The Best CRM for Real Estate 2022

The Best CRM for Real Estate 2022

What is a CRM for real estate?

Customers and prospects can be tracked through CRM software, allowing you to build relationships and make data-based decisions. Real estate agents who want to maximize their productivity and reduce their workload rely on CRMs to keep their sales pipelines full.

To make your life easier, here are a few key features that a CRM provides:

  • Keep prospect information organized to be found quickly (i.e., no more hunting through spreadsheets).
  • Quickly respond to inquiries about properties without searching through your inbox.
  • It’s important to keep track of the people you’ve contacted and those further along the home-buying process.
  • Use digital tools to learn more about your prospects, such as tracking how they interact with your website or opening your email messages.
  • Relationship management and future referrals can only be achieved by keeping in touch with your past clients.
  • Email follow-ups after open houses can be automated to save time and effort.

We’ve compiled a list of the best CRMs for real estate agents below. Though these CRMs aren’t specifically designed for realtors, they can easily be used in the real estate industry.

As a starting point, we’ve listed a few free CRMs for real estate agents who are just getting started with CRMs. Think about spending money on paid real estate CRMs, which offer additional features at a higher price.

1. HubSpot


Our all-in-one CRM is designed to grow with your business, making your work easier at every step. HubSpot CRM has contact management, email templates, and meeting schedules designed to help you sell more quickly and effectively.

Its features include email templates, call tracking tools, sales automation capabilities, and pipeline management systems, to name a few. You may also use our App Marketplace to automate tasks, create a customized appointment scheduler, and integrate the CRM with your company’s apps and tools, and integrate the CRM with your company’s apps and products.

HubSpot CRM is a part of the Sales Hub and can be bundled with Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, and Service Hub for even more power. This software is ideal for real estate agencies that want to grow while keeping all their systems in sync.

2. Zillow Premier Agent CRM

Zillow Premier Agent CRM

Client insights you won’t find anywhere else are yours with the Zillow Premier Agent CRM. To serve your clients better, you’ll be able to see their Zillow search activity within the CRM. A free mobile app from Zillow allows you to respond to leads and manage your business while on the road.

Tasks, custom notes, and reminders are just some of the features of this app’s productivity tools. With Zillow CRM, you’ll be the sole agent potential buyers see on your property listing, removing all other agents as potential competitors. This tool is only linked to Zillow and not other residential real estate websites.

3. AgileCRM


However, even though AgileCRM isn’t marketed toward realtors, there are several features that realtors can utilize. This system is ideal for small teams who want to collaborate from a single collaborative tool with unlimited document storage, task management, document tracking, and appointment scheduling (the platform is free for up to 10 users).

AgileCRM allows you to track your leads based on where they are in the sales process, allowing you to see your pipeline at a glance. To ensure a consistent customer experience, you can track your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts on one platform.

This software tool is compatible with social media networks, helpdesk solutions like Zendesk, and productivity apps like Gmail and Drive.

4. Streak CRM for Real Estate

Streak CRM for Real Estate

Are you a Google Workspace evangelist? If so, Streak may be the appropriate CRM for you. This program lets you monitor bargains in your Gmail inbox. Save time by managing your contacts in your current inbox without switching platforms.

You may use this CRM immediately on your Chrome browser, reducing onboarding greatly by eliminating the adoption period. Install the free extension, and you’re ready to utilize the tool with your Google applications.

The free and Solo editions provide effective pipeline management, email tracking, automated classification, tasks, and reminders. The Pro and Enterprise editions offer more sophisticated functionality, such as reporting and access to the Streak API.

5. Apptivo


You can access your contact information, project management tools, invoicing systems, and call from one place with Apptivo. Apptivo lets you access client data from anywhere and establish sophisticated automation rules that save your and your client’s time.

Additional capabilities include managing inventory, issuing work orders, and allocating sales territory to agents. You may also design assignment rules that automatically assign leads and clients to your agents.

Apptivo interacts with products that may already be in your IT stack, like Google Workspace, Slack, QuickBooks, PayPal, Office 365, RingCentral, and Dropbox. This enables you to handle everything in one location without bouncing from app to app.

6. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 delivers powerful multimedia elements inside a free CRM interface. Realtors may engage directly with prospects and clients using live video chat, social media messenger, call-back forms, and phone-in chat. Bitrix24 also includes pipeline management solutions that enable comprehensive project visibility, helping you keep deadlines in control.

With its sales funnel automation functionality, you can reduce the human effort in managing your pipeline. Another wonderful feature is the ability to manage your marketing spending and compute return-on-investment without having to install another application (available in the CRM+ special plan and Standard business plan).

7. Contactually

Contactually is a Compass-backed CRM particularly created for real estate brokers. The platform helps the lead qualifying process, enabling your design targeted, automated marketing for leads no matter where they are in the funnel. Additionally, you may save time using its drag-and-drop pipeline management tool and process automation software.

Contactually also features an outstanding referrals tool to retain natural ties with prior customers to drive recommendations and robust your pipeline. It’s linked with Office 365 and Google Workspace, enabling you to sync your email and conversation history into the app.

8. Wise Agent

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is an all-in-one CRM for real estate agents. As an all-in-one solution for managing your business’s transactions, automation, and time management, Wise Agent also provides a centralized database for your client’s data.

Using Wise Agent, you can create optimized landing pages for your website, automate lead categorizations and contact assignments, and integrate all of your discussions into one interface. You can also construct lead capture forms on your website with the help of this useful WordPress plugin.

9. Pipedrive


Pipedrive may expect a simplified CRM experience because of the software’s architecture. Custom pipelines are created by the program, allowing you to see precisely where each of your transactions is at each stage of the sales process.

Reminders, Google Calendar synchronization, and task automation are notable features. A visual sales pipeline lets you update contact information, generate new opportunities, and take a transaction from start to finish in one straightforward, drag-and-drop interface.

Asana, Trello, and Slack are just some popular third-party platforms that Pipedrive interacts with.

10. Propertybase


An integrated CRM, marketing, and Internet Data Display (IDX) platform are part of Propertybase’s real estate platform. It’s easy to use their CRM to manage listings on real estate websites and set up automated marketing campaigns on social media sites to ensure that potential buyers view your properties appropriately. Real estate sites such as Zillow and Trulia may use the system compatible with major multiple listing services (MLS).

By automating routine operations and keeping all of your operational data in one place, you and your team can concentrate on what you do best: selling houses.

Your CRM will never miss a lead when using Propertybase to construct aesthetically attractive websites.


Real estate management is not for the faint of heart. As a real estate agent, it may not be easy to keep track of all the properties, listings, and connections that you have available.

But a real estate CRM can help with that. It is possible to increase customer connection and increase sales by employing a CRM.

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