Why Is Coding Hard to Learn?

Why Is Coding Hard to Learn?

The modern world is hardly possible to imagine without computing. Programmers with different knowledge are required in all companies. Even a small cafe needs someone to create a network, connect banking and install all the necessary apps. According to such requests, a lot of IT specialists appeared.

They are not unique like they were twenty years ago, so the general level of their services decreased. Their salaries for general tasks decreased too, that’s why it seems fair. At the same time, compared with the average wage of other specialists, they are still enough, so there is one obvious question that comes to every person’s mind.

Why doesn’t everyone become a programmer? The answer is simple. Programming and coding are hard to learn. However, it doesn’t mean that the profession is a locked club for special people. Let’s discuss the general facts and directions that make it hard to conclude every person, whether simple or not.

Top Obstacles on the Way to Coding

To want something from your heart, to dream about something is one of the best things in life. It is an inspirational feeling that truly lifts you every day. Still, it is good to keep your head cool if you want to get some results from your work. It is even more true when it comes to acquiring a new profession.

Diploma Doesn’t Guarantee Employment


Diploma means and doesn’t mean at the same time. Employers are glad to check your marks, especially if you graduate from a famous university, but your experience and successful projects are the main questions.

All of them remember that the stars of the IT world almost didn’t finish studying and left higher education because they didn’t believe it. This truth is hard to believe, but that is how it works.

Universities Do Not Always Give Updated and New Information

Unfortunately, not all universities and their programs are adapted to changeable IT knowledge. Almost all of them constitute studying plans for years and changing them just a little, which is destructive for future coders.

A good teacher must follow the changes even quicker than his students if they want to make their subject exciting and valuable. They should be practicing programming at the same time. How many teachers with these features do you know?

Deep Interest in Coding Is Evident in This Profession


It seems crazy, but you can’t be a good coder without a passion. Like an artist who creates his mystery, the excellent coder is always in process.

This profession blurs the boundaries between private life and work. Fantastic coders spend their weekends researching and solving interesting problems for free; their huge communities help a lot but steal every free minute.

Non-Stop Studying Is Only One of a Lot of Other Important Directions

When you feel that you are a senior and there are no more complex tasks, you lose in the game named ‘successful programmer.’ A lot of new information appears every second.

IT development is growing at a wild pace, and you must be aware of it. Every year, many special languages appear, and you must understand their pros and cons to be in a stream. Otherwise, young coders will take your place in a few years.

Online Working Changed Our Life and Opened Borders

Competition is good for the sphere in general but hard to separate people in particular. The market is open to the whole world, so the competition between applicants is high.

Every specialist from every country can claim every open position, so you must be reasonable and confident to prove that you are the one they need.

An Analytical Mind Is Necessary


You can’t be a good coder without this skill. Unfortunately is given by birth, and you almost can’t acquire it. Nothing’s impossible, but you must remember that you need to spend months on the obvious things for the guy who has a high level of analytics.

Learning to Code Is a Bit Boring

When you are a newbie and coding seems like a deep forest, the speed of learning is close to snail’s speed. You don’t understand the meaning of the words and can’t create any product.

It is not a history or geography where you immediately dive into the world of science. No pictures, no fun. Only a monitor and many small structured letters that seem so far from reality.

Get Some Extra Help With Complex Coding Assignments

Even if you are sure that you can handle difficulties learning how to code, you still may face some obstacles. If you ever need professional assistance with your programming, address a reliable homework service such as MyAssignmentLab for coding assignment help online.


There, you will be able to choose the most suitable (by price and experience) expert and share your task with them. You can set any applicable deadline, even if it looks a little too scarily close to you — professional coders deal with such assignments much faster than you can imagine.

As you see, it is hard but possible to learn to code. Remember that each of these paragraphs shows an accurate picture of your potential future profession. But you should never forget that nobody was born with knowledge or profession, so hard work leads you to the top if you choose it as a goal.

We will not compare coding with surgery, for example, because it is impossible to say what is harder. It seems like saving lives is more critical, but technologies from IT to medicine sometimes mean even more. We want to mention that different people have different qualities, so what is hard for one can be obvious to another. So never be afraid to start if you feel that this is your way.

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