6 Best LinkedIn Tools You Need to Drive Better Results With a Few Clicks in 2022

6 Best LinkedIn Tools You Need to Drive Better Results With a Few Clicks in 2022

Let’s go back to 2002. Reid Hoffman first wanted to immerse himself in academic studies. When he thought about it in more detail, he realized that writing books were not for him. He thought he would contribute more to humanity if he got into the business.

Then Hoffman decided to turn his idea of LinkedIn into reality. When he started LinkedIn in 2003, he probably did not think about what kind of boom he would experience even in his first year of work.

We are now in 2022. Is there anyone who has not heard of LinkedIn? No? We believe so.

What is LinkedIn?

In case anyone does not know, let us repeat. In essence, LinkedIn is a social network that works differently from the ones we use every day. Hoffman argues that people today still do not know how to use LinkedIn.

Is it complicated? It is not. We will explain later. If you are looking for or offering a job, LinkedIn is the right place for you. Here you can leave your CV and look for a job eventually someone can find and hire you.

Of course, not only individuals but also companies looking for employees apply. Simply put, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals or a social network that brings together the business community.

How to Access LinkedIn?

After logging in, you see the homepage. Here are the posts of your friends, associates, and companies you follow. Many companies and managers look at Linkedin profiles to meet their potential employees. All types of jobs are published on LinkedIn daily by employers, and LinkedIn will recommend jobs to you. You get a job recommendation based on the information you enter, actually based on your CV.

LinkedIn has a search feature. It allows you to filter your results into several fields. You must not publish everything that comes to your mind. Post content that can benefit you and others. What an unreal database it is, right? Alternatively, you can target a group of people and with the help of a LinkedIn profile scraper you may try to get the information you need and post your content according to your target audience.

Much has changed since its founding. Of course, some teams work on LinkedIn development every day. This is very important. They are trying to make it accessible to everyone. It is time to see what tools will help us achieve the best results in 2022.

LinkedIn Tools

1. Dux-Soup


As we know, selling is never easy. Also, looking for a new job is the hard part of everyone’s life. Dux-Soup is considered to be one of the most dominant tools for LinkedIn.

What Dux-Soup offers us is fascinating. With just one click, you can visit thousands of LinkedIn profiles. Is that possible? With this tool, it is. Using auto-follow, you can automate your profile.

2. Keyhole


If you are more interested in analytics, then here is Keyhole. You can learn many things with this tool. For example, how your content is ranked or which post is most viewed.

Keyhole will help you get your profile in the right direction.

3. Leadfeeder


Once you have connected to your Google Analytics account, you can start using Leadfeeder. The tool then lets you see a list of companies that have visited your profile.

You can also see what they are interested in. When you have an insight into what the company is looking for, then you can more easily decide whether it is for you or not. This is also made possible by Leadfeeder.



If This, Then That (below IFTTT) is one of the best LinkedIn tools. IFTT serves as a link between various third-party apps. You can connect third-party apps to LinkedIn.

Now all applications can be connected. This can lead to higher growth of your profile and posts. Postings on other business-related networks can be better promoted using this tool.

5. Expandi


Expandi is a LinkedIn tool designed for those who want to grow profiles and agencies. It is also suitable for those who run multiple LinkedIn profiles.

Interestingly, they put in the foreground that it is the safest tool. Also, the advantage of this tool is its ease of use.

6. Lusha


Lusha is a tool that does many different types of work at the same time. Need someone’s phone number, email, personal information, and business information? With one click, Lusha will provide it for you.

The tool also has an extension for Google Chrome. This extension works every time you view someone’s profile on LinkedIn.


In the global village, there is a LinkedIn network. LinkedIn brings together the largest number of professionals in one place.

Nowadays, it is important to have a representative LinkedIn profile. The biggest reason for that is digitalization. LinkedIn has its own publishing platform. This allows users to publish blogs.

There are many benefits and good things LinkedIn can bring you. These tools will help you achieve the best results. Do not wait and open your profile today.

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