Top 5+ SaaS Solutions for Knowledge Management: Store Information and Get Excellent Teams Collaboration

Top 5+ SaaS Solutions for Knowledge Management: Store Information and Get Excellent Teams Collaboration

Knowledge management is a process of storing, sharing, and managing information of all employees to increase the overall knowledge of the workforce and improve upward communication. This way of storing data has been proven to be more efficient, productive, and better for retaining critical information in the company.

The easiest way of distributing that kind of information is through software. Knowledge management software can capture knowledge and allow members of the company to access that information and use it. This type of centralized repository is helpful for all members because it eliminates confusion and reduces the time taken to find that specific information.

Software as a service, or SaaS, is a software distribution model hosted by a cloud provider who makes applications available to users on the internet. This type of software allows for knowledge management, and here are some of the most incredible options.

1. Guru

Guru is a knowledge management network that uses AI to support making more sales and help the team be better at their jobs. It’s a place where all the information you need while working is just a few clicks away. The team can create, access, update, and share information to solve problems or do the job better.

Guru members can solve a business problem with a few clicks because they can contact each other quickly and work together on an issue, even though they’re not in the office together. The whole point of having knowledge management software is to keep workers worldwide connected like they’re working next to each other.


  • Starter: free (up to three core users)
  • Builder: $10 per user, per month
  • Expert: $20 per user, per month

2. Notion

This tool is an all-in-one workspace software that joins documents, notes, and projects in one place and makes them customizable. Many companies all around the world use it to stay informed, collaborate, and get more done. Notion helps users manage files, schedule tasks, set reminders, save documents and organize their work.


  • Personal: a free version with many features
  • Personal PRO: for power users who want to do more, $4 a month
  • Team: $10 per month

3. Slite

Slite is a knowledge-sharing app that helps members work as a team better, even when they’re apart. It’s a place where they can organize project documents, share company updates and keep personal notes. Everybody in the team can make their own channels to keep documents, spreadsheets, essential information, and everything they need to make their job done better.


  • A free version
  • Standard: $6,67 per member, per month
  • Premium: $12,50 per member, per month

4. MaintainX

MaintainX is a mobile work order and procedure platform that allows team members to work together on documents and do their job better. With MaintainX, team members can know what they need to do and how to do it.

MaintainX offers some features: work order management, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, materials management, equipment breakdown reports, approval management, task templates, and many more.


  • Basic: free(for small teams)
  • Essential: $8,33 per user, per month
  • Premium: $32,50 per user, per month

5. Bloomfire

Bloomfire is a secure knowledge management software that helps teams to find information fast. It’s a place where members can find all the information they might need. Bloomfire eliminates shoulder taps, nervous calls, and questions asked by new teammates. All the information anyone needs are in one place, safely stored in Bloomfire servers.

Users can upload content in any format (document, PDF, videos) or create new documents directly on the cloud-based platform. It’s estimated that Bloomfire saves workers on average 30 minutes each day, which they would have spent searching for information.


  • $25 per user, per month


Companies are no longer confined to a single location in today’s world. People from all over the world manage businesses, and their employees come from all over the world as well.

But, that’s not the only reason why knowledge management exists. It’s one of the key elements in every modern company. It’s necessary because otherwise, it would have been tough to do any task. Workers need to access information quickly and track project progress so that they can be more efficient and do their jobs better even if their job is writing invoice letters. That goes for old and new employees.

That is why having knowledge management software in your firm is crucial.

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