The 10 Best Gaming Monitor for 2020

The 10 Best Gaming Monitor for 2020

We have picked out 10 of the best gaming monitors out there in the market. You can have a look at the list below in order to find the best monitor that will fit your needs.

1-Alienware AW3418DW

This monitor is considered to be one of the fastest in the lot which has a 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio. With this monitor, you have assured an immersive experience in gaming. Additionally, this monitor comes with other amazing features. Some of the main aspects of this monitor are mentioned below.

  • This monitor comes in an eye-catching and sleek design that is surely going to sweep you off your feet.
  • Speaking of the design, it has a mature look to it and you might not be able to resist buying it.
  • Also, this monitor has sharp angles, colored LEDs and metallic shades. Due to its large size, the product will come in a big box but when you open it you can put it together without any help or tools.
  • Once you have set up your screen, you can adjust it as per your needs so that you have a better and comfortable gaming experience.  With these features mentioned, if that is what you are looking out for then this is the best choice for your gaming needs.
What are the pros?
  • Once you start playing on this monitor, you will notice it offers very smooth gameplay which might not be seen in other monitors out there.
  • Well, this monitor can be a game-changer for you. Don’t you believe what we say? Well, you will just realize if you start using it!
  • In addition to this, the response time can be made faster using the menu on the screen.
  • There is an option to choose between Normal, Fast and Super-Fast.
  • This is adjustable, plays heed to your needs and perfectly secured with an open network issue that connects well with your gaming amnesties.
  • On the whole, this monitor gives good competition to its other counterparts out there in the market.
  • Not many ports available
  • An expensive product

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2-Samsung CRG9

Planning on messing around with something cool and wild out there in the market? Well, we cannot think of any other better option than the Samsung CRG9 gaming monitor. Let us check out its major features to know if it could be your ideal pick.

  • This is a very big monitor. It has an appealing gunmetal finish and the buttons are at the bottom of the monitor.
  • Through the menu, you have options where the source can be selected and there is an option to change the picture as well.
  • The audio system is commendable for this gaming monitor. The audio is worth all the money that you put into it. An amazing gaming monitor with a sound system that is off the charts.
  • There are three other buttons which provide some more information.
  • The monitor isn’t QLED and it doesn’t offer any super-ultra-wide resolution.
  • In comparison to most of the gaming monitors out there in the market, it has thinner bezels. Except for the bottom, the bezels are all black.
  • There is no need for you to fiddle with any of the settings of this monitor.
  • If you are looking out for the latest PC games on this monitor then you might not have them working too well on it. Many games do not support the 32:9 ratio aspect.
  • You can, however, mod most games to work with the display but you need to remember that the mileage might differ.
  • Many people wouldn’t consider this product worthy. It is going to cost you a bomb and to top it you will need a very powerful PC to power it.
  • If you are willing to spend a huge amount on a gaming monitor like this one along with the hardware to power it then you can rely on what the monitor promises. Well, this it-self can be an immersive gaming experience for enthusiastic gamers out there.

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3MSI Optix MAG271CR

Are you ready to spend some extra amount on a screen that will help in improving your gameplay? Well, let us check out the features of this gaming monitor for better knowledge.

  • You can call this monitor a clean one. It comes with an aluminum styling that is crisp and clean and brings a stylish look and feels to this amazing PC for your gaming and fun time.
  •  If you are seeing it from the front, there are no random spikes and the bezel is clean as well.
  • This product comes in three pieces and all you got to do is attach the main back to its panel, secure it with the latches and then go ahead with its installation.
  • The base can then be attached with the thumbscrew included and then you are all set to go! It doesn’t have any rotation but comes with a tilt and vertical adjustment.
  • You will also notice it comes with a pop-out headphone hanger which is situated on the left of the screen. Here, you can hang your headphones after you have had a long gaming session.
  • The depth of the color is quite impressive. Since this screen is designed specifically for gaming purpose, the saturation comes as a good thing.
  • In addition to that, you also have a refresh rate. The gradients in this monitor come with little noticeable banding and are very smooth as well.
  • Also, the brand claims to have no dropped frames which are an impressive thing to say. 
  • Also, speaking of the colors, they do a pretty good job as well and on a whole, it is a nice and pleasant experience to use this gaming monitor. A plus point of this product is its availability in the market.
  • On the final note for this gaming monitor, we can say that the density of the pixel is less than desired and the panel is amazing.

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4-AOC Agon AG322QC4

If you are looking out for something classy and hot in display technology then look no more. Here is something that will be the right pick for your needs. This amazing gaming monitor comes fully loaded with features. So, what are we waiting for? Let us quickly browse through these features for a brief detail on the product.

  • This monitor is specifically made for gamers which means it has a good set of features and a great look as well. So, as far as the design is being concerned, on three sides of the panel, you will get slim bezels.
  • This comes along with sleek styling and some backlit LEDs which are funky red and this will be located along the bezel’s bottom.
  • Also, this monitor comes with a plug-in controller.
  • Apart from these things, the product comes with gamer-friendly options which will include low-lag mode which is highly welcomed by the gamers. The functionality of the HDR is accessible through the controller.
  • The factory calibration is acceptable thus there is no need to worry about the vibrancy and contrast.
  • This comes along with a lot of details at both the ends of the brightness scale. Also, there is no issue with compression. The user defines works quite well too, so nothing to worry there!
  • The pace of the panel is decent enough and there is almost no visible ghosting. This can be a good choice for gamers because it allows lower loads on the subsystem of your graphics.
  • This monitor is super smooth and processes quickly. Also, you are going to see some cool visuals produced by the monitor.
  • Do not expect a full HDR experience from this product.
  • The audio quality of this item is not up to the point as a lot of gamers have complained about it in the past.

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5-BenQ Zowie XL2540

So, are you one of the pro gamers out there then here is something that will suit your preferences and needs. Without wasting any more time, let us dive into the various features of this gaming monitor.

  • This monitor comes with an attractive and flashy design. Also, you can set up the monitor all by yourself – it is pretty easy and convenient to do so.
  • You do not require any tools to put together the parts for this gaming monitor. There are no screws involved in its fixing and yet the base and the stand will connect extremely well with one another making sure it is secure enough for your gaming experience.
  • Apart from this, you will see that there are preset configurations that can help you to land on an image quality that satisfies your needs.
  • But now, the question that arises is, how will this benefit all the pro gamers? So, if you are a part of an e-sports team that travels a lot for tournaments, it is going to be so convenient for you to set up your trustworthy monitor within a few minutes.
  • Do not worry, even if you are not a pro player, this setup is going to make your content. Also, this monitor comes with a 24.5-inch screen size which makes sure that it isn’t bulky nor too heavy.
  • So, with this design, you can carry your favorite monitor to your desired destination without any further hassle!
  • By default, the monitor comes with increased brightness. This is beneficial when you require visibility in the darker areas of the game.
  • Also, there are front-facing buttons which makes the navigation of the menu a pretty simple thing to do.
  • There are menus on the screen which are quite easy and clear to understand. 
  • too expensive

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6-BenQ PD3200U

This monitor has a desirable UHD screen that is great at handling both pleasures as well as your business. You can rely on this brand as far as monitors are being concerned. With such high hopes from this monitor, will it be able to live upon your expectations? Well, we shall find out. Check out the details mentioned below for a better understanding.

  • As far as the design is being concerned the looks are pretty simple and elegant. This monitor has been made with productivity and works in mind.
  • You can simply call it a monitor which increases the efficiency for you with its functional and simple design. This monitor is quite large as it is 32 inches but it is surrounded with thin bezels.
  • You can put together the adjustable stand which can be connected to the screen without the requirement of any tools. Thus the setup is quick, simple and pretty easy.
  • Also, the neck of the monitor is adjustable which lets you swivel and tilt the screen and also gives you the ability to adjust the height.
  • An amazing monitor that offers high resolution, icons, text, and menus can be read easily and this is all because of the large size of the screen.
  • Enhancement is brought by various modes even though some modes will only be used by professionals out there. If you are buying this monitor from a business point of view then you are surely going to love your decision as a whole. You are going to be far more than impressed concerning its performance for its price.
  • speakers are not of a good quality

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7Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ

With the new age panels, this monitor is considered to be one of the best out there in the market. It comes with HDR support and 4K resolution which gives an exceptional quality of the image you require. Let us check out its features so that we get a clear understanding of this product.

  • It has a very attractive look.
  • The screen of the monitor is 27 inches and it is considered to be a great size for your gaming experience.
  • You will see that it has a medium-sized bezel around its screen. The stand of the monitor is quite impressive too and has a blade-like design and it feels sturdy as well. The on-screen menu can be controlled by the buttons which are placed at the back of the screen. This monitor stands out from its competition and thanks to its high refresh rate, low latency, HDR support, and high resolution. This all can justify its costly price.
  • You are not going to be let down with the performance of this monitor. The refresh rate is also going do work some great wonders for you.
  • It is going to make your game responsive and snappy, isn’t it what you are looking out for?
  • This monitor is highly considered to be a productive one. It has a 27-inch size which gives you the comfort of working on it.
  • An IPS panel is being used by the screen, offering amazing viewing angles so that the screen can be viewed from various angles without affecting the quality of the color even a bit. Also, you have many settings that can be activated using the menu onscreen.
  • A joystick button is available which helps in navigating the menus around the back. 
  • This product comes at a higher price

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8AOC Agon AG352UCG6 Black Edition

Are you looking out for a monitor that used some latest technologies then this one could be the right option for you? So, let us dive into the features offered by this product to know if you could consider purchasing this one.

  • Well, this model comes with a low blue light mode with a flicker reduction setting. This helps put a stop to the long gaming sessions during the night which could be the major reason for the interruption for your sleep.
  • This Black Edition model has a solid base of aluminium which is made out of two pieces.
  • You will see that the main portion is clipped into the back of the screen while the other portion secures itself to the three-legged base.
  • For some people, this monitor might seem too gaudy but it offers the players an authentic gaming feel.
  • This model comes with amazing calibration. Well, the attention seeker tends to be the black color which also gives a boost to the ratio of the contrast.
  • Honestly, you are going to fall in love with a few features of this model. The popingcolors of the VA panel, its refresh rate, and a strong resolution which comes combined with a curved form factor making this a good model with a super-wide screen that is available in the market.
  • The color is pretty fascinating and the price too seems fair enough. You can be happy with this screen for the next three to four years at a minimum. 
  • the OSD menu is considered to be clunky and its design needs to be worked upon.

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9LG 38UC00-W Ultra Wide curved gaming monitor

This wide-screen monitor will deliver you an exceptional quality of viewing and gaming experience. You will not be disappointed by this brand. It will live up to your expectations on both the aspects that include spec and style.  With its curved design and elegance, the product will enhance any room and make your neighbors envy your monitor.  Where should we start with this one? Well, you are not going to be disappointed with its exceptional features. Well, if you are a serious gamer, then do not forget to check the features mentioned below.

What are some cool features of this gaming monitor?
  • The split-screen monitor can be used for multitasking and you can customize it as per your needs.
  • This includes a USB Type C
  • You will have Bluetooth audio that comes with vivid sound and a strong and powerful bass
  • Motion blur reduction is available as well
  • You also get screen area, clarity and good resolution for a good price
  • The refresh rate for this model is 75Hz
  • Also, you have precision and accuracy with color
  • Another amazing feature of this gaming monitor is its speaker quality.
What are the benefits of purchasing this product?
  • Shuttering and tearing gets eliminated by FreeSync
  • The ultra-wide screen comes with a curved display
  • With this product, you are assured to get an accurate and precise gameplay
  • The split-screen 2.0 comes along with a dual controller
  • Underperformance speakers

When the product is shipped, it is packed in a large cartoon that offers it all the required protection and care. The stand can be easily assembled by attaching the base upright with the help of two captive bolts. Then this can be snapped into the back of the panel. A small button is used as a separation of these two parts if you wish to use your mounting system.

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10-MSI Optix MPG341CQR

This monitor has some interesting features which can be an exciting option for the gamers out there. Also, it comes with some gamer-friendly features at an affordable price. In the lower bezel, you will find an integrated camera along with a mount for your camera too. This is specially designed for those gamers who would love to live stream their experience of gaming. Without any further discussion, let us head towards the features involved with this monitor.

  • This product offers you great value for your money spent. It offers a sophisticated design with an expensive overall feel of your game.
  • Three sides of the panel have thin bezels which give a pretty and sleek look. It has transitions that are smart looking and you will see colors flowing through smoothly along with the LED segments individually.
  • If you are on a lookout for a sleek look then this is a pretty amazing model to opt for. About the connectivity of this device, you are sure to get an excellent one in the form of DisplayPort, USB-C interfaces and HDMI.
  • Also, in this monitor, you have something known as the NightVision mode which is designed for improving the contrast in the darker gaming scenes. Coming to the cameras, it comes with a mount that can be fixed at the top of the bezel.
  • A nice feature for those gamers who are looking out for a streaming session.
  • The VA technology looks all punchy and vivid making it look something cool and unique.
  • The black levels are pretty amazing while the colors are vibrant enough.
  • With the 144Hz refresh, everything feels so sleek and smooth offering you with all the required graphics altogether.
  • A little lesser motion blur is offered by the LCD panels.
  • If you are a gamer looking out for a desktop display at home then this can be a good pick for you.
  • a minor inaccuracy is there in its color

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Choosing the best gaming monitor

With all these picks, it is hard to choose a good gaming monitor that can provide you with an enriched experience. So before you get something from the store, it is better that you make your selection based on the factors of audio, quality, visual and enhancement. These four factors will help you to choose the top monitor from the list with a price tag that won’t burn a hole into your pockets.

If you think that these monitors are out of your budget, you maybe should take a look at our Best Budget Gaming Monitors List.
We Also have reviewed one of the best budgets 4k Gaming Monitors from Asus the Asus MG24UQ.

The links used are Amazon affiliate links. By buying through the links we may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you.

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