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When Should You Use The Intel Stock Cooler?

One of the most areas that PC builders can save some cash is by using the stock cooler that comes with the CPU instead of purchasing an aftermarket cooler, which is actually a fantastic way that allows you to invest the extra money on better graphics card. But the main question is, in case you […]

Is Ryzen Stock Cooler Any Good? And When Should you Replace it?

Many PC builders are in a continuous debate regarding what they should do with the Ryzen stock cooler. Unlike Intel stock coolers, AMD Wraith coolers do worth your attention and can be beneficial in some cases. It’s actually a fantastic option for users that would like to save some cash while enjoying a great performance. […]

Everything You Need to Know about AIO Coolers

Providing a good cooling solution to your processor is mandatory in order to enjoy its performance and maintain its boost clock as long as possible. And one of the most common CPU coolers nowadays is the AIO coolers. AIO coolers are a great pick for those who would like to push their CPU beyond its […]

Here is How to Choose The Right CPU Cooler

One of the areas where new PC builders struggle the most is when choosing a CPU cooler. As we all know, providing a good cooling solution to your processor is mandatory if you want to increase its lifespan and maintain its boost frequencies as long as possible. However, having such a crucial role doesn’t mean […]

Should You Replace Your TV With a Gaming Monitor?

A gaming monitor is a crucial element when it comes to building a good gaming PC. Often people try to avoid it due to its premium price. And it’s completely understandable. But what most new PC builders don’t see is the number of advantages gaming monitors have to offer. These latter are loaded with features […]

Here is How to Choose The Right Gaming CPU

Which CPU do I really need? This is probably the most common question between PC builders. As we all know, the process of choosing a CPU can be tricky, especially if you are new to PC building. Also, you should understand that you would not only throw your money away by choosing the wrong one, […]

Do You Really Need A Gaming Headset?

As gaming has changed from a hobby to a profession for so many people, purchasing the right gaming equipment has become mandatory while it used to be a personal choice. And believe me, you don’t want to be distracted when you are left alone on the battlefield. That’s why it’s highly recommended to have a […]

Here is How to Know How Much RAM Your PC Requires

RAM or Random Access Memory is another PC component that requires your attention. It has many key points that you should look at to pick the right modules to increase your system’s performance. Unfortunately, many new PC builders get a bit confused on what type of RAM they should choose and how much they need […]

Should you really buy a gaming mouse?

Mice are probably the most important PC peripherals that affect your gaming experience. Yes, that’s right; if you don’t have the right mouse, you may not be able to perform as well as you could be. But why you should invest in a good mouse. And should you really buy a gaming mouse to have […]

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