5 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets under $100 in 2021

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At a certain point, we all get tired from wires covering our gaming rig. They are annoying, and they can be easily damaged. Nevertheless, people keep choosing wired devices over wireless. They think they need to pay a premium price in exchange for a reliable feature set with a wireless connection, which is completely wrong. After our recent researches and reviews, we find out that there are plenty of remarkable wire-free devices at an amazing price. Actually, we have even gathered the 5 best wireless gaming headsets under $100 that will leave you impressed. These headsets will make you forget cables once and for all.

1-Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless

Corsair surprises us as usual with an innovative new family of advanced gaming headsets. With the Corsair Gaming VOID PRO, you get to enter the world of VOID. 7.1 surround sound and iCUE RGB backlighting.


Thanks to the wireless connection with a maximum range of 12 meters, stay immersed in an exceptional sound universe without the hassle of cables. Enjoy 7.1 wire-free audio streaming for 16 hours! This allows you to play for long sessions before you have to charge the headphones.

The memory foam earpads guarantee optimal comfort, and the breathable microfiber helps dissipate heat: all you have to do is focus on winning! With an advanced design and exceptional fidelity, the Corsair VOID gaming headset allows you to control your games’ sound environment without the slightest pause. You can also express your style and that of your gear using the 16.8 million colors available.

Furthermore, the LEDs on each earpad allow you to adjust wattage, pattern, and color for a range of lighting: from subtle and localized highs to high visual intensity—all this and more with iCUE (Corsair Utility Engine) software.


This product may be heavy. However, it is easy to familiarize with.

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2-Logitech G533 Wireless

One of the most interesting wireless gaming headsets under $100 is Logitech G533: A durable and lightweight headset that you can wear for hours at a time. In particular, it offers a lightweight, particularly comfortable ear loop design for long sessions.


The Logitech G533 Prodigy is designed with Pro-G audio transducers for an immersive surround sound experience. It offers the incredible possibility of recreating the environmental effects of your game as well as the slightest positional sounds created by the developers. Using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, the G533 is a durable yet lightweight gaming headset.

This headset also features an anti-interference mic at the end of a bendable and extendable rod, an easy-to-access volume control knob, and a mute button.


Enjoy gaming as you’ve never done before with Dolby 7.1 surround sound and Pro-G audio transducers. These give you full cinema-quality sound and exceptional sound fidelity. Therefore, you can hear your enemies’ steps, immersive soundscapes, and breathtaking soundtracks.


The Logitech G533 Prodigy has a noise-canceling microphone that provides you with clear and precise communication. It is foldable and incorporates an anti-pop filter to attenuate plosives and breathe, thus reducing unpleasant sounds. It is also equipped with a “Side Effect” function, allowing you to reduce the volume of your own voice in the headphones. You can then realize your voice’s true volume and will no longer scream every word without knowing it.


The bass may be overwhelming. However, not all the owners claimed that.

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3-HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

Designed specifically for PC gamers, the HyperX Cloud Stinger delivers optimal audio quality. It is particularly distinguished by pleasant wearing even after long hours of play and convenient integrated audio controls. In addition, the sliding steel hoop and soft earpads provide consistent comfort.

Besides, it is equipped with 40mm dynamic transducers with neodymium magnets for optimal sound quality. This headset is an essential piece of equipment for your PC!


The HyperX Cloud Stinger‘s closed earpads design isolates you from distractions so you can stay focused on your game and only what’s happening on your screen. It also features a swivel noise-canceling microphone to pass your instructions more easily and, above all, more clearly to your teammates.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger headset is equipped with soft ear cushions to keep you comfortable even for hours on end. Plus, with its sturdy steel frame, the HyperX Cloud will stand the test of time.


The microphone is not detachable. Also, the device could get a little warm in extended gameplay. However, for such a price, this device acquires interesting other features.

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4-SteelSeries Arctis 1

Perfect for keeping up with you every day, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 is the ultimate all-rounder. Compatible with all platforms (PC, consoles, smartphones), it will accompany you during all your days, whether for gaming or listening to music.


With the SteelSeries Arctis 1, you have a versatile wireless headset compatible with all platforms. Whether it is to connect to your PC, your PlayStation 5, or even your Nintendo Switch, it will find a place of choice to make you live memorable moments. It is even compatible with your Android smartphone, so you can listen to your music of the moment with incredible sound. It also has controls on the headset to adjust the volume easily or even turn the microphone on or off.


Equipped with the same transducers as the Arctis 7, the Arcis 1 Wireless delivers superior sound, incredible comfort, and premium features that make it the ideal choice for gamers. It emphasizes, in particular, discrete sounds. You will thus benefit from a greater immersion and an essential ascendancy to lead you to victory.

Furthermore, this product is equipped with the ClearCast microphone, exclusive to SteelSeries. This completely redesigned two-way microphone cuts out noise for an amazingly clear voice, even if the outside environment is absolutely not conducive to a conversation. Also detachable, it will then be effortless for you to carry it for your outdoor gaming sessions.

Additional control is designed to enhance your gaming experience further. SteelSeries Engine 3 software makes it possible to customize your Arctis 1 gaming headset, create precise profiles and manage audio settings.


This headphone is not equipped with lighting. However, its functional characteristics cover this lack.

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5-Mpow Air 2.4 G Wireless

The Mpow Company, specialized in audio products’ manufacturing, invested its technical knowledge in one of the interesting headphones: The Mpow Air 2.4G.

Immersive 7.1 surround sound is a competitive edge, designed to deliver ultra-low distortion sound so you can hear every detail. This gaming headset easily brings your games, movies, and music to life. 2.4G wireless technology delivers supreme sound with ultra-low latency and zero interference. You will no longer be tied by a cable. The incredible 17 hours of battery life lets you play without interruption. And the wireless range could be up to 39ft—no problem with uninterrupted audio.

The noise-canceling microphone helps to provide clear voice communications and reduces background noise. A flexible and sensitive microphone can be adjusted to any angle you want for better vocal pickup. Constructed with the soft leather head pad, memory foam earpads, and adjustable steel headband, this on-ear gaming headset lets you play in style and comfort. The durable aluminum frame makes the gaming headset withstand years of regular use.

The Mpow Air Pro is designed for all major gaming devices. Wireless connection is available for your PC, PS4, MAC, or Nintendo Switch (TV Mode). The 3.5mm jack works great on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or phone, etc.


The mic can be quiet and have a low sensitivity to sounds. This should be no problem since gamers scream anyways.

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You can be confident that by choosing one of these wireless gaming headsets under $100, you will allow yourself to immerse in the games you play with extraordinary sound quality. And if you wish to get stylish yet high-quality peripherals, we highly recommend taking a look at our review about white mechanical gaming keyboards as well as FPS gaming mice.

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