Top 7 Social Selling Tools for the Modern Sales Rep [Use Social Media To Increase Sales]

Top 7 Social Selling Tools for the Modern Sales Rep [Use Social Media To Increase Sales]

Social media platforms are crucial to many things today as they become a part of our lives. Social sales are the technique in which the seller communicates with potential customers on social media platforms.

If you want to increase and develop social sales, various tools can help you. The modern sales process is tied to social media platforms. Even statistics and research show that sellers who develop social sales do much better than those who do not show interest in it.

We are not saying that everything should be discarded. Traditional selling has its advantages as well. But if you want 38% new opportunities, it will bring you social sales. Maybe some combination? That decision is up to you.

Every online business development brings with it many advantages and problems. Sometimes we complain that we lack free time, that tools are hard to use, and much more.

As more and more businesses decide to have an online site, we can see a growing number of tools. Those tools are made to make some things easier to use. How to choose the proper drop in the ocean of offers? There is no correct answer, we believe. Maybe instinct?

We bring you a list of tools that will surely help you.

1. Salesforce


Founder: Marc Benioff and Parker Harris

Price: From 25e up to 300e

Key features:

  • Contact Management.
  • Opportunity Management.
  • Quote Management.
  • Quote to Cash.
  • Einstein Analytics.
  • Salesforce for Small Business.
  • Lead Management

You can find many good things, options, and benefits on the official Salesforce website. Although it has been one of the most popular tools for years, Salesforce has never betrayed its customers. They persistently listen to their needs and work hard on their development.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Owner: LinkedIn Corporation

Price: $99.99*/month/seat or $959.88*/annual/per user.

Key features:

  • Customer information – all in one place
  • Special functions and options
  • Identifying potential customers greatly facilitated
  • Advanced options
  • Updating options allows for better communication
  • Quickly chases a new target

It could be said that many successful people swear by LinkedIn Sales Navigator. And if you are wondering if it is worth the money, you will only come across positive answers online.

Positive responses, written with caps lock included. So there are no mistakes. When you grow your business, you first target a specific group. With the enormous amount of information you can find in this tool, targeting a specific group will not be a problem.

Tools’ abilities are so elaborate that we can say nothing less than that he is powerful. Many users think that it has not been surpassed yet. It remains for you to discover everything for yourself.

3. Hootsuite


Founders: Ryan Holmes, Dario Meli, David Tedman

Price: It offers four different plans. They range from $ 49 to $ 739. Prices depend on the plan you choose.

Key features:

  • Fascinating content on social platforms
  • Message organization
  • Information at the right time – news, competition, etc.
  • Promotion according to your needs
  • Insight into the results

They say Hootsuite has been among the more popular tools for years. You use it to control sharing and to manage your posts on platforms.

Best of all, you listen to the needs of clients and potential clients. Development is right there in the palm of your hand. Just listen carefully.

4. Nimble


Owner: Jon Ferrara

Price: starting at $19 per user/month annually or 25$ per user/month

Key features:

  • With one dashboard, you manage everything
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Easy to use, friendly
  • Information on employees, clients, potential clients, etc.
  • High rate of increased sales

The Nimble is one line on two sides. The best of both worlds. Combined CRM and social sales. You are well versed in everything, the correct information arrives on time, although it is not recommended for large companies.

5. FRONTLINE Selling


Founder: Patrick Baynes

Price: Starting at $30/mo

Key features:

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Tracking
  • Invoices
  • Application Integration
  • Applications Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Lead Distribution
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Reporting

There are many benefits. If you want a simple social sale, there is FRONTLINE selling. You are provided with a large number of options.

6. Oktopost


Founder: Daniel Kushner and Liad Guez

Price: Contact them on the official website

Key features:

  • API
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Tracking
  • Alerts / Escalation

Oktopost also has a long list of benefits and options it offers you. This tool makes it easy to manage social media and social sales. The platform is designed for B2B.


Founder: Theodore Summe

Price: start from $39/month

Key features:

  • Connecting and finding new profiles
  • Good introduction
  • Inserting Facebook and LinkedIn links is a Chrome extension. In addition to the main advantages, it has many more. You can find shared links, scan your contacts pages, have insight into sharing similar content, and more.

While many don’t believe in the importance of Facebook, appreciates it.


We do not doubt that you can do a lot on your own. But if there is already a possibility of additional relief, allow yourself that. Tools made to get the best out of everything. From your work, private life, time, etc.

The list of listed tools is among the best lists you can find on this topic. The tools were chosen carefully, making sure there was something for everyone. Just as we know that we are not all the same, so everyone’s professional needs are different.

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