How to Improve Your Google Ads Campaign in 2022


Marketing costs can eat up 10% of your revenue. If your campaigns are ineffective, you may need to shell out even more just to get results.

These days, many businesses rely on digital marketing and Google Ads to reach their target customers.

If you want your business to get ahead, you, too, should be prioritizing internet marketing efforts. To get the most out of your Google Ads campaign, follow these essential tips in 2022.

Use Negative Keywords

If you’ve dabbled in digital marketing already, you’re likely familiar with SEO keywords. Keywords in your ads and web copy attract people searching for a particular topic.

If you want an edge in 2022, incorporate negative keywords in your marketing strategy. Negative keywords tell Google which web searches should not lead to your advertisement. That way, you don’t waste your ad budget on clicks that are irrelevant to your business.

To better understand how negative keywords work, check out these negative keywords examples.

Rethink Your Headlines

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Headlines in your Google Ads grab the attention of those who see them—that is if they’re good headlines. A strong headline should:

  • include keywords
  • be simple and easy to understand
  • target a specific customer pain point
  • stir emotion

Your headline may vary depending on the type of ad and where it’s placed. For example, Google display ads best practices state that Google display ads (ads shown on a page of content) should create awareness of a product that customers may not be looking for yet. Your headline, then, should relate to why your solution is so valuable and worth a click.

Attract Customers With the Right Copy

Similar to headlines, the copy—or text—on your Google Ads should be given plenty of thought. Ad copy should be simple and to the point. It’s best to use language similar to the language used by your target audience.

You should also quickly convey the benefits of your product or service. Don’t simply state features. In a short Google ad, online users need to be able to easily understand what makes your solution truly valuable to their life.

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Test Your Ads

One of the most important Google Ads strategies is to test your ads. Run A/B tests to try out different images and headlines. Use different landing pages to see which converts to more sales.

You can also try out different keywords to see which performs best. Google Ads provides tools for testing so you can decide which ads are working and what tweaks need to be made.

Strengthen Your Google Ads Campaign in 2022

Online marketing is essential to growing your business, but marketing costs can run high without proper planning. Use an effective Google Ads campaign to boost your business and attract new leads.

Start with the easy tips discussed above to help you create and run your Google ads in 2022. For more tech and digital marketing tips, check out our other online guides and tips!

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