Top 5 Best Micro ATX Cases For a Smaller Gaming PC

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Building a new professional computer in budget or want a new system for gaming? Well, then one must choose to invest in a good micro ATX case. Micro ATX motherboards are smaller and budget-friendly as compared to the other options. To house the micro ATX motherboards and other drives and coolers, one needs a smaller case as well.

These smaller cases, though are a slight bit small, but they are roomy and have ample space for every inclusion.
Below is the list of the 5 Best Micro ATX Cases that one can find in for building a small gaming system.

1-Phanteks EVOLV mATX

When it comes to Micro ATX Cases, the Phanteks EVOLV is a great choice that will serve the purpose perfectly. There are many features that make it a value buy for the money spent. The clearance slots are 12.5 inches, which is perfect to house GPUs of both low and high-end quality.

The case also has a PSU shroud and a tempered glass panel on the side. It is cheaper as compared to many options in the market. Therefore it is affordable for those who are looking for something cheap and good.

  • The Interior is clean and with cables, HDD, and PSU.
  • The body is made of aluminum and the side panels are tempered glassed.
  • The dust filters are removable and the panels can be accessed easily due to the quick release feature.
  • The water cooling system is wee equipped with a pump bracket and radiator.
  • There is an additional cable compartment at the bottom of the case.
  • The cable management space is 26 mm long.
  • The case also has RGB illumination.

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2-NZXT H400i

This is another of the best-tempered glass made Micro ATX Cases out there to get one’s hands-on. The design of the case is unique, has a PSU shroud, the side panels ate tempered, and also has RGB control features. It can also house video cards of around 16.2 inches, making the case roomier. Also, the NZXT H 400i is designed to make the least of the noise with the noise reduction design.

  • The case build is sturdy and strong with tempered glass support. Also, the case provides clarity of the withholdings.
  • There are four color combinations available to choose from.
  • The case is made of steel with a very crisp and sleep design.
  • It supports both types of motherboards, i.e., Mini-ITX and micro ATX.
  • The cable management system is sophisticated as it includes velcro straps, dual-position cable management, and a through cable routing kit.
  • The airflow is regulated and optimized using f120 fans

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3-Antec P6

Many system builders prefer something that is in the budget, has a good performance, and also has a great sleek design to boast. The Antec P6 case is roomier with PSU shroud and a lot of space for graphics cards and CPU cooler. It also holds fans and radiators, which gives enough liquid colling to make the system run smoothly. 

  • To make the system configuration easy, the cage is designed to be removable. 
  • The hard drive mounting system inflexible means it can support up to 3.5 inches HDD and 2.5 inches SDD.
  • The case supports many additional ports like USB 3.0, 4 PCI-E slots, multiple I/O slots, HD audio, and Mic.
  • It supports both mini ITX motherboard and Micro ATX motherboard.
  • The cooling and airflow system includes proper fans in the top and front. Also, there is a LED white light in the rear.
  • The dust filter is installed in the front, and the case can support only 160 mm CPU cooler.

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4-Thermaltake 20 VT

Those who are looking for a case that is cubical and that holds the micro ATX motherboard should go for Thermaltake 20 VT case. The case is built perfectly to fit tall CPU coolers and long GPU cards. Also, the case is up for both radiators and liquid colling through the water cooling system. This particular case is known for its huge capacity to support nine fans.

  • The overall design and structuring of the case are sleek and compact without any waste of space.
  • The casing is pure tempered glass, which keeps the panel well protected yet completely accessible.
  • There one 20mm fan in the front that is ore installed.
  • The panels on the top, bottom, and sides are all symmetrical and that allows one to change the configuration according to the need.
  • One of the tempered glass panels allows radiator mounting on it to optimize the airflow.
  • Various additional ports allowed in the case are 2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0 and 1 HD audio port.

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5-Fractal design node 804

Those who are on the lookout for something minimalistic and sleek with a cube-like shape, well Fractal design node 804 is for them. The design is simple, with a steel body that gives a professional look too. Space is also enough for graphic cards and CPU coolers. Overall this is a choice that can well be justified with its price tag.

  • The case is made of high-quality steel, which gives the sturdiness that is required for fitting the motherboard and other cables and drives.
  • It supports both micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards.
  • The case o cubical in shape, which allows 9 fans to be mounted for colling purposes.
  • There are many drive bays available, like around eight 3.5 inches drive or 4 2.5 inches drive both SDD and HDD category.
  • The input and output port available is one audio I/O and two USB 3.0.

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Finals words

Choosing the system case among 5 Best Micro ATX Cases, at times can be confusing, as there always so many things to take into consideration. But choosing a case while keeping the budget-restricted can be even more restrictive. But the options discussed above are some which fall in the budget-friendly category and also provide a huge collection of features to pick from.

If you are looking for a good Micro ATX motherboard for your CPU, we have already reviewed many different MOBO that you can check in our Motherboards Section.

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