How To Build a Stunning Coming Soon Page in 2022​ [Complete Guide for Using Cooming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin]

How To Build a Stunning Coming Soon Page in 2022​ [Complete Guide for Using Cooming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin]

A coming soon page can be a big factor in gaining the visitors’ attention even before the official launch of some product of yours! Thus being said, we are going to cover some of the most important steps in creating a stunning coming soon page using the superb Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin!

Cooming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Besides the already mentioned drag-and-drop system, it comes with a collection of over 2 million free, high-quality images, 170 templates, SEO tools, Secret Access Link, and CRM, autoresponder, and webinar software integration!

Walkthrough the Creation Process

The whole magic happens in a Layout Builder where the modules are placed. To move them to your new page and make them usable, we use a simple drag-and-drop system!

Cooming Soon & Maintenance Mode Page Layout Module

Page Layout Screen

Then, we can modify the logo. You can simply upload a logo from your computer, modify its dimensions, add the title, and you’re good to go!

In the Header section, we choose to give a brief message to the visitor. It is fully optional; we can leave it blank or type some words in it. Along with that, we can change its font, size, and color, as well.

Later on, comes the Content section, where we enter the text, which will represent our message of when the site is coming live. It is placed in the header section, and we modify its size, font, and color!

To divide the sections and widgets, we can use the Divider. A horizontal line that will perfectly separate all the content we want.

Cooming Soon & Maintenance Mode Page Divider Module

Divider Module

Adding multimedia is another big thing we should do to give the landing page a touch of originality. The plugin lets us add images and videos, both from the directory or our own. Adding the video is another simple process – we type the link of it into the link bar in the settings panel, after which we may turn the video autoplay on or off or mute it.

If you own a local business or store, the Map widget is a must for you! Simply add your address, pick a default zoom level (world view to the street view), modify the map’s height, and you have a nice and tidy visual location display of your business.

Cooming Soon & Maintenance Mode Page Map Module

Map Module

Then you can add the Subscribe Form that will keep the communication between you and the customers very much alive. This one will, through its integration with third-party apps, collect their names and email addresses, which you can use to send them newsletters or information about potential page publishing.

By modifying the subscribe button, and its positioning, color, and size, you fully customize this one to fulfill your needs.

Cooming Soon & Maintenance Mode Subscribe Form Module

Subscribe Form module

The next thing in the line of vital components is a Contact Form. A terrific feature for communicating with the visitors. Set your email address, change the box field with the relevant information, add a message box where people can send their messages and complaints, and choose the font color and size.

Using the Social Icons widget, we can improve the traffic on our social media! Simply add the icons to your page, link them with your social profiles, and once the visitor enters the page and wants to find out more about you, he will instinctively click on your profiles on other platforms.

Cooming Soon & Maintenance Social Icons Form Module

Social Icons Module

Another two features we like the most are the Countdown and Progress Bar features! Using them, you can visually interact with your visitors. The countdown module is perfect for an event or product promotion.

Add the specific date and time in the settings panel, edit the look of it, its colors, and font, and we are ready to set a visually attractive countdown timer that will instantly catch the visitor’s eye!

Similar to that, yet visually more pleasing, is Progress Bar. This one is intentionally made for coming soon pages as you can staggeringly display the progress you’ve made with the development of the site. Use the slider to drag the percentage, set the bar height and color, add label color and its size, and you have the nice and clean progress bar widget on your page.

Progress Bar Module

In addition to that, we must emphasize the WP 301 Redirects and Simple Author Box that you may consider using alongside Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

The first one can help you fix the bad links and typos in URLs that affect losing traffic. The second one is made for blog owners and authors as it offers you the creation of unique, personalized, and responsive author boxes containing author names, gravatar, descriptions, and more!


In this article, we have covered a convenient page builder that relies on a drag-and-drop system that saves us all the valuable time we would spend writing the code. We are assured you will find the best solution for you with this one when creating the stunning coming soon page for your business.

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