Is Blogging Still Worth It

Is Blogging Still Worth It

With the many different platforms available to communicate your message, you might be asking what the point of blogging is?

This article will help you find out why people blog, as well as the importance of blogging and whether you should begin with a blog.

And a lot more!

Here’s the deal. Blogging isn’t dead, and it’s just been reincarnated.

The Past Life of Blogging

Ten years ago, we saw the rise of blogs as a standard digital strategy for companies. Before that, political as well as cooking and travel tech blogs started appearing everywhere, providing reliable sources of advice as well as specific information.

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How Can You Make Blogging Worthwhile?

The trick is that you need to modify your method of operation.

Quality Over Quantity

Blogging is about establishing relationships. The goal is to play the game long.

The average consumer is knowledgeable and is limited in terms of time. They make educated choices not just about what they’d like to buy but also about what they want to learn about.

It’s only when you offer your reader something of value and value that you’ll be able to begin the conversation. Your blog should aim to answer any questions your readers have.

How people discover your content will undoubtedly change, but what they’re looking for will probably not change. We’ll always need the same information as we did five years ago, and however, we’re using different ways to get it.

Producing original, high-quality content can help get the most benefit from blogging.

Easy to Skim

If time is the most critical factor, you shouldn’t have to read an essay to find the information you require.

Fact. People are not in the mood.

If you’re looking to convey your message and keep your readers interested, Make it simple for them to understand your message.

Divide your content into thought-out headers and keep sentences to a minimum. You should ensure that long, rambling paragraphs and prose-like thoughts are removed from your blog.

The rule of thumb is to limit the number of thoughts per phrase to one in order to make it digestible.

P.S. Lists can also be a great method of making your content easier to read.

Make Sure Your Content is Unique

The term “thought-leader” gets all over the place these times. Create content that has your own twist, sharing your expertise and experience with the ever-growing world of information.

Unique content isn’t something you want to have, but it’s essential to have.

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Keep the Conversation Going

It is a pity the fact that companies go through all the trouble of creating an extremely valuable, well-written article, but they’re not getting the most coveted form of interaction, and they do not respond to feedback.

The audience has responded to their message, and they are asking questions and commenting, and commenting on their personal experiences.

All they get for their efforts is a lovely giant, fat tumbleweed rolling by them.

Why Blogging Is Worth

It’s worth it because it helps you interact with your readers, shows your expertise, and builds confidence with the readers of your blog.

There are additional reasons, too, that will be discussed in the next section. However, I think the above reasons are the most significant.

Blogging for Fun vs. Blogging for Business

It’s important to remember that there is a massive distinction between blogging for an activity for fun versus using it to promote your business.

If you’re blogging for fun, you’re generally not worried about whether your blog can generate money for you. Most likely, you’re just using your blog where you communicate your thoughts and experiences to the rest of humanity.

When you’re writing for your business, you need to be thinking about the purposes each blog post you create serves. How does it fit into an overall revenue-generating strategy for your business?

Once you’ve figured out the difference between blogging to have entertainment versus for business, let’s dig into why blogging is still relevant and worthwhile doing.

It’s also assumed that you’re looking into blogging for work and not as a pastime.

Long-Term Traffic and Visibility

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To allow your business to be successful, you need visibility and traffic. The most effective method I’ve found to generate long-term visitors to your site is to use search engines in the business world online.

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The traffic generated by search engines is usually steady after being established, but it requires efforts to get it there. You must create material that can answer the questions users are looking for about your company.

The content you provide is usually delivered in the form of blog posts that answer the question of what your visitors (and prospective customers) are looking for. If you write many blog posts that are pertinent to the questions of readers, you’ll receive increasing visitors, making blogging worthwhile.

Demonstrating Your Expertise

When you post blog articles that address questions of readers in the real world, you’re showing your knowledge in the field of your business.

The result is that people consider you a reliable source of information and keep in mind your company and you. As the readers read your written messages, they’ll get to know you more.

This is a way to create a stronger feeling of connection to you.

Income Producing Blog Posts

Another reason why blogging is a great idea is that blog posts can often generate income. For instance, if affiliate marketing is a part of your plan, you can write blog posts that contain reviews of products you are affiliates for.

A steady stream of traffic to your affiliate pages could greatly benefit blogging, mainly if the commissions are substantial or regular. Another method to ensure your blog is working for you is by including hyperlinks in your blog posts that link to any product you might sell on your site.

They could be digital items such as eBooks or courses. They could also be tangible items for e-Commerce websites.

A blog with a high amount of traffic can lead to an increase in product sales. There are many other methods to make money from your blog, like ads, sponsored posts, and different ways.

The Virtuous Circle of Blogging and Email Marketing

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Another reason blogging is worth it is that it is in sync with marketing via email. Marketing via email allows you to build an online community of customers you can reach out to regularly.

There are two critical ways in which blogging can support email marketing: Email incentives inside blog posts. Inviting people to return to your blog every time you post a new article

Email Incentives

In your email-based incentives posts, you provide the reader something worth their time to them in return for email addresses. It is typically done via an online form within the post.

Once a person has sent the email of their choice to you, they will be added to the email lists of your potential lead and customer.

Also, you can give them the incentive that they had signed up for, which will be a valuable incentive and remind them of you and your company.

Bringing People Back to Your Blog

The second aspect of the equation is more effective. Once your email addresses are in place, you can contact them every time you post the latest blog post.

This makes them visit your blog, and it helps keep your company in their minds. The more often you blog, the more people will sign up, and the more people return to the blog.

A positive circle for your company, All aided by blogging! If you see the worth in this and want to give it a go, then take a look at ConvertKit. The email marketing company I used to use for this also has the option of a free program with which you can start.

If you go through and decide to buy their paid plan, I’ll earn an enticing commission at no cost to you.


Marketing is a constantly evolving business. If I could have a dime for every time a marketing professional has told me that blogging is no longer alive and SEO is dead or that ‘this is the last time we’ll see Facebook shortly, I’d sail off to the sunset.

This is why the question of whether blogs are relevant is, in and of itself, irrelevant. In reality, we shouldn’t be able to talk about flat lines because we don’t know how to change them.

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