5 Best Plugins for Making a Site Mobile-Friendly: Improve Your Website for Mobile Phones Users

5 Best Plugins for Making a Site Mobile-Friendly: Improve Your Website for Mobile Phones Users

Mobile phones have become our go-to devices for checking every aspect of our lives, from weather, social media, to bank accounts. It is no secret that people like to search things up on their mobile phones more than to turn on their PCs.

Whether your site is about eCommerce, blogging, or statistic, you need to have a mobile-friendly site. Also, if you created a website, you are looking for reliable and affordable WordPress hosting for sure. WPMU DEV has quickly become one of the most popular options on the internet. Get a 20% discount on any fully-managed or dedicated package.

It would be best if you catered to your consumers, and let us assure you that more than half of your visitors are using mobile phones to check out the new stuff.

So, let us show you the best plugins to make your site mobile-friendly.



On the first spot, we have Jetpack. It is an excellent plugin with various modules that will help you prepare your site for security, SEO, analytics, and more. Jetpack is a great plugin because it will cut down the number of plugins you need for your site, including the benefits of mobile performance.

Besides, it helps you with lazy loading images, content delivery, infinite scroll, and video hosting. These little things will help you serve the best site for your mobile users.

2. AMP for WP

AMP for WP

AMP for WP is our second pick on this shortlist. Their primary purpose was to optimize pages for mobile devices, but they worked on the plugin over time and catered to all devices.

It works in a way that it reformats your site to fit the screens of mobiles and tablets without any problems. This will help your customers have an excellent time on your site and boost your Google rankings. And we all know how much Google rankings can impact your site and increase your sales like nothing else.

3. Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu

In the third place, we have Max Mega Menu. It is an excellent plugin for mobile menus and large pages with navigations. Sites with extensive menus are challenging to load and enjoy on mobile phones.

That’s why this plugin is such a lifesaver, and it helps you prepare your site for your mobile users and make your web design responsive.

4. Touchy


Touchy is our fourth pick for your mobile responsive site. It is a user-friendly plugin that will help you prepare your site to be mobile-friendly in no time! This plugin is very lightweight and customizable, giving you the responsive site you want to have and will mash it up perfectly with your UI design.

Besides, it comes with some smooth animations that will enhance the creative side of your site, it has fixed, and absolute positioning and icon supported drop-down menu for a great look.

5. Superfly


The fifth tool on our list goes to Superfly. Like every other tool on this list, it is a plugin that will make your site mobile-responsive in no time. The difference is that with this plugin, you can choose a sliding, static, vertical navigation, icon toolbar, or full-screen menu.

And if you have more than one site, this is the go-to plugin because it lets you move between all of your sites without any problem. Besides, it has a live editor feature to see what changes you are doing in real-time on your site.


In the end, having mobile responsive sites that are possibly integrated with Smith.ai in today’s age is a must. Find the tool that helps you deliver a seamless experience for your mobile users as fast as possible!

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