How to Make Money With Your Nerdy Hobbies and Tech Interests

How to Make Money With Your Nerdy Hobbies and Tech Interests

In recent years, nerdy hobbies such as video games and technology are becoming a lot more mainstream. The San Diego comic convention alone gets over 130,000 visitors.

What if you could use your nerdy hobby as a way to make money? It might sound far-fetched, but in reality, you can easily do some extra side gigs using your tech skills.

This article lists a few ways that you can make some extra money with your nerdy hobbies.

Buying and Selling Crypto

One of the biggest nerdy hobbies that can make you money at the moment is undoubtedly cryptocurrency. In the world of cryptocurrency, you can use your tech skills to understand the various types of crypto on the market.

The Golden Bitcoin in Mail Hands

Through smart buying and selling, you could make a lot of money in the long term. You could also use your technical knowledge to set up a cryptocurrency mining setup. This is when you use computer processing power to earn yourself cryptocurrency.

The best way to get into crypto is to buy some coins and see what it’s all about. Check out a Bitcoin ATM you could use right here.

Offer Video Game Lessons

Another common nerdy hobby is gaming. These days, you can earn a lot of money being a professional gamer. It’s not uncommon for gaming tournaments to have prize pools worth millions of dollars.

This means there are plenty of players who want to learn how to up their game. Some players will even pay more experienced players to tutor them on how to play the game. If you are particularly good at a game, you could consider coaching people for cash.

Start a YouTube Channel

 Man Using a Laptop to Watch to YouTube Website

A tried and tested method for turning your hobby into cash is to start a YouTube channel. People always want to watch engaging video content about their favorite hobbies, so if you have something interesting to say about a particular niche, you could easily earn money on YouTube.

All you need to do is create great videos and enable advertising. This earns you revenue whenever anyone watches an ad on your channel.

Video or Audio Production

If you’re not up for being on camera yourself, you could also earn money by doing video or audio production. There are a considerable amount of people trying to make multimedia content, but many of them lack the technical skills to get their video and audio right.

This means you can easily find work doing this kind of production for content creators. You just need some technical knowledge about how to use video and audio technology.

Selling Used PC Parts

Finally, you could also make a lot of money by selling used PC parts. Selling PC parts requires a lot of knowledge because you need to know what the part is and how likely it is to sell.

The Technician Repairing the Computer

Given the sheer number of different PC parts, it’s no surprise that this is one of the great tech jobs for nerds. Here you can read about how to choose the best parts for a gaming PC.

Nerdy Hobbies Can Make Money

As you can see, there are a few good ways for you to earn money with your nerdy hobbies. The key is to put your technical or niche knowledge to good use.

If you want to learn more about some other money-related topics, check out the rest of our blog posts.

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