The Six Best Travel WordPress Themes

the six best travel wordpress themes

travel blog

Travel blogs and websites are a highly competitive niche that requires a lot of dedication to the style of writing, but also aesthetics. Nuances may decide whether your travel blog seems trustworthy or not, so if you want to get a new audience, you need to pay attention to the design of your website.

Basic WordPress themes dedicated to traveling-related activities are usually overused and do not look unique enough, therefore your blog might look as same as the others. To put you on track with that, we have selected some stunning WordPress themes that will scream the word “travel” to your readers and make your travel blog one of a kind.

1. Travel Blog


As our first choice, we have selected Travel Blog WordPress theme by Total. With this theme, you will be able to create an astonishing website where you can share all your adventures and recommendations for trips. A custom blog layout, numerous color options, custom fonts and widgets are just some of the benefits of the Travel Blog theme. It even includes a live customizer which makes setting up your blog a piece of cake, a mobile responsive design and compatibility with all sorts of plugins.

2. Wanderland


The Wanderland theme will bring your travel blog to another level with lots of interactive and amazing features. The theme includes all the elements a travel blogger could wish for, it is extremely customizable and offers multiple pre-made templates for different destinations. You do not need any coding knowledge because its simple interface and responsive page builder will make everything happen. Moreover, you can customize all parts of the website, from layout to different functionalities.

3. Indigo


If you are looking for a minimalistic design and simpler layout, the Indigo theme might work great for your travel blog. This theme can be used for all sorts of blogs and websites due to its modern design and charm. Indigo comes with a user-friendly interface and simple customization options. It also provides you with simple updates and compatibility with the Gutenberg block editor.

4. Travalera


Travalera WordPress theme will be a perfect fit for you if you like more colorful and detail-oriented websites. This is a theme specialized for travel blogs with a responsive drag-and-drop page builder. Moreover, it is highly responsive and loads the pages extremely quickly. Its simple design allows you to adjust the elements according to your needs and desires, so you can count on full customization.

5. Trawell


Trawell is another professional-looking travel blog WP theme which gives you a chance to create a dazzling travel blog. You will be able to configure your home page the way you want, choose from numerous different fonts and colors, categorize your destinations, and enjoy the benefits of the competitive built-in performance options. Its responsive design, various advanced options, and custom features will help you set up your blog without brainstorming or putting in a lot of effort.

6. The Traveler


The Traveler is a modern and eye-catching WordPress theme dedicated to travel blogs, websites, or magazines. Its elegant design will look ravishing on all types of devices, while its grid-based layout will put your photos into focus. The Traveler theme has a unique Instagram feed display which will make posting photos from your trips even easier. You can choose from five different layouts and adjust them as you like.


Hopefully, your search for the perfect travel blog WordPress theme has come to an end. These impressive themes will make your travel blog look professional and spectacular at the same, which are two main characteristics every blogger should aspire to.

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