How to Make a Great Intro Video for Your Website: 6 Tips To Increase Your Brand’s Awareness

How to Make a Great Intro Video for Your Website: 6 Tips To Increase Your Brand's Awareness

Making the perfect intro video is not easy, yet some tips and tricks can help guide your way through the process. As much as an intro video is not something that should completely astonish your audience, at the same time, you should not be too hasty about making it.

It will be the first impression you make. So, take your time and follow these tips:

1. Decide on Your Purpose

You should definitely start your project by mapping out exactly what you aim to achieve with this video. The video should provide a certain value, in whichever way you want it to.

So, firstly you should ask yourself what exactly is the message that you want the video to relay to your visitors. The most common goals you may want to achieve with this video are: displaying your team’s expertise, pointing out your product’s features, demonstrating how it functions, or perhaps simply introducing your business to your targeted audience.

So, the concept of the video mostly relies on either raising awareness, enticement of your potential customers, or educating them about your products.

2. Keep It Brief and Direct

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Your audience will most likely check out how long the video is before deciding whether they intend to watch it or not. The rule of the thumb is around two or three minutes.

So, it should be short enough to get more people to click on it and long enough for you to relay your message without rushing it. If you have no choice but to make it more than three minutes long, then put the crucial information in the first part so you can manage to communicate your intended ideas, even if some people click the X before the video comes to an end.

3. Use It To Build Trust

Building trust is an extremely important aspect of growing your business, and videos are one of the best ways to go about it. Using videos, it’s easier for you to make a connection with your audience and personify your company.

Make sure you showcase the persona of your brand as best as you can. Show what you do and how you do it, and mention your company’s interests and things you’re passionate about so your audience can relate to you better.

One of the things you can include is footage of your team working or showing off your office. These kinds of videos are perfect for sharing on social networks.

4. Include a Call-to-Action

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Whichever your ultimate goal can be when it comes to making this video, you should certainly include a Call-to-action for your viewers at the end of it. Be sure to comprehensibly express what you want your audience to do, whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter, checking out your website, your product, or something else. If your website is made in WordPress, here you can find the top five WordPress newsletters plugins.

Add your company’s contact information so your potential customers can reach you, and add a link to your website. Think about your engagement as well, so ask your viewers to like and share your video.

5. Mind the Quality

Even if you do intend to take more of a light-hearted approach with this video, it should still hold up to some professional standards. First impressions matter, and you won’t make it far if you give out a sense of ineptitude and carelessness.

No one wants to see a poor quality video if they’re supposed to be presented with a company they might buy something from. So, take care of that background noise, make sure your lighting is adequate, and your camera is steady. If you’re showing your workspace in the video, be prepared to tidy it up. Lastly, edit the video well.

6. Get the Audio and Visuals Right

Surely, you want the video to look as appealing as possible, meaning you should make the thumbnail interesting. As we are all aware, most videos online rely heavily on their thumbnails since it’s the first thing the potential viewer sees.

It definitely affects whether they’ll click on it or not. Along with the aforementioned high quality of filming and editing, you should also pick the right kind of background music for the video as it can greatly affect the whole atmosphere. Basically, it can make it or break it.


As video is one of the strongest media today, use it to your advantage. If you stick to these six-pointers and do everything right, this should lead to your video enticing higher conversion rates.

Don’t forget to share it in any way you can to get those engagements going, so you can raise the awareness of your brand and company.

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