Train a Robot to Scrape Websites in Two Minutes, Without Any Coding [Use the Automation Tool]

Train a Robot to Scrape Websites in Two Minutes, Without Any Coding [Use the Automation Tool]

What is a Web Scraping?

Many have been wondering how big data from large sites get extracted and further processed with no errors. After that, how do they get updated in the future?

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The real question is: how hard or easy does it become to extract enormous quantities of data from the site today? The answer is web-scraping. The term means exactly the extraction of data from the web and making it ready for further use through different applications.

There are many ways of scraping data today, and what makes the difference is the quality of converting data from HTML to a usable format of a database or spreadsheet. Knowing the complexity of the task named web scraping and how you will find this article useful.

Web Scraping Tool – Browse AI

When someone talks about scraping sites in minutes with zero coding knowledge, the first thought is Browse AI. This cloud-based tool for the automation of scraping data makes things much easier.

Browse AI

Although sites come in all shapes and forms, Browse AI comes with the necessary features and functionalities to extract and monitor exactly what you want. It is a no-code piece of software that acts like s robot trained for intense interaction with websites.

It is able to detect patterns automatically. All you have to do is click on the piece of data you want to be extracted. If the site changes – don’t worry. Browse AI generates hundreds of selectors for every single element with no noise from the background.

Furthermore, that is how the automatic adaptation to the changes on the site is driven. On your side, all it takes is the adjustment of input parameters. Not only that, you will be able to use the same robot for monitoring hundreds of pages on a site that have similar layouts by adjusting the input parameters for each monitor.

Do you want to know exactly when it changed? No problem. Browse AI lets you set up a notification system via email, which further contributes to the efficiency of the robot.

Additionally, note that one single robot can monitor hundreds of different pages on other sites with similar designs and layouts. The software will remember the patterns of data extraction from similarly structured sites to make the user long-term relieved.

You can even enjoy live automatic updates of extracted data in case the data gets modified in the future. To show that there are no cracks in the game, extracting lists of items along with their details is easy with this tool as well. Simply train two robots: one to extract links and the second to snatch the information.

You probably ask yourself now if you can “overheat” your robot. For your information, Up to 1000 tasks can be run at a time to let the user scrap multiple pages with ease.

This feature allows a bulk run, and it allows CSV upload, modification of input parameters, and integration with other software like Zapier, Pabbly Connect, etc.


Back in the day, scrapping data from websites required highly sophisticated coding skills. However, artificial intelligence showed that scrapping could be done in minutes.

Creating, training, and integrating web scrapping robots was a demanding and time-consuming task. Browse AI represents the finest of the branch, making web scrapping routine work that even supports automatic updates.

Let’s not forget that web scrapping is crucial for spotting opportunities along the way. Training to do such complicated tasks used to be a luxury. Browse AI is the type of tool that lets you train a robot that will do all that for you with just a few clicks.

Without any coding involved, you will be able to easily extract and monitor the data from any desired website.

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