Top-Rated Showtime Anytime Alternatives

Top-Rated Showtime Anytime Alternatives

Showtime Anytime is a top-rated CBS platform that allows satellite and cable network subscribers to stream their favorite movies and shows online. It’s a one-stop online destination for star-spangled movies, pulse-pounding sports, world-class stand-up comedy clips, and provocative documentaries.

The team at Showtime Anytime regularly adds new titles to the platform, so you never get bored.

Streaming Platforms Similar to Showtime Anytime

People with Showtime TV cable subscriptions can access hundreds of ground-breaking videos and shows on the Showtime platform via the Showtime Anytime app. The application is available for download on Android, Apple, and Amazon devices.

It’s easy and fun to use and compatible with most Android and iOS versions available today. However, the platform has its limitations, making it not a one-size-fits-all choice. If you’re searching for similar apps capable of delivering an explorative and immersive video-watching experience, here are some top-rated alternatives.

1. DirectTV

DirectTV is a popular alternative to Showtime Anytime, known for its broad catalog of local programming channels, movies, sports, and news. The iOS-only application provides thousands of top-rated on-demand and live content, including your favorite TV shows and movies. The app supports downloading and streaming DVR recordings to your chosen devices.

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DirectTV lets you access new releases as soon as they hit the market while supporting subscriptions to premium channels such as Showtime, HBO, Starz, Encore, and Cinemax. With this application’s TV play mode, you can quickly and easily play, rewind, and pause a program. DirectTV also provides a voice search engine, ensuring you can effortlessly find a show by mentioning the name or title.

Unfortunately, DirectTV is only available for US-based consumers. Accessing its content outside the United States will require using a proxy server from a leading provider to bypass geo-restrictions. IPRoyal offers premium proxies with free trial packages to help you pick the best tool to help you access geo-locked DirectTV content.

2. Pluto TV

PlutoTV is an over-the-top, free, ad-supported streaming service similar to Showtime. It provides thousands of free movies and over 250 channels. The many channels this video streaming service offers connect you to ground-breaking live sports events, the latest movies, and binge-worthy TV shows.

Through the service, you can get updated headlines on leading world issues from industry-leading media outlets such as CBS News, CNN, and NBC News. Spend your moments reviewing classic games and lives ones through the platform’s 24/7 NFL channel. Regardless of your interests, PlutoTV has something for you.

3. HBO Max

Another fantastic app for people with great taste for high-quality TV shows and rollercoaster movies is HBO Max. The video streaming application provides all the exclusive and original TV series and blockbuster movies from HBO. You’ve access to award-winning movies and shows, available in specially curated and hand-picked top-industry collections.

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HBO Max offers you best-in-class content from leading brands such as Cartoon Network,Adult Swim, Looney Tunes, DC, and more. The app supports downloading favorite movies and TV episodes to watch when you’re offline. Like DirectTV, HBO Max is only available to a few selected countries, so users outside supported jurisdictions may need to use geo-unlocking proxy servers.

4. Tubi TV

The list of the best applications that serve a similar role as Showtime Anytime cannot be complete without mentioning Tubi TV. It’s one of the most sought-after free, on-demand video streaming apps providing high-quality premium content to users. The app’s content catalog hits over 40,000 mind-boggling television shows and blockbuster movies. The platform offers a personalization engine enabling you to find your favorite video content easily.

The platform supports most Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac-powered devices. Although Tubi offers you free content on demand, it usually adds ads to its content for monetization purposes. Tubi TV is the best free ad-supported video streaming application that comes close to YouTube in terms of video quality and catalog.

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As more video streaming websites and apps hit the market, information on the pros and cons is vital to help people make beneficial choices. It’s easy to fall for the luring marketing gimmicks of different platforms, only to discover what you paid for was not worth it.

If you’ve used Showtime Anytime App, check out these four apps for a similar or better video content viewing experience.

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