6 Best Free Social Media Plugins for WordPress: Increase the Number of Visits to Your Website

6 Best Free Social Media Plugins for WordPress: Increase the Number of Visits to Your Website

You may spend a lot of money on commercials and paid promotions, but one of the most valuable and cost-free marketing assets is social media sharing. User interaction with your website, blog posts, articles, and goods may have the most influence and reach.

This natural impact may assist bring traffic and new visitors to your website, as well as, perhaps, new consumers to your company. Social sharing buttons are the most effective approach to encourage people to do just that.

Making it easier for consumers to share your material can assist increase that number. Take a look, investigate, and select the one that best meets your requirements.

Some may claim that those small buttons are not all that significant, yet studies indicate that they may boost visitor experience and conversions. But, before you get started, here’s why you should have a social media plugin. It is a method for Google to evaluate how important your material is from the user interface, and it is a means to drive more visitors to your blog or site.

We have searched and prepared for you a list of the top and free social media plugins in this blog post. This should save you time trawling through the WordPress community’s dozens of social networking plugins.

1. Kiwi


Kiwi Social Sharing Plugin is available in both a free and paid edition. They provide an intriguing alternative for showing your sharing buttons as a floating bar above/below/left/right side of your website or above and below your page’s content.

In the free edition, Kiwi does an excellent job of offering social share buttons for the most prominent social sharing networks.

2. Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

This is also another free WordPress plugin for social sharing. The plugin has appealing choices for creating and customizing share buttons for a distinctive appearance.

It is compatible with nine social media sites. These are the most prominent social networking sites, and they are all you need to market your site properly.

It is filled with great features like editing the messages on the button and making your buttons custom. You may also include social share buttons in the floating sidebar and at the top and bottom of the article. What is amazing is that it is really lightweight so that it won’t affect the speed of your website.

3. Shareaholic


Shareaholic is more than simply a plugin for easy networks. It is a free all-in-one content amplification platform with a variety of features such as share buttons, related articles, and social analytics.

Not only that, but the plugin allows you to increase site traffic, enhance engagement, increase conversions, and monetize your site for free. Yes, you read that right – free!

It also allows you to include promotional content, native advertisements, and affiliate connections. Shareaholic is an easy-to-use interface for adding social share buttons to your articles, pages, categories, or main page.

The buttons can be shown above, below, or both above and below the content. You may also select a horizontal or vertical layout, size, headline, custom icon colors, total share counts, and other options. It also offers additional features like integration of Google Analytics, formats of the post, making the website mobile friendly, etc.

4. NextScripts


It is a free plugin for automating the process of social media sharing. After creating anything on your blog or website, just use this plugin to automatically publish it to over 30 different social media and blog accounts.

Some of them are done directly, while others are done with the use of a third-party API library, with more networks to follow. This plugin handles everything, from auto-submitting your content to another blog platform to configurable messaging sharing on multiple social networks.

5. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is a simple to use social networking plugin for WordPress that comes with a plethora of settings. It supports a range of social networking sites and has a sticky floating social navigation and even the option to embed buttons in post content.

It also has a social share count function. However, much like many other social networking plugins, you will have to rely on a third-party provider to get those metrics.

The plugin includes three basic icon styles: rounded, square, and rectangular buttons. You can choose the placement choices for both regular and floating social bars in the plugin settings.

6. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Including an Instagram feed on your WordPress blog allows you to upload new material easily. Readers are also encouraged to follow you on Instagram.

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed allows you to display your most current Instagram photographs in WordPress in a stunning way. Instead of manually uploading images to your website, you may just submit them to Instagram, and they will display on your website. Using a hashtag feed, you can also incorporate other people’s images.

It is necessary to generate an Instagram access token. Then, using the supplied shortcodes, you can show the feed anywhere on your site, including articles, pages, and sidebar widgets.

You may also generate several feeds by changing the shortcode parameters. You may even retrieve many Instagram profiles and combine them into a single stream.


The existence of a plugin that maintains your social media buttons and general presence indirectly influences your organic search rankings. The more people who share your material, the more valuable it becomes, and the more Google notices that your work is important.

So take a look at the plugins we have mentioned in this article. They are free, so you do not have anything to lose, perhaps you will find something that suits you perfectly.

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