When Should You Use The Intel Stock Cooler?

Intel stock cooler

One of the most areas that PC builders can save some cash is by using the stock cooler that comes with the CPU instead of purchasing an aftermarket cooler, which is actually a fantastic way that allows you to invest the extra money on better graphics card. But the main question is, in case you decide to purchase an Intel CPU, does it really worth it to use the stock cooler? And is it safe to game all day long without worrying about damaging the CPU? This is what we are going to cover today.

1-Is Intel stock cooler good?

As long as you keep your Intel processor at its stock speed, the stock cooler will be more than adequate for your CPU without causing overheating issues.

There are some cases where you will see the temps spiking high, and this mostly happens when the system is operating on a case with poor airflow or when living in a hot environment.

2-Are intel stock coolers universal?

No, Intel stock coolers aren’t universal.

3-Is intel stock cooler loud?

At normal usage, the Intel stock cooler did operate quietly. However, we had noticed a significant increase in the noise level when the CPU was running at 100% load. Therefore, unless you are performing a demanding task, you should experience a noiseless operation.

4-Is intel stock cooler good enough for gaming?

In most cases, you will do fine with the stock cooler in gaming. However, again, In order to maintain your CPU at good temps, you must ensure proper airflow.

5-Does intel stock cooler come with thermal paste?

Intel stock coolers do come with pre-installed thermal paste. Hence, unless you got a high-quality one sitting around, you don’t necessarily need to replace the pre-applied one.

5-When should you replace the Intel stock cooler?

Despite its efficiency, you will have to change the Intel stock cooler in these cases:


If you intend to overclock your Intel CPU, then you will definitely need to get a good quality aftermarket cooler. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get that extra juice of performance that you are seeking.

Getting an aftermarket cooler won’t only allow you to push your CPU beyond its limits but also increase its lifespan since it will be running at low temperatures.

2-Hot environment:

Just like we have mentioned in our recent article on AMD stock cooler, a hot environment can be a deciding factor. That’s why we highly recommend checking your CPU temps regularly to make sure that it’s operating in good conditions.

The two software that we recommend for this task are HWinfo or MSI Afterburner.

Besides, if you see that your Intel processor is running at a high temperature despite having good airflow, then it’s time for you to purchase a good 3rd party cooler.

However, bear in mind that you don’t need a premium aftermarket cooler for a good cooling solution. Actually, there are plenty of options that offer stunning cooling performance despite their reasonable price tag.


I’m not going to lie to you. I personally don’t like the look of the Intel stock cooler. And if it happens that you share the same opinion as I do, then you might need to get an eye-appealing CPU cooler that can offer you both good performance and astonishing design with some RGB lighting.

6-Here are Intel stock cooler’s specifications

Dimensions13 x 4 x 6 inches
Power Connector Type4-Pin
Voltage12 Volts
Wattage95 watts
Fan Size70mm
Fan Speed800 – 2500 RPM
Average Lifespan4.5 Years


Finally, we hope we could help you in identifying whether the stock cooler is worth it or not for you. Also, if you wish to invest in a better CPU cooler, we highly recommend visiting either our recent review about the best coolers under $50 or our reasonably priced AIO coolers’ article.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment below, sharing with us your opinion about what we have mentioned above. Also, if we didn’t cover a specific question that you wish to learn about, let us know this in the comment below, and we will try to reach out to you as quickly as possible.

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