6 Best Pink Gaming Headsets for Girls in 2021

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While girls tend to prefer different styles, there is one thing in common that united them all: the love for the pink color. As a gamer, you want your headset to provide you with good sound quality, excellent comfort, and a decent mic. Even though the outside design doesn’t affect your in-game performance by any means, it does improve the quality of your selfies with your gaming rig. And if you are looking for the cutest pink gaming headsets for girls, then you have landed at the right place.

A quick note before we proceed into introducing you to these fantastic headsets. While our main objective is to provide you with the most stylish pink gaming headset, we have ensured that every one in the list below provides an outstanding sound experience, great comfortability, and a sturdy build design.

1-Razer Kraken Kitty Edition

Designed primarily to make you look cute while offering you an enjoyable gaming experience, the Razer Kraken accommodates all the necessary features at a fantastic price tag.

What makes it good?

First of all, this headset comes with well-padded ear cushions, which should provide you with a comfortable utilization without occurring any type of pressure on the sides of your head, even when wearing glasses.

The Razer Kraken offers a fantastic sound experience. Its noise-canceling will entirely disconnect you from the real world, allowing you to put all your focus into your preferred games. It also features an excellent retractable mic which provides a clear sound, and therefore, you will both sound and look cute.

Another amazing feature that separates this headset from the others is its RGB cat ears. Yes, that’s right, it does have RGB cat ears, which can display some stunning lighting effects. In addition to that, it’s very easy to control LED effects with Razer Synapse 3 software.

Furthermore, the Razer Kraken also includes a long cable extension. This latter is an excellent add-on for users with a large pink desk. Actually, it will make you feel as if you have a wireless headset. In addition to its long size, the extension also includes a volume dial.

What could have been better?

Unfortunately, we have spotted some features that need to be improved. First, the Razer Kraken does feel slightly heavy for some users. In addition to that, even though the volume dial does its job, we felt like Razer could have done better when considering the price of this headset.

  • -Noise Cancelling
  • -Comfortable
  • -Long Cable
  • -Beautiful RGB colors
  • -Low quality volume dial
  • -Does feel slightly heavy

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2-ZIUMIER Z30 Pink

Have you ever wondered how does it feel to immerse yourself in your preferred games as if it was real? If this what you are looking for, then the Ziumier Z30 should be your main target. This gaming headset will allow you to enjoy every gaming moment with its fantastic sound experience that will blow your mind.

What makes it good?

Comfortability is by far one of the major factors to look for when shopping for a gaming headset. And with the Ziumier Z30, once wearing them, you will never dare take it off. This headset comes with a huge chunk of foam on the headband, which offers a comfortable utilization for several hours without facing any undesired feelings. In addition to that, it got large and soft ear cushions.

Furthermore, the Ziumier Z30 comes in an elegant and cute pink color. But you know what’s is also beautiful, is its rainbow RGB lighting on both earcups. The color of the LED effects keeps changing automatically allowing you to have an outstanding shiny gaming headset.

With the Ziumier Z30, your opponents will see you as a cheater, thanks to its 3D sound. With this type of audio, you will be able to hear every step coming from the right direction, permitting you to have the edge over your enemies. On top of its amazing gaming capabilities, the Ziumier Z30 also offers you a fantastic sound experience for music, movies…etc.

Another interesting feature of the Ziumier Z30 is its Mic. With this gaming headset’s mic, you can be confident that your teammates will receive your instructions perfectly as it provides a clear sound. You also can fold it up or down depending on your utilization.

What could have been better?

After wearing the Ziumier Z30 for several hours, you will feel that your ears getting warm, which can be annoying sometimes. It also could be better if the users got some control over the RGB effects like changing the colors or lighting modes. Besides, in order to display RGB on the earcups, you will have to plug the USB cable; nevertheless, it’s the case for most RGB headsets.

  • – Noise Cancelling
  • – 3D Sound
  • – LightWeight
  • – Comfortable
  • – Ears may get warm after a long period of utilization
  • – Lack of RGB modes

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With its affordable price and amazing feature set, the ONIKUMA will be hard to beat. This headset is designed to satisfy you in every aspect without leaving you with an empty wallet.

What makes it good?

The ONIKUMA is one of our favorite pink gaming headsets. It does highlight an incredible sound quality. It also embeds surround sound, giving you an edge over your opponents, allowing you to hear their footsteps.

Moreover, the ONIKUMA accommodates a retractable mic that provides a clear sound. Actually, the mic’s quality has really impressed us. It also has the remote control on the headset’s cord to control both Mic and RGB. For gamers who spend a long time wearing headsets, the ONIKUMA is equipped with soft padding. Therefore they shouldn’t hurt your ears even after several hours of utilization.

Now, to the most important, which is the design. The ONIKUMA comes with a beautiful and eye-appealing pink sakura color along with cute detachable cat ears. And on top of its attractive design, this headset also features RGB effects which is a nice additional feature.

What could have been better?

The ONIKUMA got some areas where it needs some changes. The first is on the build design. This headset does feel slightly uncomfortable for gamers with a large head. Actually, it does feel a bit awkward even for gamers with a medium head. However, after a few hours/days of utilization, you will get used to it, so it shouldn’t be considered a dealbreaker.

Another minor inconvenience with the ONIKUMA is the fact that its RGB colors aren’t customizable.

  • -Soft headband & ear cushions
  • -Stunning RGB effects
  • -Excellent Audio
  • -RGB colors aren’t customizable

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4-SOMIC G951s

Looking to be cute, yet you got a limited budget? Don’t worry; we got you covered. The Somic G951s pink is the ideal pink gaming headset in the tight budget category. It has all the necessary features, while it will not hurt your bank account.

What makes it good?

Despite its affordable price, the Somic G951s do come with a fantastic feature-set. And the thing that has really caught our attention was its amazing comfortability. With its soft ear cushions, the Somic G951s offers you an enjoyable user-experience without any ears hurting. The ear cups do cover the entire ears, allowing you to put all your focus in your game by removing all background noise.

On top of its comfortable earcups, the Somic G951s also support a customizable headband. Whether you got a small or a large head, this headband will be automatically adjusted depending on your head’s size. In addition to its fantastic customization capabilities, it also protects the top of your head from undesirable feelings with its large piece of foam.

Moreover, the Somic G951s come with removable cat ears. They are beautiful, they got pink color, and they are detachable; all you need to look cute while destroying your opponents.

What could have been better?

With its affordable price, it’s obvious that the Somic G951s will come with some downsides. And one of its inconveniences is that the only way to adjust the mic is by bending as it’s not retractable. Also, the instructions manual that comes with the Somic G951s is slightly complicated and doesn’t offer straightforward information.

Plus, the Somic G951s‘ cable may be short for users with a large desk, therefore, we highly recommend taking a look at your desk’s size before making your last call on this headset.

  • -Affordable
  • -Ergonomic
  • -Customizable headband
  • -Mic isn’t retractable
  • -Short cable

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5-Nivava K7

Pink, RGB, comfortable, great sound, all the essential features that girly gamers dream of having in a headset. And if you have been chasing one that packs them all together, then hunt no more because the Nirvana K7 is your savior. This latter is a fantastic option for those who don’t want to spend a significant amount of cash. While it’s not considered as a budget headset, its feature-set is absolutely fantastic when considering its price, making it a great value for money.

What makes it good?

With its large ear cushions and amazing noise cancellation, the Nirvana K7 will immerse you in your games. The sound, as well as the bass, are fantastic. In addition to that, it comes with a mic that provides clear audio, and therefore, it will make you sound like a confident leader.

For better comfortability, the Nirvana K7 comes with a large pink cushion underneath the band, preventing your head from touching the plastic part of the top of the headset. In terms of the overall design, the Nirvana K7 got a sturdy plastic construction, and therefore, it should last for a long period of time.

Who said that RGB is reserved only for premium products? With the Nirvana K7, you will enjoy some stunning RGB effects on both earcups and mic. They are outstanding, and the only thing you have to do to display them is to plug the headset’s USB cable.

What could have been better?

Since these headsets are principally popular for their build design, having cat ears could be fantastic. Unfortunately, the Nirvana K7 doesn’t come with cat ears included in the box.

In some situations, even when muting the mic, people can still hear some sound coming from this headset. We are unsure if the problem was because of the mute mic button or simply that this headset was defective. We just felt that it needs to be mentioned.

  • -Large cushions
  • -Noise cancellation
  • -RGB
  • -Lack of cat ears

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6-BlueFire 3.5mm

Perfect for a tight budget, the BlueFire 3.5mm is our recommended pocket-friendly pink headset. Despite its affordable price tag, it offers great audio quality and a decent mic for gaming, school, and work. And if you are looking to be gentle with your bank account, the BlueFire 3.5mm will definitely catch your attention.

What makes it good?

The first remarkable feature that you will notice with the BlueFire 3.5mm is its outstanding sound quality. When wearing this headset, it will be very difficult for you to catch any outside noise thanks to its noise cancellation support. Besides, this headset is also equipped with a decent mic that will provide you with clear sound. The mic is not flexible; however, it can be folded up and down.

In addition to that, the BlueFire 3.5mm comes with a quite long cable, suitable for users that sit away from their gaming monitor. The cable includes a wheel for volume control as well as a mic mute button.

The BlueFire 3.5mm is aesthetically beautiful, especially with its outstanding pink color. It also comes with pink ear cushions as well as a pink headband.

What could have been better?

Both ear cushions and the headband are not very well padded, and therefore, some people may experience annoying sensations.

For consoles users, you will have to adjust your console volume, otherwise, you will a very low sound

  • -Aesthetically beautiful
  • -Budget-Friendly
  • -Great sound quality
  • -Cushions are not very well padded

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While all the gaming headsets mentioned above share the same color, there is a slight difference between them in the price, comfortability, and sound quality. Yet, you can be confident that whichever you choose, you will get the best value for your money.

Here where this article comes at its end. If you see that we didn’t include a pink gaming headset that deserve to be mentioned, please let us know on the comment section below. You also can share with us your opinion about this list, and your experience in case you already owned one of these headsets before.

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