The 5 Best x470 AMD Motherboards

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Ryzen processors have become very popular CPUs not only for their affordable price but also for their amazing performance out of the box. And in order to get the best performance out of these amazing CPUs, you will need one of the best high-end x470 motherboards that will give you the desired result.

In order to simplify the process of choosing the best motherboard that will suit your need and budget, you can undergo the following list where we have covered the 5 best x470 motherboards.

1-Gigabyte x470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

The Gigabyte X470 Aorus is known for the buyer’s features, which are especially attractive for pro-gamers. The motherboard includes a great quality audio solution, a much higher quality networking than its competitors, several USB portals – including one for a Type-C Cable and provides a better M.2 implementation. It also has enough space around the socket, so you can use any aftermarket cooler. 

This motherboard has 3 major PCIe lanes. The first one is an x16 slot, the one in the middle is an x8 slot, and the one in the bottom is an x4 slot. Between each of these PCI Lanes, there are a Nvme M.2 slots. Also, the Gigabyte x470 Aorus has a beautiful shroud design that covers both the chipset and the I/O shield.

The Gigabyte x470 Aorus is among the best x470 motherboards not only for its amazing features but also for its affordable price.

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2-Asus Prime x470-Pro

The Asus Prime x470 Pro is one of the most preferred motherboards. This Mobo is known for its sleek design and overall brilliant performance. It has a great Crystal Sound 3, which is hard to beat, and Intel Gigabit networking, top quality. This motherboard has 8 VRM phases covered by a heatsink. It also has x2 M.2 slots, one in the middle covered by a heatsink and one in the bottom of the motherboard, and 3 PCIe Lanes.

It also has a good degree of expandability and comes with documentation, which, if read, makes it much easier for the customer to get a hold of. Updates can be gotten on the Asus website itself for receiving the best performance and stability.

What makes this motherboard a fancy one is the RGB that is located at the top of the motherboard between the heatsink and the shroud above the I/O and the one that is around and above the shroud of the chipset.

It can be considered to be slightly on the expensive side but is definitely worth the money.

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3-Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero

The Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero is one of the best x470 motherboards. It has everything – a great look on the outside and amazing features inside. It has several USB ports, a good set-up for over-clockers and PC enthusiasts who prefer fine-tuning their own systems.

This motherboard has x8 4 pin PWM headers, Power and Reset button up on the right side of the motherboard, and x2 M.2 slots, one above the first PCIe covered by a heatsink and the 2nd one between the 2 PCIe Lanes. The only downside of this premium motherboard is the 2nd M.2 slot.

It is one of the most expensive motherboards, but for a product like this and for the features it offers, the price is a direct representation of its quality.

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4-ASUS ROG Strix x470-I Gaming

The ASUS ROG Strix x470-I Gaming has the ability to take your user experience to the next level. It has strong power and optimization, which outshines all of its competitors. A few characteristics of the product that distinguish it from the others are a good quality onboard AC WiFi, Gen2, which delivers maximum connectivity speeds, personalization with Aura Sync RGB lighting, and the audio combo card.

This motherboard comes with x2 RAM slots, 3 PWN fan headers situated above the CPU socket, and 2 RGB LED strip ports in the right of the fan headers. It also has 4 USB 3.1 gen1 ports, 2 USB 3.1 gen2 ports, and an HDMI port which is great for Ryzen APUs. There are x2 m.2 slots on this motherboard as well as x4 SATA 3 Ports.

For the features that it delivers, this motherboard is a great option for an ITX build.

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5-ASRock X470 Gaming ITX/ac

The ASRock X470 Gaming ITX/ac is a great choice when shopping on a budget. This motherboard has several features, but the best is that it leaves no scope for weak WiFi signals or poor internet connections. It also provides a strong connection to Bluetooth.

This motherboard has one PCIe Lane slot, one m.2 slots in the back of the motherboard, Wi-Fi Antenna connectors, DisplayPort, and HDMI port. The HDMI port is great for APUs such as Ryzen 2 2200G, 2400G, and 3200G.

The only downside of this motherboard is the lack of USB ports. It has x2 USB 3.0, x1 USB 3.1 gen2, USB a and x2 USB 2.0 ports only.

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These motherboards that are listed above will not only give you the ability to get the maximum performance out of your Ryzen CPU, but it will also allow you to have high-end features as well as it will feature the upcoming Ryzen CPUs.

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