Top 6 No Code / Low Code Tools to Empower Your Marketing [Quickly Create Applications, Forms, or Surveys]

Top 6 No Code / Low Code Tools to Empower Your Marketing [Quickly Create Applications, Forms, or Surveys]

It is estimated that less than one percent of the world’s population has affinities for programming and writing code. Programming is an important segment in the business of any technology company, but learning how to program and write code is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of sacrifices and a lot of money.

However, some tools can be used to develop anything without writing code, and you will produce a satisfactory result. These tools mostly work on the principle of drag and drop elements in order to create a specific shape. Anyone who has used any of the page builders, such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver within WordPress knows what we are talking about. This tool has a well-developed GUI that allows the user to use templates or already predefined sequences to create the form he needs.

There are many benefits to using these tools. The main advantage is the development speed of a particular form, application, or any dynamic page. If the material is created quickly, you can start a marketing campaign earlier.

The functionality and appearance of the form made by some of these tools are effortless to change, unlike the form made by a programmer where changing the code is not very simple. Testing and experimentation have been simplified to the maximum, so you can easily try out more variants before deciding which one to produce.

Below we will describe some of the best no code / low code tools to empower your marketing.

1. Adalo


Adalo is a great tool that makes creating applications and composing slides straightforward. It works on the principle of drag and drop elements and is easy to use for absolute beginners.

You can use predefined templates, and after you make your first application and want to make a change, it is possible in just a few clicks. There is no need to edit the code. All actions are completed only with the mouse.

Adalo is a powerful tool that costs USD 50 / month.

2. Shoutem


Shoutem is considered one of the best platforms for creating great mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. There are many predefined templates that you can use to create a great mobile application completely without coding.

Excellent support is a feature of Shoutem. There is a possibility of renting a Shoutem team to create a mobile application for you and make changes or maintain it by agreement.

If you choose to use this platform, you will pay USD 79 per month. That’s the price of the standard package, and it includes 2GB of cloud storage.

3. Lago


Lago is a great tool designed to work with data and create data calculations. A centralized and straightforward interface will satisfy even the most demanding users.

This tool is designed to make your daily work easier. All data can be centralized and managed from one place. It is possible to collect and share all types of data on specific users from one central location. The primary task of this platform is to monitor growth and benefit from marketing campaigns.

Lago has a free version for ten days, and the starting price for using this platform is USD 50 per month.

4. is an excellent platform for creating online forms for different industries. It is possible to create various static and interactive forms for marketing, online stores, electronic media, and other industries.

The platform is one of the best tools on the market. It stands out from the competition by its ease of use as well as a multitude of predefined payment forms, surveys, contact forms, and so on.

Given the number of options it offers, we can say that the price of using the service is very reasonable, starting from USD 49 per month for a Pro license. Under this license, it is possible to have 5,000 submissions during the month.

5. Typeform


Typeform is one of the best tools for creating surveys. The focus is on design and user experience, and all questions throughout the surveys are animated to ensure that the user does not leave the survey but completes it to the end.

You can use this platform to achieve various goals such as research, generating clients or converting visitors into clients, and getting people to stay longer on your site.

Typeform abounds with different versions of templates for all forms. There is a possibility of API connection with other platforms to track all data as accurately as possible.

The cost of using this platform is USD 35 per month, with 5,000 registrations available during the month.

6. Paperform


It is possible to make great online payment forms, product pages, appointment forms, and more. Of course, no programming knowledge is required to do any of these tasks. Paperform is another tool for making great online forms.

This tool has integrated analytics and analysis tools, so you always know if your forms are doing the job you envisioned.

The cost of using this service is USD 32.50 per month for the PRO version, where you have an unlimited number of fonts and visits.


Most demanding projects can only be accomplished by knowing the code and programming. Knowing the code is not necessary, and you will save extra money because you do not have to hire a programmer or an agency to perform a particular task.

DIY application builders like AppMySite and others make it easy to develop apps without writing code.

However, if you want to make some universal applications or forms, you can use some of the tools listed in this text. Since some of these tools have a free version, we advise you to try them out before you decide to buy.

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