Best Air & Liquid Coolers For Intel Core i9-10900K

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Intel Core i9-10900K is the flagship on the comet lake lineup. It has brought us an incredible leap in gaming performance with its outstanding single-core speed. And as you can expect, a powerful CPU with insane performance along with 10 Cores and 20 Threads will consume a decent amount of energy. And to maintain the high performance, you will need one of the stellar aftermarket coolers in the market for the Intel Core i9-10900K.

Now you are wondering what these coolers that we think they worth your money are. And this is what you are about to discover just below.

1-NZXT Kraken X73

A good cooling solution is an obligation when trying to optimize thermal performance. It’s also a must if you want to do some overclocking with your CPU. That’s why we suggest for Intel Core i9 10900K users the NZXT Kraken X73.

NZXT has owned its place amidst top brands when it comes to PC components. It often delivered high-quality products with some unique features. And that’s the case with the NZXT Kraken X73. First of all, the NZXT Kraken X73 is equipped with triple fluid dynamic bearing fans with a 500-2000 RPM speed range and a noise level from 21 to 36 DBA. These specs help provide silent operation and a powerful cooling solution.

Furthermore, one of the major key selling points of the NZXT Kraken X73 is its aesthetics. This cooler gives a great experience in RGB liquid cooling with the help of a re-designed cap, and a larger infinity mirror ring LED. The pump cap can be oriented, which will allow you to match the logo with the rest of the components.

Besides, you can manage fan speed, RGB effects, and much more through NZXT Cam. The software highlights a user-friendly interface, and it will give you access to every customizable aspect of the NZXT Kraken X73.

Overall, the NZXT Kraken X73 is a balanced AIO cooler. It does provide excellent cooling performance, elegant and unique RGB effects, and stellar build quality for good longevity.

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2-Corsair iCUE H150i

As AIO coolers got optimized over time, many gamers have chosen AIO coolers for better thermal performance, stunning aesthetics, and less space occupation. And one of the most reliable AIO coolers in the market is the Corsair iCUE H150i.

First and foremost, the Corsair iCUE H150i is designed with a 360mm radiator equipped with three ML 120 corsair fans. The corsair fans deliver mighty performance by providing effective airflow. They also provide an extraordinary look with their ability to showcase up to sixteen individual vivid lighting effects.

Moreover, for great cooling performance, the Corsair iCUE H150i‘s fans have a speed range of 400 up to 2400 RPM while maintaining silent operation. You can adjust the fan speed, as well as the lighting effects with ease through Corsair iCUE software.

Therefore, the Corsair iCUE H150i is an excellent all-rounder cooling solution for your Intel Core i9-10900K. It has all the major features: outstanding cooling performance, quiet operation, and a premium design.

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3-ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280

Arctic AIO coolers are one of the incredible coolers in the market. They provide excellent thermal performance, silent operation, and on top of that, they are reasonably priced. And today, we are about to introduce you to their best value cooler, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280.

280mm AIO coolers are usually the sweet spot in terms of price/ performance. They provide great cooling solutions similar to 360mm, while they are more affordable. Also, all Arctic AIO coolers highlight the same build quality and features. The only difference will be on the radiator’s size and the fans’ number or/and size.

First of all, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 comes with a 280mm radiator along with dual 140mm fans. The fans offer excellent performance, quiet operation, and fantastic longevity. Besides, this cooler features a unique pump and a VRM fan, a unique feature that only Arctic AIO coolers possess. Additionally, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 allows you to have clean cable management as it doesn’t feature multiple wires.

Though, there is not much to talk about when it comes to aesthetics as the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 has a full black design, including the fans, without any RGB lighting effects. Even though it doesn’t feature any LED effects, the performance it delivers, along with its amazing price, makes it worth the money.

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4-Noctua NH-D15 Chromax

Big tower Air coolers are designed primarily for power-hungry CPUs and for those who wish to do some extreme overclocking. And what else should you choose other than Noctua NH-D15 Chromax? This Air cooler is the current leadership in the air cooling market.

First, the Noctua NH-D15 Chromax encompasses aluminum fins, six heat pipes, and a dual-tower heatsinks design that relies upon its remarkable cooling performance. It also comes with a low noise adaptor and dual 140mm NF-A15 fans. The fans are equipped with anti-vibration pads, which allow this cooler to perform silently. Besides, Unlike the original version, the Chromax version is available with black fans and black coated heatsinks.

Moreover, dual tower heatsinks coolers are known for their large size occupation. And if you got RAM with tall heatsinks or a build that doesn’t offer a lot of space, you may incur some space issues. Other than that, the Noctua NH-D15 Chromax is the perfect option for PC builders and tech enthusiasts who wish to get the best air cooling performance along with a quiet operation.

For Intel Core i9-10900K users, the Noctua NH-D15 Chromax is more than capable of handling the CPU during the stress test or overclocking process. Its cooling capacities will leave you impressed, especially when considering its price compared to other AIO coolers that offer similar cooling performance.

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5-be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Last but not least is the Dark Rock Pro 4. As the Intel Core i9-10900K consumes a fair amount of energy, purchasing a good cooler will allow you to maintain its fantastic high clock speed. It’s also a great alternative to the Noctua NH-D15.

First and foremost, the Dark Rock Pro 4 features seven high-quality heat pipes and two powerful fans. The fans are very silent, and they also offer excellent airflow. Besides, this cooler highlights a stylish full black design, including the fans and heatsinks.

Further, both Dark Rock Pro 4 and Noctua NH-D15 offer similar cooling performance and noise levels. However, if you want to optimize thermal performance, we suggest Noctua NH-D15, though if noise is your primary concern and you want a quiet system, then the Dark Rock Pro 4 is the right option.

With this being said, you can’t go wrong with the Dark Rock Pro 4. It does offer a fantastic cooling performance without creating any disturbing noise. And the difference between it and the Noctua NH-D15 is barely noticeable. Therefore, we believe that you will also be more than satisfied with the performance of the Dark Rock Pro 4.

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The Intel Core i9-10900K is a beast of performance, and keeping its high clock speed will be more than easy with one of the coolers mentioned above. You also got the ability to achieve some excellent overclocking performance while keeping the CPU under low temperature.

Besides, if you want to utilize your CPU at its maximum potential, we highly recommend reading our review for the best Z490 motherboards for comet lake CPUs.

Therefore, we hope we have brought you the information you were looking for. Don’t forget to leave us a comment letting us know your opinion and experience with these coolers. You can also share this article with a simple button below to help your friends pick the right cooler for their Intel Core i9-10900K.

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