Data Erasure: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Data Erasure: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Businesses are becoming reliant on technology, leading to more digital data. Thus, assuring data erasure to the high ideals is vital for companies that deal with sensitive data.

However, did you know that more than 1.76 billion records from corporates got leaked in January of 2019 alone? So, you have to make sure that you keep your data secure.

It’s always best to never share essential facts about yourself with people you don’t trust. Even if there’s no threat to your data, you must avoid leaving trails of your info anywhere.

Read on as we will bring a clear look as to why data erasure is an essential part of any data management program.

What Is Data Erasure?

If you destroy data, it will be unreadable in any electronic format. The data erasure method ensures that these details cannot be retrievable and used for unauthorized intents. Eliminating data means it will become unreadable to an active application or system.

However, only deleting a data file is not enough. When deleting a file on a device, you might not see it, but the data is still on its memory chip or hard drive. So data erasure software helps overwrite the file with random data until it no longer exists.

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Why Must You Have Data Erasure Software?

As businesses rely on technology for their business operations, all the data must be safe. However, you have to do a proper and secure data erasure when it’s no longer needed.

You might have vital information that you don’t want to share. Yet, according to studies, 11% of 200 secondary hard drives marketed online still have personal data.

Valid data erasure is essential as deleted files on your hard drive still exist. If you delete files on your gadget, you only erase the reference to the file, but the current file is still there. So, even if the active system cannot locate it, some expert data theft can retrieve deleted files.

Your firm has legal conditions for data erasure policy, particularly if you work on a global hierarchy. Ergo, data erasure helps destroy all important files or data without any traces.

Why Is Deleting Data Important?

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Whether in a business or at home, dependency on electronic file storage is universal. While electronics have enhanced efficiency and convenience, the amount of data poses a threat to data breaches. Mismanagement of a business’s data can vary from inconvenient to disastrous.

An old hard disc with a firm’s financial records and personal employee data can be at risk in a cyber breach. With data erasure, an old storage device with sensitive data should be untraceable.

Sensitive data to delete includes:

  • Software programs
  • Personal data
  • Non-public data
  • Institutional business data

Preventing a data breach must be among any company’s highest priorities. An infringement of classified data can have legal and significant financial repercussions.

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Keep Your Data Safe With Data Erasure Standards

Searching for a reputed company to give data erasure services can be an intimidating job. The value of data erasure as a complete deed leaves no room for error. Data erasure is a vital function that can guarantee the deterrence of data breaches.

Want to learn more about data erasure or about other methods to increase data security? For more information, check out the rest of our articles!

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