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5 Best Plugins for Making a Site Mobile-Friendly: Improve Your Website for Mobile Phones Users

Mobile phones have become our go-to devices for checking every aspect of our lives, from weather, social media, to bank accounts. It is no secret that people like to search things up on their mobile phones more than to turn on their PCs. Whether your site is about eCommerce, blogging, or statistic, you need to […]

4 Best Google Maps Tools You Can Find Online: Add Map on Your Website Simply

Adding a Google Map to your website brings a lot of benefits. Your visitors can quickly check where the place you were talking about in your post is. If you’re planning to create a shopping app Google maps integration is also necessary as with it users will be able to find your offline store. Also, reliable […]

4 Best Anti-Phishing Software in 2021: Save and Protect Your Data

Phishing, a cyber attack in which criminals communicate by impersonating a legitimate entity (for example, a famous organization), is ever more prevalent. That’s because as more transactions are being processed online, more criminals are turning to online scams. Undoubtedly, it’s not just harmless spam. There’s a rising number of credential thefts, ransomware infections, potential loss […]

Best Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress: Run Your Website Before You Finish It

When you’re in the middle of creating a new website or simply want to revamp your existing page, it’s incredibly convenient to have a plugin that will allow you to represent it temporarily. Whatever your site is about, be it your company or perhaps a hobby page, an “under construction “or a “maintenance “plugin is […]

Top 5+ SaaS Solutions for Knowledge Management: Store Information and Get Excellent Teams Collaboration

Knowledge management is a process of storing, sharing, and managing information of all employees to increase the overall knowledge of the workforce and improve upward communication. This way of storing data has been proven to be more efficient, productive, and better for retaining critical information in the company. The easiest way of distributing that kind […]

How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your School Site and Improve User Experience

Why Is It Important to Have a School Website Today, owning a website is a required part of all fields, including education. Namely, the point is not just about having a website, domain, and hosting. The school’s site should be of high quality, i.e., all functionalities should be present with the goals of promoting the […]

4 Best Free Live Chat Plugins for WordPress: Connect With Your Customers and Provide Them Good User Experience

When managing a website, you need to keep your eye on many things at once. It would be best if you kept up with everything required for boosting your business. When it comes to a WordPress website, there are a lot of different plugins adjusted for various purposes. Your website can become perfect! There is […]

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