5 Best WordPress Plugins for Authors: Enhance the Work of Authors on Your Website

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Authors: Enhance the Work of Authors on Your Website

Writing is a strenuous task. All that time spent being creative, finding the right words, worrying about audience reception and reviews – every author has a thousand thoughts connected to their work. It does not matter whether it is an article, a poem, a blog, or a book. Each new project marks the start of a battle.

Authors of old used to arm themselves with pen and paper. Many still uphold that noble tradition. However, in the day and age of digital wonderland, even the most conservative authors could use some additional help. There is no shame in upgrading your arsenal.

Equipped with a keyboard and screen, you will be marching into new writing victories. You may be wondering, is there something you could use to improve your cyber chronicles? Of course, there is. Worry not, honorable warrior. We will show you what tools you will need to get the most out of your clash with words.

Okay, what we are talking about here are plugins. Making the switch from manual to digital writing comes with a high number of perks. WordPress plugins are amongst those. They help you multitask, organize, plan, create and, ultimately, publish. Let us meet the should-haves for your Digi writing armament.

1. Simple Author Box Pro

Simple Author Box Pro

This plugin is more a must-have rather than a should-have. That’s right, aside from its seamless integration with WordPress, Simple Author Box Pro lets you work with others without breaking a sweat. It comes with various perks, the most prominent ones being Guest Authors, Multiple Authors, and Customization.

Guest Authors help you effortlessly assign posts to guest authors. That way, contributing becomes easier. Using Multiple Authors lets you appoint tasks to other authors and give proper credit to everyone. What is the best part of this plugin? It is wholly customizable. Everything is under your control, from social network integration to color schemes.

2. HubSpot


One word – data. That is the strong suit of this plugin. HubSpot comes with built-in analytics. This option makes it easier for you to get to know your readers in a way.

What this nifty plugin does is let you know what content gets the best reception. You can use that to tailor your future writing accordingly and get the optimal reactions. Neat, right?

3. Copyright Proof

Copyright Proof

Original content is necessary, for sure. However, having and being able to prove the ownership of your original content is crucial. It is hard to achieve that in our golden age of the internet. A creative’s nightmare is having your work stolen.

Now, we know you are going to love our upcoming plugin. Copyright Proof is there to make sure that your work stays your alone. Each time you post, it will ensure you obtain a digitally signed, time-stamped certificate of content. That right there is your proof of ownership.

The plugin also has the option of recording attempted thieves’ IP addresses for further security. You can also choose to have your post URL shown at digiprove.com. Trust us – this one can be a true life-saver.

4. WProofreader

Spelling mistakes are inevitable. Whew, those can make quite a few dents into any writer’s armor. Do not get discouraged, though. Even the best wordsmiths misspell things from time to time. Many factors can play a role in that. Your brain may be working overtime due to excitement, nerves, stress, and so on. The eyes cannot keep up all the time. We are all just human, after all.

No need to fret – the WProofreader plugin is here to help. Consider this handy plugin an extra set of (digital) eyes. It will scan and check the content of your site’s grammar, punctuation, and even style.

5. Akismet Spam Protection

Ah, spam. A writer’s mighty foe. Sooner or later, you are bound to run across malicious trolls in your comment section. They will try to destroy your walls to chip at your confidence and sometimes discredit your work. Most of the time, they are naught more than a tremendous headache. Do not brood, trooper. We have the tool to keep them at bay.

The Akismet Spam Protection automatically checks the comments on your site. Afterward, it filters out the ones that look like spam. Additionally, each comment has its status history. You can see which were caught or cleared by the plugin.


As we have mentioned before, battling writing tasks in the digital age is a lot of work. Life is dynamic, and each project takes its toll. Our goal is to help you distribute the workload to avoid burnout. With that in mind, we have armed you with our top plugins. We also suggest using a tool like Wrike or something similar so your writing projects are fully managed.

Each writer should head into battle equipped with a copyright plugin, spam filter, and a data analyzer. Most notably, you will need comrades. That is why our Simple Author Box Pro plugin is, once again, a must-have. Work with others simply, whether it is as guest authors or co-authors. Collaborate, create, conquer. Use these tips, and take your writing to a new level.

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