3 Striking Categories To Begin Your YouTube Channel Without Spending a Lot of Money

3 Striking Categories To Begin Your YouTube Channel Without Spending a Lot of Money

Technology and the Internet have been working hand-in-hand to make people’s lives more convenient, interesting, and productive! Something awesome is that nowadays, aside from enjoying, you can also earn money through the various platforms that they pave the way for.

Specifically, social media is the biggest avenue where technology and the Internet collaborate to make splendid possible! Most of the people on Earth are online! Some of the widely known social media websites with manifold users include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tiktok, and Pinterest. There are loads of others, and most are used for connecting people all over the world!

I bet you probably thought of one site which was not mentioned above, but don’t worry because it’s saved for the limelight in this piece! YouTube it is! YouTube is a very distinguished social media platform! Actually, it is rated as the top 2 in terms of fame and renown! It is the 2nd most searched social media website. Both men and women, old and young generations, use YouTube!

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Surely, you are aware that YouTube is a place where diverse sorts of video content are shared! In the digital age, the video creations of YouTube uploaders are evolving too. One of the most apparent shifts is the boom of vlogging! Although YouTube vlogging has been visible and prominent since YouTube’s introduction in 2005, you will notice how it has continued to become well-liked and in demand!

One of the changes that you will see in the industry of YouTube vlogging is that many people do not just simply watch; they are also influenced to open their YouTube channels and start vlogging as well as trying to make channel banner as best as possible! Aside from the fun it brings, it also allows people to gain money.

Now, you might be reading this article for a personally unique purpose, but here, if you are planning to start your own YouTube channel, this is going to be very helpful! Begin by determining the category or categories you want to tackle.

You can set aside the worries of having to spend a lot of money to produce terrific YouTube content. Here are some categories you can use for your start-up YouTube channel without spending a lot of moolah! Take note of the relevant tips, especially for you!

1. Hooray for Food

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An overpowering tool that keeps one’s mouth shut, an impressive instrument that brings individuals together, a swayful thing that turns a hot head cold: FOOD! If you are going to launch a food-related channel, you will not regret it! Food makes the world hungry and craving, and that’s one of the reasons why many food vlogs garner an unbelievable number of views and subscriptions.

There are several ways you can cover food and beverage on your YouTube channel since this topic is vast and flexible! You can produce tutorials on cooking and baking, which are sought after not only by pro and knowledgeable cooks but also by moms, aunts, and anyone who just wants to find something new to learn about cooking and to eat! Viewers looking for recipe video guides will definitely love those!

Suppose you want to do something that might go trending, do Mukbang! It is an online eating show which has gone up in the world, starting in South Korea in 2010. Mukbangers consume large quantities of food, usually with ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) to make viewers drool even more. Publicly loved Mukbang videos feature fresh seafood, fried chicken, noodles, vegetables, and fruits; all these come in assorted types!

Also, leaning to the more entertaining side of food vlogging, you can eat to feature restaurants and review food products. If you want to even more personalize your videos and also get to hear your viewers’ opinions through the comments section, do listicles like “list of the best donut shops in Sydney” or “top 10 jajangmyeon stores in Seoul”.

2. Fitness Time

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Perfect for fitness buffs and health-conscious peeps is the health and fitness category to embark on a YouTube channel. Especially if you have any reliable credentials such as certifications as a fitness coach or gym instructor, this would be very advantageous for you and for viewers.

In your fitness channel, your goal is to help people who aspire to get fit and healthy or to get better at those aspects reach their fitness goals. Aside from spreading what you professionally know, you are free to relay your personal knowledge and experiences. You can serve as a fitness inspiration to many who do not have ample motivation to live with a healthier body and mind or to those who might be losing hope along the way.

A fitness channel will not be too burdensome, especially if you are sure that what you’re communicating to your viewers is something that can really uplift them and drive them to work out and have a more beneficial lifestyle. Many people look for fitness-related content as relaxation time or as a serious guide on their road to fitness!

3. Music Madness

Imagine a world without music. Can you?

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Just like the food category, the music category is an extensive topic! There are many branching subjects about it, and you can be as creative as you can when it comes to music-related vlogging. If you are a musician, YouTube vlogging is an effective way to quickly display and promote your work. Besides wanting to just let people hear your music, your dream of being also recognized by more people and to even reap fans is possible with the help of YouTube.

Music-related vlogging includes recording and uploading covers of songs as one of the most done and watched natures. You can publish your self-composed songs too. You could sing and/or play musical instruments. With these types of music vlogging, viewers might give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Some are also commenting on whether they like or dislike your content.

You should be ready to receive a range of criticisms, too, because, as you know, some people think they are perfect when they comment on someone’s work! If ever there are negative comments, use them as a push to get better at what you do. Moreover, you can do album reviews, song reviews, and music video reactions. These will make the artists’ fans of the songs you review to check out your content! That’s a wise way to magnetize viewers too.

What makes music-related vlogging always up to date is the fact that music itself links people together. No matter how old a song is, its significance and soul last.


Vlogging is one of the activities that many people take delight in and from which many profit money today. Totally, it’s mind-blowing how YouTube vlogging has gotten a spotlight of its own, making the world see how powerful it is and it could be!

Are you planning to be a YouTuber or a vlogger to impart a portion of your life to others? Or do you want to use it for your business and as a source of income? Regardless of your sole purpose, it’s best to tailor content that’s entertaining, wholesome, educational, and helpful all at the same time!

Choosing the category you want to concentrate on is vital, so you know how to blast off and maintain your channel. The list above aids you for practical beginnings, but you’re free to select what makes you comfortable and glad! YouTube is absolutely a great social media website to share and learn. Be someone in there that makes YouTube a healthy zone to be in!

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