5 Best CPU Coolers under 150mm Height in 2021

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Building a strong gaming pc is not only about getting the best graphics card and CPU in the market. It’s about choosing every part of your gaming machine very carefully. And one of these parts that do heavily impact your PC’s overall performance is the CPU cooler. Providing a good cooling solution to your components is critical as it will improve their longevity and offer you constantly high performance. However, you don’t always need a big tower cooler in order to get a great cooling performance. In fact, you can get an amazing cooling solution with some CPU coolers that are under 150mm in height.

1-CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler (Best Overall)

The CRYORIG H7 ensures optimal cooling for your processor while remaining silent with 25 dB. You can count on the three 6mm heat pipes, which efficiently dissipate the heat in the direction of its fins. Equipped with a PWM QF120 Balance and a 120mm fan, this device will replace your manufacturer’s cooler and cool your over-clocked processor without any overheating issues.

By using a wider air intake and a narrower air exhaust section on the fins, the hot air is compressed so that it moves faster as it exits the radiator. Jet Fin Acceleration System technology removes hot air from the system faster and more efficiently.

Featuring a 120mm diameter QF120 Balance fan that produces a good 59 CFM airflow, the CRYORIG H7 also has tuned acoustics based on performance. That is why the QF120 120mm Balance Fan incorporates a ‘’High Precision Low Noise (HPLN)’’ bearing and removable acoustic vibration absorbers. Thus, the fan is given a perfect fit while suppressing vibration and noise.

The patent-pending X-Bar quick-mounting system follows the renowned design of the CRYORIG mounting system. It is a fast and secure solution for both Intel and AMD platforms. 

It is more easily recyclable than other plastics. The backplate protects the motherboard from excessive stress that can arise from the mounted heat sink. It also provides a solid foundation for quick and secure installation.


The fan lacks RGB lighting and control, and the LED color fan is single. This is normal because some features had to be sacrificed for such a low price.

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2-NOCTUA NH-U9S (Runner-Up)

The NH-U9S is from the award-winning NH-U9 series. Introduced in 2005, the NH-U series has become the ultimate benchmark for high-end silent coolers and has received over 800 awards and recommendations from the specialized international print and web press.

A worthy heir to the famous NH-U9 Noctua series, the NH-U9S is a high-end silent cooler of a 9cm format. Its asymmetrical design articulated around 5 heat pipes surpasses the cooling performance of the previous versions.

The level of compatibility is very improved. Thanks to the occupied surface of 95x95mm, the NH-U9S does not occur any RAM clearance. With a height of 125mm, the NH-U9S thus proves to be an all-terrain solution with optimal compatibility with most cases, memory modules, and PCIe ports. 

The supplied high-end NF-A9 fan has PWM compatibility and, therefore, automatic speed control, enough to ensure silent operation.

A second NF-A9 can optionally be installed for increased performance (Dual Mode). It can match with the professional multi-socket SecuFirm2 fastening system and the famous NT-H1 Noctua thermal paste. The NH-U9S is undoubtedly a great deal!


The metal fan straps can be somehow weak and require close attention in their manipulation. However, an extra pair of fan straps are included in the package.

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3-BEQUIET Dark Rock TF (All-Rounder)

Cooling down a processor in a compact PC under extreme overclocking conditions is challenging. Nevertheless, the latest addition to the “BEQUIET!” range, the Dark Rock TF, easily takes up this challenge!

With its conception, design, and quality control carried out in Germany, the Rock TF provides formidable dissipation with its interesting characteristics. It features six 6mm high-performance heat pipes with aluminum caps. They transport heat to the most efficient dissipation points of the fins.

The special black coating with ceramic particles provides ideal heat transfer. The anti-vibration rubber inserts installed on the heat sink fins dampen the noise even more. Its Top-Flow design saves space and provides ideal cooling for the processor and all the components around. It can quietly cool a high-performance and over-clocked processor in a confined space.

Making no compromises, the Dark Rock TF offers the best performance/silence combination in the compact coolers category. Thanks to its dual tower arrangement, this is a true cooling marvel with 220W TDP. Just perfect for the extreme conditions of CPU over-clocking for small form factor gaming PCs.

Furthermore, the cooler is equipped with two Silent Wings 135mm PWM fans. They feature advanced fluid-dynamic bearings, smooth six-pole motors, and nine fan blades optimized for airflow. The noise is minimal (26.7dB) even at full speed. Besides, this device is compatible with all current Intel and AMD CPUs.


This product may be expensive for some clients. However, the price is justified with all the services this cooler offers.

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4-BE QUIET! BK008 Pure Rock Slim (Most Affordable)

The BEQUIET Pure Rock Slim CPU cooler is compatible with all current Intel and AMD platforms. In addition, it is particularly suitable for mini PCs thanks to its asymmetric and compact design. If you are looking for a cooler with the best price/performance ratio, look no further … The Pure Rock Slim is the ideal choice!

Equipped with a 7 optimum 92mm fan, the Pure Rock Slim never exceeds 25.4 dB, even when running at its maximum speed. The fan has seven optimized blades to ensure maximum airflow while limiting turbulence that can be noisy. It is designed to run for over 80,000 hours.

In addition to the high cooling capacity of 120W TDP, this device contains three high-performance 6mm heat pipes with aluminum caps. Thus, the heat is transported to the most efficient heat dissipation points of the fins. Furthermore, it is compatible with all current Intel and AMD platforms and fits just fine in small PC cases.


The fan installation process can be challenging. The fan clips are difficult to install, as the clips seem slightly small. However, a trained hand won’t face such an obstacle.

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5-DeepCool Gabriel (Low Profile)

The DeepCool Gabriel is an excellent performing CPU Cooler. This model is designed with a 120mm PWN ventilator. Its copper and aluminum structure ensures excellent heat dissipation to keep your processor at an ideal temperature.

It has an aluminum build design along with a 120mm fan at the top of the heatsink. For better heat dissipation, the DeepCool Gabriel got 4 heat pipes which ensure an excellent cooling solution to your CPU. The cooler is connected using a 4-pin power cable, which means the motherboard will automatically adjust the rotational speed.

The cooler got a low-profile design. And therefore, it should fit all types of gaming PCs, even the Mini-ITX form factors. If you got a small gaming machine and are worried that your case cannot support large air coolers, we highly recommend the DeepCool Gabriel.

Besides, its amazing build design will ensure excellent airflow, and therefore, your CPU will remain under good temps even under load.


The fan is quiet until a certain very high speed is reached. Then, the noise becomes slightly louder. But you shouldn’t worry about this unless you got a power-hungry CPU or you try to do some extreme overclocking.

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Bottom Line

As a PC builder, you should always ensure a good cooling solution to your components. This will protect your components and prevent you from performance throttling. And whether you got a midrange gaming CPU or a high-end one, we are confident that the coolers mentioned above will provide a fantastic cooling solution.

Other than that, we hope that we have helped you in your journey into finding the perfect CPU cooler under 150mm in height. Don’t forget to let us know which cooler has caught your attention in the comment section below.

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