5 Best Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti Aftermarket Cards

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With the release of the Ampere RTX 3000 series, Nvidia has got gamers’ attention. This new lineup of graphics cards has taken the gaming level a step further by delivering monstrous gaming performance paired with stellar RTX features at competitive prices. Besides, Nvidia hasn’t only offered top-tier graphics cards, but it also came up with a midrange killer GPU, the RTX 3060 Ti.

This graphics card’s launch was pretty much a surprise as Nvidia hasn’t given any information about it. And the surprise wasn’t only about the launch, but also about the performance. After the benchmarks, we find out that the RTX 3060 Ti offers around 20% more performance than its competitor, the RX 5700 XT while maintaining the same price point.

With such incredible performance and a fantastic price, the RTX 3060 Ti is currently the best mid-range graphics card. And like usual, gamers tend to choose the AIB cards over the founder edition for many reasons, such as better thermal performance, overclocking headroom, and aesthetics. And if you are after an aftermarket RTX 3060 Ti, but you are wondering which one you should choose, then you have landed in the right place.

Without further ado, this is our 5 RTX 3060 Ti AIB card’s recommendation.

1-ASUS ROG Strix NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti OC

The ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3060 Ti is the gaming nirvana for the video game fanatics. This is definitely the most premium yet top-performing graphic card among other AIB cards.

The performance delivered by this graphic card is at par, in some cases even better than the RTX 2080 Super. At a pocket-friendly price, RTX 3060 Ti lets you play with Ray settings at 1440p on Ultra settings. It can tackle the newest technologies, which may come up in gaming for the next few years.

This chip’s architecture is on the same lines as the RTX 3080, giving a mid-range line up to Ampere. The card does not offer a 4K experience but delivers 1080p to perfection. The CUDA core is more than double in comparison to RTX 2060, i.e., 4864 CUDA cores.

This new graphic card has a higher power consumption of 200W. It is more than the previous versions, but enough to stick with the current power supply that you have.


  • Quality performance
  • Great design

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2-EVGA RTX 3060 Ti FTW3 Ultra

The EVGA RTX 3060 Ti FTW3 Ultra is one of the premium design graphic chips by the company. It combines the new performance segment and the interactive cooling technology by NVIDIA. The primary advantage of buying this chip is its innovative cooling technology.

The architecture of the chip has all the quality features of the other RTX chips. It has a 2nd generation RTX real-time raytracing technology. The same works with the raster 3D and includes other raytraced elements like light, shadows, reflections, etc.

The design of this graphic chip is perfect for providing a high-quality gaming experience with a 1440p resolution. One can enjoy competitive e-sports gaming with 1440p and 1080p. The technology used in this chip has significantly improved real-time raytracing. As per the company, the EVGA RTX 3060 Ti FTW3 Ultra surpasses the previous generation chips’ performance.

The company has manufactured this chip with the highest factory overlocked speeds along with a GPU Boost frequency amped up to 1800 MHz. It has an iCX3 cooler feature, which is ventilated by a trio of fans.


  • Advanced cooling system
  • Aesthetic design


  • More expensive than other chips

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3-MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio

The MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio is one of NVIDIA’s topmost custom-design graphic cards. This chip’s architecture has G4104 Ampere silicon, the same as RTX 3070, but it is cut heavily. Only 38 out of 48 multiprocessors are present on the GPU with 4,864 CUDA cores.

This graphic chip’s new design has an 1830 MHz boost clock with a three-slot thick cooling solution. The PCB underneath is much thicker and longer, enabling the third fan’s air to go through. The advanced cooling solution is the reason for the increased price of this graphic chip.

It comes with 80 MOPs, 152 Tensor cores, 38 RT cores, and 158 TMUs with an 8 GB GDDR6 memory. It runs at 14 Gbps over a memory interface of 256-bit. It features the fastest 2nd generation RT cores with fixed-function hardware. Tensor core in the chip is 3rd generation, available for a better AI interface.

This graphic card will provide you with 3D graphics combined with real-time raytraced elements, including illumination, lighting, shadows, etc.


  • Low temperature
  • Good overlooking headroom


  • High power consumption, 250W

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4-Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti GAMING

The Gigabyte RTX™ 3060 Ti GAMING is yet another premium custom-designed graphic card. The most iconic feature of this graphic card is the WindForce 3X cooling solution. It comes with an RGB fusion illumination, and for overclocking, it has a PCB geared towards the same.

The company has made massive improvements in the design of this new graphic card. It has amped up the raytracing performance in comparison to the previous generation cards. It has made gaming RTX enabled.

The graphic card’s architecture shares similarities with the other variants of graphic cards manufactured by the company. It has 4,864 Ampere CUDA cores, 152 TMUs, 152 Tensor cores, and 38 RT cores. The memory is 8 GB of 14 Gbps, similar to the RTX 3070.

It comes with a second-generation RT core that delivers quality performance. The new hardware has enabled the raytraced motion blur. The 3rd generation Tensor core facilitates deep- learning neural nets that have made the AI interface much better. The heatsink and the trio fan provides low lateral turbulence for the long PCB.


  • Excellent performance
  • Aesthetic and durable build


  • More expensive than other models.

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5-ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Twin Edge

The ZOTAC Gaming RTX 3060 Ti Twin Edge is one of the lean line ups of ZOTAC in Ampere graphic cards. They are known for creating high-quality graphic cards with a free extended warranty at the same or similar price to the MSRP.

This graphic card shares the same GA104 silicon architecture of the newly launched RTX 3070. However, the chip is less enabled; only 38 out of 48 Ampere streaming multiprocessors are there on the chip, increasing the CUDA cores to 4,864. This is more than twice the CUDA cores of RTX 2060.

The graphic card also comes with other outstanding features. It has 152 Tensor cores, 80ROPs, 38 RT cores, 152 TMUs with the same memory configuration of RX 3070. It comes with 2nd generation RT cores and enhanced intersection performance as well as hardware for Ray traced motion blur effects. The 3rd generation Tensor cores promise a significant increase in the AI interface performance.

The ZOTAC Gaming RTX 3060 Ti Twin Edge comes with two slots and a height that offers maximum compatibility.


  • Affordable compared to other options
  • Free extended warranty
  • Great performance


  • Factory overlook is small
  • Runs on high power

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Bottom Line

Regardless of the model you are going to choose; you should expect similar performance. The main difference between the AIB cards mentioned above is in the aesthetics, thermal performance, and overclocking headroom, as mentioned above. Therefore, we recommend going with the one you will find available since there is a high demand for RTX GPUs.

Overall, we hope we have brought you the information you were looking for. Don’t forget to leave us a comment informing us which brand you prefer the most and why. And if you have enjoyed reading this article, you can share it with buttons below on social media to help your friends choose the right RTX 3060 Ti.

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