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Email marketing is an extremely popular and effective marketing strategy. It allows businesses to build relationships with customers throughout the year with very little time or effort.

It’s estimated that around 333.2 billion emails are sent and received daily and that every dollar invested in email marketing enjoys an average return of $42. Evidently, email marketing is something that should be a part of your normal marketing strategy.

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This is especially true for the holidays, including Boxing Day, which has a lot of marketing potential.

Here are some ideas for a successful email marketing campaign for Boxing Day!

Ideas To Make Your Boxing Day Email Campaign Successful

A strong Boxing Day marketing strategy should involve an email campaign. After all, it is the most active channel for communication across the world. Here are some great ideas to help you create and send beautiful email campaigns:

1. Use GIFs in Your Email Body

Emails with GIFs are more likely to be opened compared to those without GIFs. In fact, they also have a higher conversion rate! You can create your own GIFs for your Boxing Day sale.

GIFs are simple image formats that contain a short snippet (typically a few seconds long) of animation, moving images, or short videos. Because they have small file sizes and incorporate movement in your marketing material, they’re a great way to engage and add an eye-catching element to your email.

To be inspired by GIFs and what they can do, check out how these companies used GIFs in their marketing.

For Boxing Day emails, you can use all kinds of GIFs:

  • Showing the most popular or tempting products on sale
  • Presenting the different offers or discounts
  • Announcing your sale with relevant details

You can easily find all kinds of GIFs online, or you can even make your own. Regardless of what you pick, adding GIFs to your emails is always a good idea.

2. Make the Most of Color Psychology

Color psychology is an extremely crucial marketing tactic that relies on using specific colors to invoke certain feelings in the viewer. This helps grab their attention and unconsciously convince them to make a purchase.

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You can use all kinds of fun and vibrant colors that catch the viewer’s eye or also use your brand colors to invoke a sense of familiarity. Whether you’re using photographs, illustrations, or other images, the right color palette can make a world of difference.

Just make sure that the colors you pick are easy to read against dark and light backgrounds since you never know what someone’s phone or computer settings may be.

3. Attach Custom Flyers to the Email Body

The body of the email can contain all the relevant information about your Boxing Day Sale in bullet points and paragraphs. Or, you can go one step further and level up your email body with flyers!

Creating customized boxing day flyers to attach to the body of your email will help you stand out among the plethora of marketing emails that customers receive.

A well-made flier will surely leave an impression and make your brand memorable, generating more leads and sales.

Some tips to make effective flyers are:

  • Add all the important details about the Boxing Day Sale to the flyer so customers can easily download and refer to it.
  • Add a hyperlink to your website, as digital flyers can be a great way to generate leads and increase sales.
  • Use attractive colors and images. You can also use your brand colors and logo or use festive colors.
  • Add illustrations and images to grab attention.
  • Announce unique aspects of your business, products, or sale. For example, limited edition holiday products, special discounts, etc.

If you’re wondering how to design a flier without incurring extra costs for graphic design, PosterMyWall has all kinds of tools to help you out. You can easily create as many customized flier designs as you like or select from their ready-made templates. It’s a great tool that requires minimal effort but gives great returns.

4. Add a Countdown Timer

Countdowns are a great way to get customers involved and build their anticipation for your sale. While a normal email may or may not get them excited for your Boxing Day Sale, a countdown timer will make you stand out and entice customers to make the most of the sale.

When you look at a countdown timer, it often subconsciously piques your curiosity, interest, and excitement about an event. A countdown to your sale capitalizes on this behavior and can make customers more interested and invested in your promotions.

For example, a simple countdown stating “X days to 50% off” or “X hours to our Boxing Day Sale” can build excitement, especially among returning customers.

5. Use Humor

Beautiful Businesswoman Making Notes and Working On Laptop in Bed

Boxing Day offers many opportunities to play with words and add a touch of humor to your email content. Well-placed wit can make your collaterals more engaging and memorable.

You can phrase your content in a fun and playful manner or even use Boxing Day references in your discount codes, such as “BOXED IN.”

It’ll put a smile on the reader’s face and also entice them to make a purchase. After all, a customer isn’t likely to easily forget a witty tagline or discount code!

6. Schedule Reminder Emails

While your email marketing campaign for your Boxing Day Sale should definitely focus on buildup, having scheduled emails ready for Boxing Day is an important and effective strategy.

Some ideas for Boxing Day reminder emails include:

  • Reminders about the sale that’s starting in a few hours allow customers to prepare and add items to their carts.
  • Reminders about the sale ending in a few hours to ensure customers make their purchases while they still have time.
  • “Don’t miss out” emails that briefly mention the offers and discounts to entice customers who haven’t paid attention to the sale thus far.

Final Thoughts

Having a good email marketing strategy in place can ensure that your Boxing Day Sale is a success. Remember to blend words with visuals and create fun and enticing emails that will generate leads and sales.

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