Best Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress: Run Your Website Before You Finish It

Best Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress: Run Your Website Before You Finish It

When you’re in the middle of creating a new website or simply want to revamp your existing page, it’s incredibly convenient to have a plugin that will allow you to represent it temporarily. Whatever your site is about, be it your company or perhaps a hobby page, an “under construction “or a “maintenance “plugin is indispensable as a placeholder while you do some work behind the scenes.

If you are getting your site ready for launch, you can share the link before it’s even done and not have just a blank page or an error show up. That’s all with the help of a “coming soon “plugin, of course. So, if you own a WordPress-powered site, these three plugins are a precious addition. Your site can technically remain active while you’re doing some work on it, or it can come to life before its launch. Both are crucial if you want to keep your momentum or get a headstart in promoting your brand.

1. UnderConstructionPage

The UnderConstructionPage plugin offers a free version, along with a Basic, PRO, and an Agency one. If you’re worried about setting it up, don’t be. You don’t need any coding skills to get it going. You won’t waste any time as the implementation is made a whole lot easier by a drag&drop builder. It won’t affect the stability of your site, and it won’t slow it down one bit.

The premium version is highly customizable, having more than 200 professional, attentively designed templates. One of them is the Eyewear Store template that you can choose if you have an eyewear store.

You can also choose between more than 2 million royalty-free images in HD and 4K. The plugin also allows the generation of tracked inbound links for you to share on social media, precisely determining traffic with the highest conversion rate.

Google Analytics event monitoring, affiliate links, and MailChimp integration are all included in the Agency and PRO versions. On the other hand, even the basic package contains automatic starts and stops on selected dates, no-setup contact forms, basic Google Analytics integration, and more. It even includes statistics of views, sessions, and conversions. That is important for the analysis and betterment of your traffic.

Once you have set up the basics, you have the convenient toggle on and off button for a quick transition. Users can be put on a whitelist, which gives them the perk of seeing the actual site when it’s “under construction.”

Keeping in touch with your visitors and customers is always of the essence, and so, you can place links to your company’s social media accounts. This way, the potential or existing customers can contact you even when your site is being built.

2. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

The Coming Soon plugin also offers a free, Extra, PRO, and Agency version. Just like the Under Construction one, it provides you with a straightforward system of putting your page together with no need for previous experience. Who says you need to be an expert or pay for one to have an appealing website that reels in visitors like it’s nothing.

It also offers more than 2 million free HD images you can opt for, as well as 170+ themes that can be handily altered to suit your needs and esthetic. One of them is the Real Estate Business theme that can fit your business website perfectly.

There are also Instagram-like filters and content animations available to make your site even more elegant. Even the free version has numerous features such as the preview of the Coming Soon or Maintenance Page before it’s switched on, the option to add Custom CSS and HTML with ease tracks visitors with Google Analytics, and it’s GDPR compatible.

You can receive E-mails via MailChimp, so you’re available to your visitors even when the page is still a work in progress. The best part is that search engines see the regular site while your visitors see the Coming Soon page.

SEO analysis tools help you achieve the absolute best in climbing the ladder in search results, making your page more visible.

With the Secret Access Link, your client can see his site while you are still working on it. Until then, you can leave your company’s information, such as your business address, phone number, and e-mail. Rebranding the plugin is also an option, as you can change everything – from the colors, logo created using Looka, and text to the plugin name. Naturally, placing a countdown and a progress bar so your guests know when precisely the actual page will be finished also comes in handy.

3. Maintenance

The utterly free Maintenance plugin permits the website’s administrator to close it for upkeep or repairs while setting up a provisional page with authorization. You can toggle the “503 Service temporarily unavailable” on and off and omit chosen pages from Maintenance mode. The mentioned will also make your page invisible to search engines. It backs all popular caching plugins, so you don’t need to worry about incompatibility on that front.

It can be completely tailored to your liking, with the option to blur the background for a polished effect. Furthermore, you can adjust the color of the background, fonts, and icons. Not to mention you can modify the headline, text, and title.

Setting it up is done in less than a few minutes, and no experience is necessary. Statistics provided by Google Analytics are available to optimize the search engine and track the number of visitors, supporting your marketing purposes.


Whether you’re a small business or a large one like Dainty Jewells, or don’t own a company at all and just want a hobby page, own a blog, or are about to host a wedding, these coming soon plugins will be of excellent service.

They make your website look like it’s been tailor-made specifically for your purposes and leave you with minimal work to arrange it. If you encounter a problem, the technical support is quick to assist you, reliably answering any question or solving any issue you might have.

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