5 Free Reddit Tools That Help You To Explore Reddit: Improve Visiting and Using This Discussion Site

5 Free Reddit Tools That Help You To Explore Reddit: Improve Visiting and Using This Discussion Site

If you spend time online looking for solutions to certain problems, there is a good chance that you will visit Reddit. It is a site full of ideas and solutions. You can post your ideas and check if it gets a lot of upvotes or downvotes.

A huge amount of information can sometimes be a drawback because you often deviate from the topic in the abundance of information. That happens to all of us.

Research has shown that Reddit is gaining in popularity. At first glance, the interface of this page looks confusing, but over time, it is quickly mastered. Basically, using Reddit can have huge benefits for you.

We are here to help you point out the five best tools to help you when visiting and using this site.

1 Subreddit Stats

Subreddit Stats

Every website intended for creating and posting blogs, articles, and news should have some kind of ability to track site traffic. Subreddit Stats is based on earlier scripts and is used to record the mention of words or topics in the subreddit.

In addition to the information at the very beginning of the page, tabular overviews of subreddits are shown. The first column talks about growth during the day, the second about growth during the week and the third during the month.

What does Subreddit Stats actually tell us? There are more statistics for subscribers, comments per day, posts per day, etc. It offers us an insight into what is current and what is being talked about, so it can serve as a starting point for your business, idea, or niche.

2. Karmalb


Unlike our first proposal, Karmalb does not deal with subreddits but users. It is basically a kind of scale where the best-registered users on Reddit are listed based on the amount of upvote they have.

It’s a good tool for orienting your beginnings. Certainly, a certain direction is needed to develop a business. Researching well what you are going to work on is a great starting point. That’s how it starts.

On this page, as the title says, you can find users with the highest total karma, link karma, comment karma, the oldest users recently added. Karmalb does not have complicated buttons and options but only one main search field. The look of the interface looks a bit outdated, but who cares when this thing does a great job – basically, a handy thing.

3. AutoModerator


The idea of a partially stand-alone tool that does something in a certain situation is embodied in AutoModerator. This powerful tool allows us to remove an item if it receives many negative reports.

It also allows us to remove some comments that contain specific phrases or words. Globally, this acquisition will help you take care of your Reddit by behaving the way you tell it to.

It is up to you how you will use AutoModerator. Many advantages distinguish this program, and the biggest of all is flexibility. Similarly, another good feature is the automation and execution of tasks according to the established rule. It deprives you of doing some things by hand.

4. Toolbox


At first glance, the Toolbox looks complicated, but it’s actually the opposite. It is a browser extension that offers many options for moderators.

Reddit itself is a place of moderation, so it makes perfect sense to create a lot of tools to help with that work. Certainly one of the best is the one mentioned above. It is characterized by simplicity and clarity. Website optimization is an important aspect for users, and it is Toolbox that has sought to make maneuvering easier.

About 7,000 users currently use it, and that number is gradually growing. There is no doubt that you will have a certain advantage over those who do not use it – our recommendation for all those in a race against time.

5. Reddit-saved


It’s hard to imagine a modern website, social network, or app where you don’t have the ability to save content or at least some part of what interests you. Reddit-saved makes sure you are happy when it comes to storing content.

This software is intended for everyone, not just those professionally engaged in marketing. We open new pages a hundred times a day and discover new interesting content. The constant desire to discover new things often makes us forget them quickly, but then what would Reddit-saved do?


There is no doubt that Reddit is gaining more and more popularity every day, and in this connection, there is a need to facilitate the use of this website. There are a lot of free tools related to Reddit, but these are the ones we think are the best.

Some of them will be useful to you every day, while some you will rarely use but will be of great importance to you. Either way, we have made an effort to introduce you to those that Reddit users have identified as irreplaceable.

Nonetheless, each free tool needs time and attention to unlock its full potential.

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