8 Best White Gaming Headsets [Wired & Wireless] In 2021

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As a gamer, having a good gaming headset is a must as it can improve your overall gaming experience and allows you to immerse yourself in the game’s story. Nevertheless, choosing the right gaming headset shouldn’t be based only on sound quality. The gaming headset’s design is as important as the sound quality since it adds a unique and luxurious touch to your gaming setup’s beauty. And this what has driven us into gathering the best white gaming headsets that got a solid build, comfortable design, and fantastic sound quality.

1-HyperX Cloud Alpha (Best Overall)

Cross-platform compatible gaming headsets are an amazing option for gamers that want to save money. It offers them a fantastic sound experience with every gaming console or PC without the need to change the headset. And one of these headsets that have impressed us with its features is the HyperX Cloud Alpha.

Despite that it’s a few years old, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is still rocking, and it’s considered one of the best gaming headsets. It does highlight a matte black earcups construction along with an aluminum headband. The headband is very flexible, and therefore, it should fit everyone, even those with a large head.

In terms of the outside design, the HyperX Cloud Alpha got a stylish white design, along with the HyperX logo at the top of the headband. Besides, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is very comfortable, and the earcups feel so soft. And therefore, you shouldn’t face any pressure even if you wear glasses.

Furthermore, the HyperX Cloud Alpha got a long and detachable braided cable. It also got an additional 2 meters cable extension included in the box. The fact that the cable is detachable helps increase the headset’s longevity.

Unlike other headsets in the market, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is equipped with an amazing mic that offers a fantastic sound quality. In addition to that, the mic is also detachable, which is a nice extra feature, especially if you want to utilize the headset outside.

We used to mention both pros and cons for every product we review. However, with the HyperX Cloud Alpha, we didn’t find any inconvenience. That’s the reason why we highly recommend it for any gamer looking to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

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2-SteelSeries Arctis 7 (Best Wireless)

Cable management is one of the tough challenges for PC builders. It’s time-consuming, and it requires some creative ideas in order to have a clean setup. But what if you could have a shortcut where you instantly get rid of your annoying cables in a blink of an eye. Yes, it’s possible with the SteelSeries Arctis 7.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is one of our favorite white wireless gaming headsets. It has a wide feature-set while sitting in the same price range as other wireless headsets from other big brands. This gaming headset got a solid build design with a metal headband and plastic ear cups. Even though the earcups cushions are not very thick, they are very comfortable.

Furthermore, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a bit heavier, but this what you should expect from a good wireless headset. It has a mic mute button and a double dial, one for volume adjustment, whereas the other is for mic volume. The power button found on the headset is also an LED battery indicator.

Now, to the most important part, which is the sound of the SteelSeries Arctis 7. This gaming headset does offer an excellent sound experience, whether for gaming or music. It also has a good mic that can be used in gaming without any issues. Besides, the battery can last between 20 to 24 hours.

And like always, our reviews do include both pros & cons. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 dials’ position is quite bad, and you can easily mess the volume when looking to adjust either the headset or mic. Plus, the headband can be uncomfortable for some people, especially those with a large head.

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3-Turtle Beach Recon 70 (Best Budget)

Designed primarily for battle royal games, the Turtle Beach Recon 70 is the perfect choice for FPS gamers. This white and stunning gaming headset got some amazing features at a friendly price.

The Turtle Beach Recon 70 is by far one of the best budget options as it covers every aspect of a gaming headset. Despite its very lightweight, the Turtle Beach Recon 70 got a sturdy plastic construction. Its build design gives it amazing flexibility.

The earcups cushions of this gaming headset are large and comfortable. And therefore, they should provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience. Besides, the sound quality of the Turtle Beach Recon 70 is fantastic, especially at this price range.

Furthermore, the Turtle Beach Recon 70 doesn’t highlight a mute mic button. However, the mic turns off when u fold it up, and it turns on once you fold it down. Plus, on top of being compatible with PC, the Turtle Beach Recon 70 supports almost all gaming consoles.

Overall, the Turtle Beach Recon 70 is a fantastic budget-friendly gaming headset. And regardless of which devices you are looking to utilize it with, it should provide you with an excellent sound experience.

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Another excellent gaming headset on this list is the ASUS ROG Delta. Asus is one of the main pillars of the gaming community. They have often provided gamers with outstanding products that offer a fantastic user experience. And after reviewing this headset from ASUS, we find out that it will definitely attract your attention.

By far, the ASUS ROG Delta is one of the neat headsets that we have reviewed. Usually, RGB effects on gaming headsets are a bit useless. However, with the ASUS ROG Delta, the RGB does give it a luxurious touch. Plus, you can turn the lighting effects on or off with ease through the button on the ear cup.

Furthermore, the ASUS ROG Delta got a sturdy build design with full plastic construction and an aluminum frame on each side. Its build design gives it fantastic flexibility. For better comfortability, this headset got two types of earcups cushions included in the box.

You got the choice between leather or clothes cushions. Both of the cushions are very comfortable, and the one you should choose will be based on your personal preferences.

For those looking to enjoy their gaming moment, this gaming headset should be one of their primary options as it offers an outstanding audio experience. Its surround sound will help you recognize the position of your enemy. It also got a good mic, which will make you sound like a true leader.

During our review, we have noticed a downside. This downside again touches gamers that wear glasses. If you wear glasses along with the ASUS ROG Delta, you may feel a little pressure in your head. It’s definitely not a dealbreaker as it can be easily fixed by adjusting the headset, but we felt that it worth be mentioned.

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5-Corsair VOID Elite Wireless

Corsair has always offered some amazing gaming hardware and accessories to the gaming community, and today we want to introduce you to one of their gaming headsets’ stars, the Corsair VOID Elite Wireless.

The Corsair VOID Elite got an outstanding unique design with the RGB Corsair logo on both sides. Even though the RGB adds a luxurious touch to the overall design, we highly recommend turning it off to save battery life. This gaming headset has a solid yet lightweight build design, with a comfortable headband and ear cushions. The earcups can be rotated to 90 degrees, which is a nice additional feature.

Moreover, the Corsair VOID Elite features Dolby 7.1 surround sound, offering you amazing audio quality. Besides, this headset got a rubber mic that can be bent without any issues. The mic does offer an acceptable sound quality for gaming. However, we highly recommend getting a separate mic if you want to stream, as it will offer your viewers a better sound quality.

Another interesting aspect to look for when shopping for a wireless headset is the battery life. The Corsair VOID Elite offers an average battery life of around 12 hours without RGB and 8 to 9 hours with RGB. Therefore, if you want to utilize the headset for long gaming sessions, you will have to turn off the lighting effects.

Overall, the Corsair VOID Elite is unquestionably one of the best white gaming headsets. Even though see the mic as a downside, its sound quality is justified considering it’s a reasonably priced wireless headset.

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6-Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless

Logitech is a very well reputed brand among gamers. They have often offered fantastic products that got both reasonable prices and amazing features. And that’s the reason why this list wouldn’t be entirely covered unless we mention the Logitech G733.

First of all, the Logitech G733 is a wireless gaming headset. In other words, if you got tired from wires that cover your entire desk, then this headset may worth your attention. It has a neat full white build design along with a stylish head strap suspension. The head strap is removable. You can also purchase different colors from Logitech’s website if you don’t like the design that comes with this headset.

Another aspect where this gaming headset shines is its comfortability. The Logitech G733 is a very comfortable headset with its fabric earcups cushions and very lightweight. Even though it’s a light headset, the Logitech G733 got a sturdy build design with its full plastic construction.

Now, to the most important part of the Logitech G733, which is the audio quality. This gaming headset does offer an excellent sound experience, especially for gaming. Besides, the Logitech G733 got around 30 hours of battery life without RGB and around 20 hours with LED.

The Logitech G733 does have a drawback, but it does touch only gamers that wear glasses. This gaming headset got RGB on the headset’s front, where sometimes it gets reflected on the glasses. And this problem forces its users to turn off the LED effects. However, if you don’t wear glasses, we don’t think that this downside will affect you.

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7-SteelSeries Siberia 650 

As we all know, sound quality is the major factor to look for when shopping for a gaming headset. However, it won’t make the headset perfect unless it got an outstanding design. That’s why we feel that it’s time to introduce you to one of the elegant white gaming headsets in the market, the SteelSeries Siberia 650.

The SteelSeries Siberia 650 has been around for quite some time. Nevertheless, they didn’t lose their charm, and they still provide one of the top sound quality. But before talking about audio performance, let’s give you a brief idea about the headset’s overall design.

This gaming headset got a fantastic and unique design. It has two huge earcup cushions that provide outstanding comfortability. This comfortability was achieved thanks to the soft and well-padded earcups cushions. It also got a flexible headband where it adjusts automatically once you wear the headset.

The sound is critical when it comes to gaming. It gives you an edge over your enemies by allowing you to locate their position. And here where the SteelSeries Siberia 650 shines. This headset does offer an incredible audio experience. With its large earcups and excellent sound quality, it will immerse you in the game by disconnecting you from the real world.

Overall, we didn’t find any real inconvenience with this headset besides its high price tag. That’s why we highly recommend it for gamers that want to improve both the look of their setup and the gaming experience.

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8-Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Razer is one of the trustworthy companies in the gaming industry. Even though they are mostly known for their premium devices, they sometimes offer some amazing value products, such as the Razer Kraken gaming headset.

The Razer Kraken is a midrange gaming headset. However, it didn’t prevent Razer from offering an amazing feature-set packed in a reasonably priced headset. First of all, this gaming headset features an aluminum adjustable headband and an aluminum frame. The frame can be bent for a fair amount without damaging the headset, making it suitable for people with a large head.

Besides, the Razer Kraken got comfortable earcups cushions that allow its users to utilize the headset for long periods without any issues. It also offers excellent noise cancellation, which helps you put all your focus into the game. In terms of sound quality, the Razer Kraken offers good audio for gaming, music, and movies.

Another feature that has caught our attention with this headset is the cable length. Regardless of how big your desk is, the Razer Kraken‘s cable should be more than enough as it’s quite long, especially if we take into consideration the 2 meters extension cable included in the box.

Before you get so excited, you should be aware of these inconveniences. Both Razer Kraken‘s mic sound quality & volume dial are acceptable, but they could be better considering the price. However, we don’t consider them a deal-breaker since you can easily adjust the volume through the keyboard and use a separated mic since most reasonably priced gaming headsets’ mic offers a terrible experience.

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Before you make the last call on any headset, here are some quick pieces of advice. First is the lighting effects on the headsets. Even though the RGB is very popular nowadays, you will not see any difference in gaming headsets since you will not see the beauty of the colors that the headset displays. And therefore, unless you are a streamer and you want to offer your viewers a unique experience, we highly recommend avoiding taking the RGB as a key buying point.

Another interesting point that beginners often fall into is the headset’s cost. Don’t overspend on a premium headset if you got some important parts to purchase, such as keyboards or mice. Put in mind that even though the headsets we mentioned above got a different price tag, they all got two in common, which are the fantastic audio quality and great comfortability. These are the two main factors to look for when shopping for a headset.

Other than that, we hope that you have enjoyed reading our article. Put in mind that it took us a lot of time to provide you this information. And therefore, we will highly appreciate it if you let us know your opinion about the headsets below. And if you are serious about building a white gaming rig, we have recently reviewed the best white PC case fans that we believe worth your attention.

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