3 People You Should Hire to Enhance Your Online Business’ Marketing Efforts

3 People You Should Hire to Enhance Your Online Business’ Marketing Efforts

Consumers’ increasing dependency on the internet has changed their spending habits. According to recent reports, a whopping 21% of all sales occur online. Furthermore, ecommerce has become so popular, that its market value has grown to nearly $1 trillion in just two years. This is why it’s become crucial for online businesses to strengthen their marketing efforts. Accessible and valuable information, after all, can increase a company’s customer reach.

The task at hand, namely, enhancing your online business’ marketing efforts, will be difficult without the right people at the helm. So on that note here are three important people you should look to hire:

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Social Media Specialist

With social media user numbers growing over the past 12 months by 190 million new users, companies must continue to connect with customers, improve brand awareness, and influence consumers’ attitudes through social media. However, as an article from the International Journal of Information Management explains, social media strategies should be executed with a keen awareness of current consumer behaviors. This is because, in recent years, negative online reviews have increasingly become a detriment to a company’s image and customer loyalty. This is why a social media specialist is essential in your online business’ marketing efforts.

These professionals develop, implement, and manage your social media strategy. However, they can also mitigate threats to your online business’ reputation by efficiently responding to customers’ comments on social media platforms. Apart from that, they monitor SEO and user engagement, as well as recommend practices for content optimization. For instance, if your company’s blog is performing well, they may steer marketing plans towards generating more valuable pieces of content. In doing so, your business can have a stronger online presence, not to mention reach a wider audience.

Graphic Designer

Great content should always be supplemented with eye-catching graphics— this marketing principle remains true as you head into the new year. As our write-up ‘How Can I Market My Real Estate Business’ points out, attractive images or infographics are important additions to email-based marketing strategies.

Of course, creating great visual materials is nearly impossible without a graphic designer on your team. One of the top marketing jobs for next year, graphic designers collaborate with marketing and creative departments to create and convey a specific concept. These individuals are adept at using the latest tools and software, such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, to produce visual content for your website, social media channels, and promotions. The referenced International Journal of Information Management article discusses that social media channels in particular benefit immensely from graphic content. This is because these materials can communicate the message that your brand seeks to push forth.

Marketing Manager

Organization is the key to successfully implementing your online marketing strategy. In that sense, a marketing manager holds a pivotal role in your team. Because of their strong academic background in either business or marketing, they have a foundational knowledge of how to conduct comprehensive market research. As such, these professionals are tasked to work hand-in-hand with executives to allocate budgets for marketing campaigns.

Marketing Is The Key

For instance, most online businesses focused on online ad spending (mainly through affiliate marketing, email marketing, and Facebook Ads) in 2022. Typically, marketing managers will factor in this kind of information before delivering a proposed budget to senior leadership. In addition to that, they not only serve as a link between management and the marketing team, marketing managers also streamline communication between customer support, product management, and sales. This way, everyone in your company is aligned about the creative direction of marketing campaigns and can work towards achieving the business goals.

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