6 Best Free WordPress Survey & Poll Plugins: Get Feedback From Your Customers

5 Best Free WordPress Survey & Poll Plugins: Get Feedback From Your Customers

Do you want to find the best WordPress survey plugins for your website? Polls are a great way to get feedback from clients and use it to grow your performance. However, it isn’t easy to know where to begin with so many fantastic plugins to pick.

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Here is a list of the best five free WordPress surveys and poll plugins.

1. SurveyFunnel


Top marketers use SurveyFunnel methods to increase conversion rates. They created the SurveyFunnel tool to establish good quizzes on their websites. The plugin includes advanced capabilities such as a drag-and-drop poll developer, a wide variety of types, layout personalization, opt-in forms, custom thank you pages, and more to get you started on your lead generation journey.

More specifications of all of these functionalities ensure that the system consumers are more engaged and that you attract new ones. The SurveyFunnel plugin is designed to help you create a survey that will generate leads.

2. WordPress Survey & Poll

WordPress Survey & Poll

With WordPress Survey & Poll plugin, surveys are highly customizable. The color picker assists in creating the design of the survey exactly as you envisioned. The surveys can be displayed immediately as a directional display by following a link or embedding the survey into any web page using CSS.

Feedback from users is critical for making your WordPress website pleasant for your viewers. The plugin offers a wide range of possibilities for gathering information and showcasing it in the form of an eye-catching video chart. Because all polls are anonymous and do not require filling in, the WordPress Survey and Poll plugin employ cookies to prevent multiple copies.

3. YOP Poll

YOP Poll

The YOP Poll plugin lets users incorporate a poll into the website article and handle the polls from your WordPress admin area. Still, it also provides much more than other similar models. It is a plugin that remains aware of your requirements and ensures that no detail is overlooked.

You can now generate polls with two or more distinct responses, operate with a range of choices and configurations to determine how you want to organize your poll details, handle the outcomes, what specifics to showcase, or maintain security. You can also choose whether you wish to observe the overall votes or the total voters, set vote authorizations or restrict voters, and so on. It is no longer necessary to schedule your polls. YOP Poll can run different polls simultaneously, or you can plan them to begin sequentially.

4. HubSpot


Using the simple drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly create beautiful forms and pop-ups for your WordPress website. Utilizing HubSpot’s advanced filtering based on your visitors’ behaviors, select which pages you want your pop-ups to appear on.

HubSpot is an interactive form creator that can be used to generate almost any online form imaginable, including a notification pop-up. You can also design logo bar, implicit logic form, email, personalized form, exit purpose pop-up form, occasion and evaluation form, smartphone survey, weekly email form, request, billing form, dialog box, questionnaire, statement, signup, star rating, survey, web form, and more.

The plugin automatically integrates with most WordPress form developers, form founders, and notifications builders, so you don’t have to stress about anything.

5. Crowdsignal Forms 

You can generate and administer polls from the visual editor with the Crowdsignal Forms plugin. Developing surveys is as easy as quick as making a bulleted list. There’s no need for embed blocks or copy-pasting. Choose your color palette and personalize the appearance of your polls to match your brand. 

By default, the poll block uses your theme’s styling. However, you can alter the styling of your polls however you wish. You may see all of the responses as they come in on Crowdsignal’s results page. Examine your voters’ location and IP addresses for any unusual voting behavior. For a better knowledge of your audience, look at advanced statistics and analytics.

6. Survey Maker


WordPress Survey plugin is a popular survey plugin among WordPress users. Create unlimited surveys with unlimited questions and sections using the 16 question types included in the plugin such as:

    • Radio
    • Checkbox (Multiple)
    • Dropdown
    • Linear Scale
    • Star Rating
    • Paragraph
    • Short text
    • Slider
    • Email
    • Name

And more. 

Collect submissions summary (in charts) and gather a better understanding of your users’ opinions or schedule surveys and control your time effectively. Create the survey beforehand and display it based on the scheduled date. 

Have you created a survey with a different tool but want to move it to the Survey Maker plugin? 

Don’t worry you don’t have to create the same survey again and again. The Survey Maker plugin allows you to export or import already created surveys. 

So the Survey Maker plugin is designed to fulfil all your ideas concerning the ideal survey. 


These are the top 5 best free WordPress survey and poll plugins. All survey plugins have marvelous features you can use to find out what your clients are looking for be it a new product or a malpractice lawyer from The Tinker Law Firm PLLC.

Whichever you choose, it will help you to learn more about your audience and optimize your WordPress website in the best possible way.

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