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7 Essential Skills for International Project Management

You’ve been hired as a project manager for an international project. The last few weeks have been spent coordinating with the client. After multiple Skype meetings, hundreds of emails, and fifteen versions of a budget, everything seems ready. Then you step off the plane in a new country and realize everything feels different. Project management […]

3 Striking Categories To Begin Your YouTube Channel Without Spending a Lot of Money

Technology and the Internet have been working hand-in-hand to make people’s lives more convenient, more interesting, and more productive! Something awesome is that nowadays, aside from enjoying, you can also earn money through the various platforms that they pave the way for. Specifically, social media is the biggest avenue where technology and the Internet collaborate […]

Why Your Business Needs A Technology Upgrade

The rise of technology has helped most entrepreneurs to have a more streamlined business process. Beyond that, these innovations can make the collection of data and communication within the team easier. Since most business processes today are done online, this may be the right time to integrate technology upgrades into your department. Microfinancing loans are […]

What Is Gap Analysis and How Does It Work [Facts and Guidance for Achieving Business Goals]

Every company wishes to expand and prosper. You have goals for your firm, but what happens if you don’t achieve them? A gap analysis is necessary because of the disparity between expected and actual outcomes. The gap analysis technique is simple, but the enemy is undoubtedly in the details. Depending on the element of the […]

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