Getting a good pair of headset should be your primary goal as a gamer. This latter does heavily improve your experience by allowing you to immerse yourself in the games you play. Besides, most modern headsets support surround sound, which is a critical feature for first-person shooter games as it allows you to hear your […]

Best Pink Gaming Mouse Pads in 2021

Your beautiful and cute gaming mouse requires some care from you. And how can you do this? The answer is simple: is by pairing it with one of the high-quality pink gaming mouse pads. Yes, that’s right, we said pink because it’s one of gamers’ favorite colors, and it’s also our topic today. High-quality gaming […]

6 Best Pink Gaming Keyboards in 2021

Most gamers got their dream build in mind, which is often a PC composed of stylish and powerful hardware. While it remains a dream for so many people, today, we want to give you a hand in order to make it real. If you have started your journey into purchasing the best pink gaming components […]

7 Best Pink Gaming Mice For Your Girly Setup in 2021

Having a fancy gaming rig is not only eye-catching but also makes gaming more enjoyable. And for many gamers, the look of their gaming machine is as important as its performance. As gamers, we all want to build powerful and elegant gaming machines. However, gamers girls tend to prioritize the outside design more than men. […]

6 Best Pink Gaming Headsets for Girls in 2021

While girls tend to prefer different styles, there is one thing in common that united them all: the love for the pink color. As a gamer, you want your headset to provide you with good sound quality, excellent comfort, and a decent mic. Even though the outside design doesn’t affect your in-game performance by any […]

5 Best Wireless Gaming Mice Under $50 in 2021

A gaming mouse is not an accessory to be neglected, especially when trying to be competitive. Opting for a quality model relieves pressure, improves precision and responsiveness, and even allows the most common tasks to be automated. However, having all these features together often requires a significant amount of cash. But what if we tell […]

Best AIO Coolers Under $100 in 2021

As a gamer, whether a beginner or a pro, spending a lot of time in front of your PC is inevitable, and this latter cannot help but to heat up when you use it all day long. This is one of the reasons why you need a suitable CPU cooler for your PC, to make […]

Best Wireless Gaming Mice under $100 in 2021

Not all wireless gaming equipment was created equal. While some can add a beautiful touch to your overall experience, some others, such as gaming mice, will have a significant impact on your gaming performance. Yet, wireless connectivity is just one part of the puzzle. For gaming mice, there are many factors to consider, such as […]

5 Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mice in 2021

A good gaming mouse is determined by many factors. And while the right shape for your grip style is one of the major factors, you can’t rely entirely on the build design for an excellent gaming experience. In other words, along with the mouse’s shape, there are some other functionalities to look for. And these […]

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