Why Is Shopify Losing Money

Becoming the synonym for eCommerce for retailers all across the world, Shopify stocks were looking very promising. Global changes are rapid, and so are the changes in the stock market. Some companies that lost a lot at the pandemic’s peak are now flourishing, while others that gained a lot are not experiencing a shaky period. […]

The Best Business VoIP Providers and Phone Services for 2022: 5 Providers for Reliable Calls and Messages

Communication technologies follow the fast-paced development of technology. Running a business requires you to look for the best services and providers for communication with your clients, partners, employees, and anybody else involved. This can become overwhelming since dozens of providers out there promise a lot, yet results often need improvement. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) […]

Top-Rated Showtime Anytime Alternatives

Showtime Anytime is a top-rated CBS platform that allows satellite and cable network subscribers to stream their favorite movies and shows online. It’s a one-stop online destination for star-spangled movies, pulse-pounding sports, world-class stand-up comedy clips, and provocative documentaries. The team at Showtime Anytime regularly adds new titles to the platform, so you never get […]

5 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2023 [How to Improve Your Education]

Education is the most important aspect of human life. It’s what gave us the ability to grow beyond our instinctual selves and create vast civilizations that span the globe. Through education, we gained innovations, technologies, and social awareness that we never dreamed of before. It’s an ever-present concept that permeates human existence. And in this […]

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