The Best CRM for Real Estate 2022: 5 Software for Cross-departmental Collaboration and Improving Sales

The Best CRM for Real Estate 2022: 5 Software for Cross-departmental Collaboration and Improving Sales

In recent years, the movement toward digitization has had a significant impact on our lives. In addition, technology has significantly impacted the real estate business. People became more knowledgeable and thus more logical in their searches as a result of having internet access to listings and marketing information.

CRM software for real estate enables realtors to recognize, connect with, and serve both new and recurring clients. It might be essential to maintain control and keep up with the competition.

To that end, the finest CRM software for real estate agents, including its features, cost, and benefits, will be discussed in this article. Read on to discover more.

1. LionDesk


LionDesk easily passed our evaluation test, earning the highest ranking on our list. It is a market-leading CRM platform that provides a wealth of useful tools and features to help you and your team in managing your organization.

LionDesk’s user-friendly UI makes managing your real estate company a breeze. You can get started straight away because it is well-designed and easy to use. It provides a highly customized dashboard that will keep all the information you require close at hand, from the tasks and activities of your contacts to sales data and previous transactions.

With only a few clicks, you can mass-send emails and messages to your customers with this CRM software. These messages can have a variety of file types attached to them, and the system can schedule and send them automatically.

To further help you organize your work, LionDesk provides a broad selection of transaction management capabilities. Documents can be stored and organized. Deals can be tracked, and clients can be contacted, and much more.

2. Insightly


Because of its integrated project management tools, social CRM, and mobile application, Insightly is one of the top CRMs for small enterprises across industries. Project management, social CRM, and customer relationship management are the software’s three main focus areas.

But, before we move on, it’s important to mention that Insightly uses MailChimp for the purposes of marketing automation, which will require you to purchase that tool as well. The “project,” which is most likely a home or commercial property, allows you to establish responsibilities, create automatic reminders, milestones, project pipelines, examine reports, and attach files directly.

Cloud-based Insightly has a unique mobile app of its own. The creators even provide a one-day, instructor-led training on understanding their software, and it’s simple to set up and operate. The regular plan for up to 100,000 records is quite reasonably priced, and the pricing is well scaled overall.

3. Nimble


According to user ratings, Nimble is rated as the third-best CRM for realtors. It stands out for the ability to build automatically-enriched contact profiles using information acquired from any part of the internet.

In addition to establishing a dashboard with the current set priorities, the application features a function that allows quick scanning of the user’s sales pipeline, social signals, calendar appointments, and sales task management.

It makes it easier and more efficient for real estate agents and entire firms to function. Managing both teams and lone realtors is possible with this mobile and browser-based solution.

4. Pipedrive


A 2010 CRM platform called Pipedrive provides services to about 100,000 companies globally. One of our tops picks thanks to its user-friendly layout, sales pipeline capabilities, distinctive integrations, kind customer service, and more.

Pipedrive’s dashboard will keep all pertinent data about your company in one location and make it simple to access. You’ll get an easy-to-understand overview of your short- and long-term objectives and the ability to delete and add widgets and data. You can easily manage your sales pipeline and monitor your progress with this CRM.

Pipedrive’s email integration tool can help real estate brokers with a variety of activities. They can generate leads, get in touch with those leads, plan sales, record customer encounters, take notes, and more.



CINC is a web-based real estate marketing and CRM tool. The tool interacts with nearby MLS data and offers features like lead creation, lead nurturing, and client retention. Three mobile applications are available from CINC: CINC Agent for managing leads, Open Houses for gathering contact information, and Etta Homes for managing the specifics of your house search.

The cloud-based CRM solution has four packages: Pro for top real estate teams, Agent for successful single agents, Enterprise for quickly growing brokerages, and Lender for providing the lender control of leads.

The software provides detailed pipeline insights that let you see exactly how each of your prospects is developing. To help them remember crucial information about the properties they have listed, agents can even include showing instructions in their CRM.

6. Freshworks


Freshworks CRM (formerly known as Freshsales) is ideal for real estate companies looking to manage a team and develop customized sales activities with outcome tracking. An agent can schedule appointments, make assignments and reminders, and get a dashboard overview of their scheduled activity in Freshworks.

Additionally, the CRM contains a tool that automatically assigns leads to salespeople in accordance with lead-routing criteria. This software solution enables transactions and currency conversion automation as well as the recording of extra information specific to the user’s business processes. An agent’s or a team’s total productivity is increased thanks to lead generation bots and built-in AI.

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