The 5 Best Grammarly Alternatives For Flawless Writing Without Mistakes

The 5 Best Grammarly Alternatives For Flawless Writing Without Mistakes

Grammarly has been used for years for its amazing features. It is safe to say that it is the most popular tool when it comes to grammar checking, spell checking, plagiarism detecting, and punctuation checking.

The fact that you can have someone correct your mistakes automatically while you are writing is simply perfect. It is amazing for both native speakers, but also those of you who do not use English as your first language.

It is a perfect tool that will for sure make sure that you make zero errors while writing, whatever your topic might be. Your text could be anywhere from school papers, blogs, books, or whatever you might need, and Grammarly will correct any kind of mistakes that you could have made and give you suggestions on what to change. Tools like this are very important and might save you your reputation and work or just give you a better grade.

There is nothing wrong with Grammarly, but if you are just curious about some of its alternatives or just do not want to pay for the full version, this article is for you. So, let us get into some of our suggestions:

1. Linguix


The first on our list definitely has to be Linux, and here are some of the reasons. Linguix is a writing assistant that will correct your mistakes and give you suggestions while you are writing.

Once you write a sentence, any kind of mistakes and things to be changed will be underlined, and if you hover on the word, you will be given a preview of the correction/suggestion. You can change context and errors with only a click of a mouse. Any kind of text that is unclear will also be underlined, so you can rephrase it.

If you are writing tons of emails during your day, feel free to use some of the pre-drafted shortcuts the tool offers. You can set your own rules on what kind of mistakes you would like the tool to pay closer attention to, and the best part about it is a fact you can access it from any device. It really is the best alternative and will for sure amaze you.

2. ProWritingAid


Another good alternative to Grammarly is that it will serve people no matter the cause they are writing for. It offers a free version, but of course, you are getting limited features.

Same as the two options above, it will correct any kind of writing mistakes you make but also give you some tips on what to rephrase or simply delete. Their main goal is to make your text readable and without any mistakes. The tool uses AI technology mixed with the help of some professional writers.

3. Writer


A mention-worthy tool on our today’s list is a Writer as well. The tool scans the text and checks if it contains any kind of errors, unclarities, and things that need rephrasing. All you have to do is paste any kind of text that you have on the link given above.

Nothing goes unseen; even a comma in the wrong place will trigger the tool. It is used by many famous companies and is worth taking a closer look at.

4. Hemingway App

Hemingway App

This is a high-speed and simple-to-use tool. It does not have any kind of unnecessary information cluttering the site.

You are given a text box in which you should paste your text, make a single mouse click, and let the tool do its magic. You will for sure be given a text without any kind of errors, easy to read, and very clear.

5. PaperRater


The last on today’s shortlist will be a tool called PaperRater. This one is amazing for high school and college students that just want to check any kind of text before it is given to their teachers.

Today’s technology is super simple and super fast, allowing students to find any kind of mistakes that could have been made. We all know how stressful school can be, so having this type of tool is helpful, saving tons of our time.


With this tool, we will be ending this article. We have given you a few alternatives that will for sure help you and save you tons of time if you read the text multiple times. All of these tools serve their purpose, but it is on you to choose the one that you know will for sure have all of the features that you need.

You know your needs the best, so checking these tools and doing some more in-depth research on them is always helpful. But, once more, Linguix will forever be our first go-to tool. It is just really simple and quick to use. Spotting every single of your mistakes and just being able to add it as a browser extension, so it will correct any kind of errors, is simply amazing. This way, the tool ensures you do not make any kind of errors no matter what you are writing.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you have found at least one tool that seems interesting to you.

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