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5 Best RAM For Ryzen 5 5600X & 5600G in 2021

The Ryzen 5 5600X is unquestionably a monstrous gaming CPU that competes ahead to head with the top-leading processors. And despite its amazing performance, there is room to squeeze more performance out of it. Sounds too good to be true, right? Actually, it’s possible and very easy to do. All you will have to do […]

8 Best DDR4 RAM Under $100 [For Intel & AMD] in 2021

Just like the CPU and GPU, the system’s memory is another crucial component. And going cheap on it will result in performance loss. This means that you got no other option other than getting high-quality RAM. But this doesn’t mean that you should go out there and purchase the most expensive one since, in this […]

9 Best White RAM in 2021 [For all Budgets]

PC components’ aesthetics are as important as their performance capabilities. And we have to admit that having an eye-appealing gaming rig improves the look of our gaming room significantly. While there are several crucial components that affect both of these aspects, today, we brought you some stylish white RAM kits. Even though the list you […]

4 Best RAM For AMD Ryzen 5 3600 And 3600X in 2021

The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is what we call the real king of the midrange processors. Its price/performance ratio is in a different league compared to other CPUs. But what if we tell you that you could get extra performance out of this monstrous processor? That’s right. It’s achievable, and all you will need is […]

6 Best RAM For AMD Ryzen 5000 “ZEN 3” CPUs

Memory’s speed has always impacted AMD Ryzen CPUs’ overall performance. And with the latest benchmarks, it tends out that Ryzen 5000 CPUs benefits from faster RAM more than its previous generation. In other words, choosing the right RAM for your Ryzen CPU is much crucial than ever. That’s why before publishing this piece of information, […]

Best RAM for Intel 10th Gen ‘Comet Lake’ CPUs In 2021

Intel’s latest processors,” Comet Lake,” are a very powerful CPUs, especially when it comes to gaming. While these CPUs offer very high clock speed, you will need the help of some other components, such as your system’s memory (RAM), to unleash their real power. RAM is an essential part of your system, just like CPU […]

Best RAM For Ryzen 3000: Boost Your AMD CPU

AMD Ryzen CPUs offer an amazing performance compared to the price they cost. In addition to their performances, they support memory at very high clock speed. The Ryzen 3000 is considered one of the top-quality desktop processors in the world. AMD Ryzen CPUs are built to provide higher speeds, performance, and convenience to users. As […]

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