How Reddit Memes Go Viral

How Reddit Memes Go Viral

Do you enjoy memes?

It’s undeniable how netizens love their memes and how it is one of the reasons they stay on social media. According to a survey, 56% of adults follow meme accounts on social media, while 30% share memes every day. If you want to learn more about Reddit, a few free tools might help you explore this network

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Memes are also a form of expression because people share memes to show their emotions. Netizens share memes on all social media platforms, including Reddit. Whether you use the Reddit app or you don’t, you may have encountered some Reddit memes.

Do you want to know more about creating viral memes? Check out this article to find out how to make a meme go viral!

Dealing With Life Meme


The first key to a viral Reddit meme is creating shareable content. Create something relatable to Reddit users.

If you make a meme that is not relatable or only a few people can understand, they will not share it. That is why most viral content comes from pop culture and anything mainstream.

Brands also use memes for marketing and publicity. Since most internet users follow accounts that post memes, companies utilize this opportunity. You can see this strategy going viral in many brands today.

But aside from that, you should also know how to create good visuals. Creating memes is easy because there are many tools available online. You can also choose a blank meme template to start your meme-making.

The popular meme format was the text image text format. Today, there are many ways to format your viral content.


Depending on what community or subreddit you are in, you need to know and speak their language. Knowing the slang and the vibe of the community will help you make your meme more relatable and relevant.

According to statistics, there are 130,000 active communities on Reddit. Every single one of these communities is different.

If you want to post a meme in a subreddit, do a quick tour first and analyze the wordings. Check out some of the viral posts in the community and use them as a guide.


You may have posted Reddit memes before, but they did not go viral. Well, don’t give up right away! It is necessary to be consistent in making your memes.

Engage more in the community and make your account known. Try commenting on popular posts, sharing content, or starting up conversations. More people will interact with your post if they know you.

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Use These Tips to Create Your Reddit Memes Today

Remember that going viral is a matter of luck, but it doesn’t hurt to be persistent. You may not have viral content right away, but there are numerous chances to take. Have fun with it and focus on sharing something valuable.

Creating Reddit memes is not as hard as it looks as long as you have fun. Remember that not everyone will like your meme. If you accept this fact and are patient and respectful, you are good to go!

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