5 Best SSL Certificate Monitoring Tools: Put the Websites Security in the First Place

5 Best SSL Certificate Monitoring Tools: Put the Websites Security in the First Place

The most important thing in every website is its security. No matter how rich and interesting the features are or how beautiful the design is, if your website isn’t secure, nobody will visit. It’s the same as if you’re trying to run a business. Nobody wants to visit a restaurant or a coffee shop that has a low health rating.

Similarly, people don’t want to go on unsafe websites since they might risk various issues spreading on their devices. Online safety has a plethora of aspects. One such aspect is an SSL certificate. It is by far the most reassuring way for a website user to know they’re entering a secure website.

The acronym stands for Secure Socket Layer certificate, and it is a security protocol that you need to establish an encrypted link between the browser and the web server. This certificate is crucial for publishing any website online, as, without it, you’re vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Not to mention that running a website without an SSL certificate is severely damaging your SEO. Considering how important having an SSL certificate is, finding one perfect for you is very important.

So here are the best SSL certificate monitoring tools currently on the market.

1. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL

When it comes to SSL, there’s no tool better than WP Force SSL. It has anything you might need for your SSL certificate. Dealing with online security can often cause headaches as it’s incredibly complex.

But with WP Force SSL, you’re getting everything in a single package. Instead of juggling multiple tools, you’ll have just one. Through this tool, you can test if your sites are hosted locally, check for SSL certificates, and if there are any incompatible plugins on your website. This is very important due to the fact that some plugins tend to be incompatible with SSL certification.

The most important feature is SSL monitoring. With it, WP Force SSL can automatically detect if your SSL certificate is close to expiry and then renew it. This is incredibly important since you can’t always keep an eye on your various certifications. And losing certification can only spell disaster. Without it, you’re bound to lose visitors.

Using WP Force SSL is incredibly easy as it was designed with everyone in mind. Another great feature of this tool is its content scanner. While not as severe as a lack of SSL certification, mixed content can seriously damage your visitation rates.

Having a scanner that automatically flags mixed content saves you hours of work. Without it, you’d spend hours upon hours skimming through your pages, trying to find an image or a link that’s breaking your site. In short, WP Force SSL is an extremely useful tool that automates some of the dullest but most important work in web development.

2. CheqUptime


In history, some of the most important jobs were related to watching things. Night guards, astronomers, prophets. Their jobs were to essentially stare at a spot waiting for it to change. But when you’re running a website, you won’t have time for that.

That’s why CheqUptime is here for you. It automatically monitors some of the most important tasks on your website. From SSL certification to server emergencies, this tool can promptly alert you of any issue that might occur. If you’re implementing new features or just looking out for your website’s stability, CheqUptime can monitor it while you focus on more important tasks.

This tool can be incredibly useful if you intend to do cronjobs too. That’s because it can automatically notify you when a cronjob’s done. No matter the status of your website, CheqUptime can notify you about it in a flash.

3. Uptimia


Your website’s health should always be your number one priority. Oftentimes people focus more on profits and new content while forgetting that their platform is falling apart. Uptimia monitors your entire website, ensuring that it’s healthy and well-performing.

It quickly alerts you of any potential crashes or hazards. That way, your response can be instant and the damage minimized. Having your website crash while you were unaware can be really dangerous, especially if you’re running an eCommerce business.

All that downtime loses you money and grows insecurity in your customers. When they see you can’t keep your website up, they’ll doubt your overall security. And that, in turn, results in an even bigger loss of customers. But it’s not all so grim Uptimia also monitors website performance. This means it’s not only there to fix mistakes but to help you grow too.

It can check your traffic rates, customer retention, and even the number of new registrations. It can even monitor your certifications so that you know your website is optimized.

4. Sematext


If you’re looking for a lightweight version of an SSL monitor, look no further than Sematext. It’s designed to monitor that present you with the data you need. That way, there’s no muss or fuss with complicated features.

It just notifies you when your SSL certificate is about to expire. That way, you can make sure there’s no downtime on your websites. Making sure your certificates are up-to-date is crucial for any successful online business.

Sematext can even detect when there are multiple errors so you can rest assured that no issue will arise without the dutiful eye of Sematext not seeing it.

5. TrackSSL


When it comes to SSL monitoring, it’s important that you have everything in one spot. Especially if you’re managing multiple websites, with TrackSSL, you can see all of your valid certifications on a single dashboard.

From there, you can monitor for expiry dates and other errors related to certification. By monitoring expiration dates, you can safely renew your SSL certifications without any worries. You’ll never again have to worry about losing your certifications with TrackSSL.


Running an online business requires prowess in multitasking. But that doesn’t mean you can’t automate at least some of your work. Making sure your website’s security with an SSL certificate should be your top priority.

That’s why you should focus on a tool that best serves you. And that’s WP Force SSL. With it, you’ll rest easy knowing your website’s certification is safe and secure.

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