5 Best Power Supplies (PSUs) Under $50 in 2021

The PSU (Power Supply Unit) is by far one of the most important components in your computer. It acts as the fuel for your PC, and without it, you will go nowhere. And since it has a critical role in defining whether your PC components will have enough current or not, you will have to […]

5 Best Logitech Gaming Mice in 2021 [For all Budgets]

Regardless of the game you play, having the right gaming mouse is game-changing. On top of being very comfortable, high-quality gaming mice also impact your in-game performance. And in some cases, they even give you an edge over your opponents, which results in a higher win rate. And what else could you choose for this […]

7 Best Pink Gaming Desks [For All Budgets] in 2021

Building a gaming rig around one specific color gives its owner a unique joy. It also improves the quality of the selfies taken close to their gaming setup. While it may sound like a difficult task, today, we want to help you show your decoration skills to your family members and friends by introducing you […]

9 Best White Case Fans [120mm & 140mm] in 2021

Heat is the most common problem among PC builders. It’s a serious dilemma, and it should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Also, like it’s known, high temperature does heavily affect the system’s performance and components’ lifespan. And in order to prevent this from happening, you will need a good cooling solution that is […]

9 Best White RAM in 2021 [For all Budgets]

PC components’ aesthetics are as important as their performance capabilities. And we have to admit that having an eye-appealing gaming rig improves the look of our gaming room significantly. While there are several crucial components that affect both of these aspects, today, we brought you some stylish white RAM kits. Even though the list you […]

Everything You Need to Know about AIO Coolers

Providing a good cooling solution to your processor is mandatory in order to enjoy its performance and maintain its boost clock as long as possible. And one of the most common CPU coolers nowadays is the AIO coolers. AIO coolers are a great pick for those who would like to push their CPU beyond its […]

4 Best RAM For AMD Ryzen 5 3600 And 3600X in 2021

The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is what we call the real king of the midrange processors. Its price/performance ratio is in a different league compared to other CPUs. But what if we tell you that you could get extra performance out of this monstrous processor? That’s right. It’s achievable, and all you will need is […]

9 Best 65% Mechanical Keyboards in 2021

Investing in a good mechanical keyboard is an inevitable step. Like we all know, we gamers spend several hours in front of our preferred games. However, regardless of how powerful your gaming machine is, you still need a good-quality keyboard to have an enjoyable gaming experience. And what else could you choose other than one […]

Best CPU Under $400: Enjoy High-End Performance

The desktop processors’ industry is stuffed with plenty of options at a different price tag, but we believe that the perfect price range for a quality CPU is around $400 or slightly under. Usually, these CPUs are not only great for gaming, but they will also offer you outstanding performance at multitasking and will last […]

Best CPU Under $500 [From Intel & AMD] in 2021

You finally decide to purchase a high-end CPU with a budget of $500 or slightly under, but you wonder which one really deserves your money, right? We believe we have the solution for this. With the release of the latest processors and our recent benchmarks, I have successfully compiled a wonderful list of some mind-blowing […]

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