How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your School Site and Improve User Experience

How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your School Site and Improve User Experience

Why Is It Important to Have a School Website

Today, owning a website is a required part of all fields, including education. Namely, the point is not just about having a website, domain, and hosting. The school’s site should be of high quality, i.e., all functionalities should be present with the goals of promoting the school, building the community, attracting new students, and providing support and everything that is needed to meet the needs of existing students of that school.

Create a School Website in WordPress

WordPress is an excellent platform for creating any website. It is rapid and easy to create a fully-functional school website in WordPress. Since such a site must have a professional, clean and straightforward look that will fit into the topic and be attractive to visitors, it is essential to choose the appropriate theme.

That is, of course, extremely simple because WordPress, which allows you to personalize the look to your preferences and needs, has a plethora of options and a superb theme selection.

Many themes have pre-defined characteristics that correspond to a specific topic, so the school needs to use a theme that is intended to be the theme for the school site. This is because it can greatly facilitate the use of the site and be visually more representative and professional. Some of the pre-defined characteristics of such a school theme may include class timetables, event calendars, tools for creating online courses, quizzes, questions, attachments, lists of students, and the like.

Choose a Suitable WordPress Theme for Your WordPress Site

To pick and install a specific school theme, paying attention to certain things beforehand is necessary, considering that many available products are present today, and not all of them provide what they promise in their description.

It is necessary to pay attention to the design and appearance of the theme, i.e., to check whether it fits into what is on the site and whether it is adequate for a school site. Also, appearance and design are significant when creating an impression of the school by visitors, so it is necessary to think about how visitors will feel when visiting and using the site.

Not only is the design crucial for the theme for a site. The functionalities and characteristics of the theme are also very important, i.e., whether it will be able to transfer wanted content and activities on the site or how much it will help or hinder you.

For example, some of the essential elements should be shown on the school website as an event calendar, resources for students, blog, and more.

The event calendar is something that both students and parents need to be up to date and follow what is happening. That calendar should be nicely clear and representative to convey information in the best possible way.

Resources for students are another essential part because, nowadays, when many things take place online, schooling is not left out either. To improve the same as well as during the traditional attendance of classes, it would be good if students could access specific resources at any time through the school’s website.

Namely, some school themes even include specific opportunities for creating online classes or installing plugins for creating online classes(including classes, exams, grades, and the like.)

The blog is indispensable today as part of every site, no matter what the business or topic is. So it is the case with school sites too. The blog can be handy and an excellent source of information for all visitors.

Responsiveness is also one of the essential elements. It is clear that you do not want to limit the visitors to your site, and the aim is that absolutely everyone can access the site. Therefore, the theme should be responsive for all types of devices so that visitors on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or computer can use the site equally.

The ideal theme should also have Search Engine Optimization so that people can find you on a search engine and so that you can rank better and reach as many audiences as possible.


There are numerous factors to consider, including how other users assess the theme, whether there are existing users and how many active installations there are, who the theme’s author is and whether the theme is properly developed, whether it has support, and more.

As it can be seen, many details should be considered when choosing a WordPress theme for the school site. After reading this article, we hope that you will have in mind the above and succeed in choosing the suitable theme that will meet your expectations and needs.

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