5 Must-have Social Media Marketing Tools: Amplify Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

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Social media has become an essential thing in the lives of everyone, especially the younger generations. For this reason, businesses have turned to promote their products online on every possible social media platform. This is a really smart thing, considering how much time is spent on social media every day.

But a good social media marketing strategy is not as simple as just taking a few pictures and sharing them online. It takes some time, quality content, a well-put audience, and a few more things.

Being constant in posting and really taking some time to map out what you are going to post is crucial, especially in today´s world, where you can go viral by just using a funny sound or doing a funny dance. This can lead to bringing in hundreds of new customers in just a few days.

In this article, we would like to go over some of the tools that we think can really step up your social media marketing. They will definitely make your job much easier and help you focus on the more important things when it comes to marketing, like creating high-quality content. All of these definitely deserve a spot on our today´s list, and we will show you why.

So, if you are ready, let us get started.

1. Postly Social Media Manager and Content Scheduler

Postly Social Media Manager and Content Scheduler

The first spot on our list has to go to Postly. The reason for this is the features it provides you with, considering its price. This tool almost does everything for you.

You take some time creating your content, and after that, you have a schedule inside the tool and simply upload your content. Doing it ahead will allow the tool to post certain posts on the day you decide, and it also writes high-quality SEO content.

This means the tool will write good content on its own as a description of the post, also making it contain relatable hashtags, which play a really big role when it comes to social media marketing. Posting just one post a day is a breeze for Postly.

You can choose content and make the tool execute bulk posting, posting more than one media a day. Postly can even do Threads and Polls on Twitter, which will create a really amazing bond with your viewers, making them feel that you really appreciate their opinion and are there to fulfill their needs.

2. Buffer


Buffer has been around for some time now, and it is pretty popular because of its success. It is a very to-use tool that will for sure lead you to growing the right audience for your business.

It first started off as just a tool for Twitter but has slowly grown to build integration with almost every possible social media platform. Whenever you post something, their analytics feature will let you know how well the post is doing, and that way, you know what needs improving.

Add new team members in just a few clicks, and grow your community by working together on projects. Talking about simplicity, post your content on your accounts with just a simple click. This all leads to building a solid marketing strategy within a short time.

3. Hubspot


This is another really great social media marketing tool. You can directly post to your social media platforms within only a few seconds or schedule them to be posted whenever you´d like.

Link your social media accounts with the tool and easily toggle between them in seconds. You can even connect a few of your campaigns so you can take the traffic you are getting and trace them to wherever you want. Feel free to give it a try, since it is free, or try their demo, which is available on their site given above.

4. Sprout Social


The tool includes everything that has to do with social media in general. This includes engagement, publishing and scheduling, analytics, listening, and employee advocacy. They have grown a pretty big audience, and customers, thanks to their powerful features and the number of them they offer.

You can track everything and receive detailed analytics on engagement, who your audience is, how well your content is doing, and what needs improving. Keep track of all of the trends that are happening right now, and stay in trend with the content you are putting out.

5. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is another tool that is worth being mentioned on our today´s list. The reason for this is its simplicity, but also, the tool not lacking any features that are required to make a strong social media strategy.

Planning your posts has been made really simple thanks to its visual dashboard. It is perfect for people that are just beginning with this type of job since its interface is so simple and does not require any special knowledge. You will not miss a single post using this tool and will keep up with all of the ongoing trends.


All of the tools mentioned above will definitely step up your social media strategy. So, choosing either one of these will be worth your while. But of course, Postly really does stand out on this list because, as you can see, it really does offer the most powerful features for the most affordable price.

All of the tools that are mentioned have their links in the headings, and you can always pay their sites a visit if you have any other questions or just require some additional information on the tool you are interested in.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and that we have given you at least one option that you will consider including in your everyday work and making your job easier.

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